Facebook Marketing At Its Best

Many people think that all they have to do with Facebook in order to market their product is to mention it on their newsfeed, and people will flock to them in droves to purchase the product or service that they are offering.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because people do not go onto Facebook to buy things primarily, but to gossip, find out what everybody else is doing and look at pictures.

Most of the time when people see a blatant ad on Facebook they ignore is or get slightly angry about it, since after all this is their fun, relaxing time.

There is a way to utilize Facebook for advertising purposes, however if it is handled in the right manner. Facebook has over one billion subscribers, and it only stands to reason that some of those subscribers are people who are interested in the product that you have to offer.

The very best advertising medium going right now is Facebook Ads, because you can target demographics quite accurately at a very low price, and let Facebook find your ideal prospective customers for you. You can utilize their system to find just the prospect that is looking for your product right now.

The procedure is to go into the Facebook Ads section and sign up. Facebook has an excellent tutorial section that walks you through the process of placing an ad, and if you follow it you will know how to use it from then on.

You run your ad, once it is targeted and directed to only people interested in what you have to sell, and you place it on your newsfeed in your Facebook Fanpage. The ad then goes out to your target audience, and it appears on the newsfeeds of all the people you have targeted.

Then your ad directs them back to your Fanpage where additional information is presented in any way you want, and if they are interested, they are given an opportunity to purchase your product.

The key to the whole process is that you have directed your ad to a hot audience, that is only people who have shown interest on Facebook by liking the page, commenting on the topic or has shown other interest of some kind. It is like the example of the tire salesman who had lots of tires to sell, and all he has to do is find a lot of people with bald tires.

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I’m getting less and less conversions with FB ads nowadays…

Used to be cheap to get the ads running on Facebook.

Thanks for the post

I would rather buy likes from you then go through Facebook advertising system 😀

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