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Comments can be quite helpful to boost engagement rates on Instagram posts. You can buy Instagram comments from real users and of high quality at MarketingHeaven. It can help boost the engagement numbers and credibility of your posts and help you realize your true potential.

Pricing plans and options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.
10+ Instagram Comments
$24.95 $59.99
billed yearly
Top-tier commentsTop-tier comments
Strict PrivacyStrict Privacy
Around the clock supportAround the clock support
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50+ Instagram Comments
$99.95 $59.99
billed yearly
Top-tier commentsTop-tier comments
Strict PrivacyStrict Privacy
Around the clock supportAround the clock support
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20+ Instagram Comments
$44.95 $89.99
billed yearly
Top-tier commentsTop-tier comments
Strict PrivacyStrict Privacy
Around the clock supportAround the clock support
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100+ Instagram Comments
$189.95 $89.99
billed yearly
Top-tier commentsTop-tier comments
Strict PrivacyStrict Privacy
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30+ Instagram Comments
$64.95 $129.99
billed yearly
Top-tier commentsTop-tier comments
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Why should you buy Instagram comments MarketingHeaven

Are you a fan Instagram celebrities? Do you want to be the most popular and successful Instagram user? Don’t worry! MarketingHeaven guarantees your success on Instagram through our Success Program. Check out our amazing features below

Clear Communication

It is our goal to communicate with you. We are the voice of the company and work to create the best possible environment for growth. Miscommunication can frustrate or disappoint others. Our instructions should be clear and concise. This is important because most people don’t have the best ideas when it comes to new services such as buying Instagram growth. We make sure that you are not alone.

High Security

High levels of security are often quite costly for companies. Security is not an extra cost. We take every precaution to protect your business information. Any sensitive information that could compromise you identity is not required to be disclosed. We are able to trust you with small details about your account. These details will be protected with the most cutting-edge technology.

The Perfect Payment Gateways

Our payment system works 24/7. It’s the best part about it. You don’t need to wait to receive the items you order. Payment is also very secure. Transacting transactions will go smoothly. We can help with safe transfers of client information, money, or data, while eliminating fraud or minimising it.


We are also keen to reduce unnecessary expenses. We will accept responsibility for any windfall or overhead costs. Our team can assure that it will be cost-effective to work with us. Engagement or followers that have fewer followers are not more expensive.

High Visibility

Your profile visibility will be improved by us. We will take responsibility. Soon, your profile will start to show positive changes. We’ll give you the results that you have always wanted. No matter what product you purchase, we will deliver it whenever you need it. Our guarantee of success will ensure that you succeed on Instagram.

Extra Features

Plans Custom

You can choose how many IG likes, comments, or followers you want on Instagram. We understand that social media goals and needs vary. We make every effort possible to provide flexible plans that meet your needs. We understand that every person has different social media needs. We can always create packages to meet your needs.

Proper Distribution

You can share your engagement through different posts in the app. This is important for Instagram accounts that are just starting out their Instagram journey. We ensure that comments and likes don’t drop and keep them coming back. This allows you to grow your account naturally and organically, making you a favorite in Instagram’s algorithm.

High Credibility

Our company is used by many people all over the globe. Our efforts have helped many of our customers to become Instagram stars. We are a trusted website. Our website has been ranked among the top online. Many testimonials online support our point.

Frequently Asked Questions on Buy Instagram Comments

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. If I purchase comments on Instagram, will Instagram ban me?

Instagram doesn’t have a policy banning anyone from buying followers. Many people have bought followers and engaged in online conversations with others. Instagram has never been able detect or suspect such accounts. It is unlikely that your account will be blocked if you have purchased followers. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain steps must be followed.

We’ve said it before, after you have bought a certain amount of followers, you will need to buy additional comments, likes and shares. This is crucial for accounts looking to grow organically. If you pay attention to these details, Instagram will not detect any weaknesses in the algorithm. Even if you sell your followers, we can guarantee that your privacy won’t be compromised.

2. What is the average time it takes to see results?

Our company guarantees the fastest market results. Once you have gained a certain amount of followers, we will make sure that your account changes are visible immediately. Within a matter of hours, you will start to notice the first changes. It is important to understand that growth cannot be accelerated immediately. As previously mentioned, sudden growth should not be spread across multiple posts or times.

We don’t rush because we want results to take time. Your account will be promoted organically. Your account may not get maximum traffic or traction immediately. To get the best engagement results on your account, you will have to wait.

3. How many comments is it necessary to make money?

You can see that having more followers is a better thing for your account. Instagram’s most successful Instagrammers earn thousands of dollars per post. It is possible to make money even if you have only 1000 followers. You have to make sure that your posts receive maximum engagement/comments. This is the only way you can make money.

