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Facebook followers, got enough?

If you are a serious about ‘making it’ on social media, you have to take Facebook followers very seriously. Facebook followers are an asset of your business and once you have enough of them you will know their real worth. So what would happen if you don’t have enough Facebook followers? Every business in this world needs recognition and your internet presence plays a vital role in getting that recognition. Can you imagine being recognized as a celebrity in your field? If there is something interesting it gets shared by millions of people within a few minutes on Facebook and the same could happen to your business too. However, it will not happen when you don’t have the Facebook followers. You simply need the initial push to make anything go viral.

Facebook Followers

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the worth and value of anything on internet is measured by the number of various shares and likes it has received. Among the likes and shares, the most important role is played by Facebook Likes. If what you have posted on your blog or another website has even a few hundred likes, it will be considered as content worth reading. If you don’t have the Facebook followers you would most likely miss out on many readers since you’re content will not have the reach it needs. Many of the websites now have the feature of letting Facebook users sign in with their Facebook logins. This way the users don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a new account on the website by inputting all the information again. You could also make your visitors sign in or register on your website by simply logging in with their Facebook login details. This will increase the number of visitors registering on your website. Over time it has been proved that the leads created from social networking websites are more productive and potential than outbound leads. The closing rate of Facebook leads is much higher than the close rate of outbound leads. By not having enough Facebook followers or not having them at all you might be missing out on a big chance of making potential customers and closing your sales.

Facebook Page

If you are a retail business then Facebook is the most lucrative platform for your business. According to the statistics of State of Inbound Marketing HubSpot 2012 Facebook has proved to be the best place for retail and wholesale businesses. You are missing a big opportunity by not having a Facebook page and Facebook followers if you are a retail or wholesale business. Many businesses have achieved success by launching marketing campaigns specifically for their Facebook followers and fans. These campaigns have yielded great results and contributed a great deal in improving the reputation of businesses. Special discounts for Facebook users, bonuses for Facebook likes and free samples for joining the Facebook fan page are some of the examples of how businesses have rewarded their Facebook followers. You could do the same if you have enough Facebook followers. Modern customers have changed the way they shop. Now they like to interact with their online friends, see a few online reviews and go through some online comments about a product before they buy it. Facebook is accessible on smartphones and tablets and people like to see what other people are saying about the product they are about to buy on the go. When they sign in on Facebook and look for your product, what do they see? A little stats might be a good example to tell you the importance of Facebook followers and what you are losing when you don’t have them. More than 70% of the Americans currently using internet have their profiles on Facebook already. Would you like to miss these customers? Did you also know that an average active user using Facebook is connected to 130 other users? If you are not impressing these users and making them your fans you are missing the biggest chance of free marketing for your business. Through what Facebook users say to each other about your business you get to know where your business or the product is standing. What people like or dislike about your product, website, blog or service can be known by looking at the conversations taking place between your Facebook followers. By not having Facebook followers or having very few of them you are also losing the chance of having loyal customers. When you come down to a personal level and interact with your customers on that level, they feel connected and that’s when the real connection between the consumer and the company begins. If there is something that has proved more like miraculous marketing, it is viral marketing. Many music videos and clips have gone viral on the internet in the past few years getting millions and even billions of views in no time. This is very much possible if you are able to show your Facebook followers something interesting. They like it and their contacts will know about it. Then their contacts will like and share it and this process will continue virtually infinitely. The importance of social networking websites has been long recognized by businesses and this is the reason you seldom see any business with no Facebook page. Not to mention, you get all the great benefits from your Facebook followers and users without spending a penny. However, you could always hire a person to handle your Facebook page and other Facebook related matters so you can make the most out of this free platform for free marketing.

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