4. Are these comments real?

Viralyft is very transparent and open about its plans. When they receive the request, they promise to send comments from active, real people. Customers who are enthusiastic about their packages will receive comments from real people. They can become less concerned about bots when they buy Instagram comments. This will prevent you from having bot comments or other irrelevant comments. This is a great way to reach customers and clients. They can reach millions of people quickly by sharing their posts.

Real people leave real comments, and they’re the best. They want comments when they post content to Instagram. These ideas can help you get the attention and support of active users. More active users will increase engagement. These comments are more authentic than bot comments because they come from real people.

5. What changes can be expected following the purchase of comments?

People who purchase Instagram comments expect to have their comments viewed by many people. When new users attempt to become an influencer, every viewer counts. Comments made by real people mean they are also seeing them. This can help you to get the posts back to their owners. This comment could make Instagram’s visual posts look more appealing.

It is possible to buy comments if the number of comments and viewers increases. These suggestions can be found in the feeds and comments of people who have seen related content. Clients who use IG Comments to comment on their content often see a rise of likes, shares, and even more savings. To comment, users must first view the post. A similar effect could be seen in future posts due to the exponential rise in Instagram followers.

6. Is it safe for me to share my Instagram URLs in order to buy comments?

To purchase Instagram comments, it is essential that you share your Instagram URL. To send comments, most websites will ask for the URL of their clients. This directs the client to the correct post in order to increase engagement. Safety concerns can arise from sharing the URL. The privacy policy of MarketingHeaven determines the safety of sharing URLs. This website allows users to purchase comments on Instagram. All plans come with a protection guarantee and discretionary access that prevents third-party access.

MarketingHeaven doesn’t require access to every single post. Clients don’t have to share their Instagram password. MarketingHeaven is a trusted solution for Instagram engagement and has earned a reputation among influencers. They offer full security when people buy Instagram auto-comments. Client information is encrypted so that it remains secure. Only relevant and genuine comments are sent after users have selected a plan.

7. How do you choose the best website to post instagram comments?

It is crucial to select the right website before you purchase any plans. The best websites offer privacy and the lowest prices. These websites offer complete privacy to buyers who place orders. These websites get Instagram comments so that people can be truthful and offer complete security. Authenticity is the key to successful social media marketing. Only a website that is legitimate can bring about organic growth.

MarketingHeaven offers all of these services along with a 100% refill guarantee. All comments purchased from MarketingHeaven will be retained. Recently, the order tracking feature was updated. These services are proof that their servers can maintain this transparency. No packages are held back because creators want to see growth at a specific time. Order tracking shows the progress of each order until it is completed. These are essential features for budding creators. Only buyers should choose the right place to purchase Instagram comments.

8. Is it possible to find positive comments on the posts?

Positive comments can also hinder growth, just like positive comments can push content forward. Content needs positive comments. These comments should be relevant to the content and encourage engagement. Negative comments can negatively impact the quality and number of viewers.

This is why MarketingHeaven experts are here to help. These comments are used to promote the content as well as Instagram accounts. You can make your creators famous by selling comments on Instagram. Like fame doesn’t come overnight, growth from comments can take time. Positive comments can help posts grow. This makes the post more popular and maintains its credibility.

9. Are you concerned about the possibility of having to verify your identity?

Each Instagram user who purchases Instagram auto-comments aims to have their account verified. If you don’t get any natural engagement, verification can be difficult. Instagram won’t approve accounts that have many bot followers. This could lead to an account losing credibility. This can lead to a problem for Instagram creators if they buy from the wrong source.

MarketingHeaven guarantees that Instagram comment buyers receive the verification tag in less than a minute. Their assistance is based on real engagement. This helps buyers to gain popularity and relevance on Instagram which is essential for becoming a verified creator. MarketingHeaven’s Instagram comments make verification easier. Within days, clients receive the verification mark next their names.

10. How can you tell the difference between bot comments and real comments?

While bot-generated comments are possible, others may come from active users. Bot comments are not helpful in promoting an account or improving a post’s content. Only genuine comments can direct posts in the right direction. It is easy to tell the difference between comments meant for numbers and comments from real viewers. MarketingHeaven only sends genuine organic engagement.

Bot comments are not related to the post itself. These comments are not specific to a particular post. People who receive post-specific comments on Instagram will know that they have seen the post before commenting. This means that the commenter is active on Instagram and follows the posts. This kind of activity is always good. Directed comments to the post are a great way to help the creator grow the content in the future.