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Dead videos don't get attention. What gets attention however are videos that have a lot of activity on them - meaning views, likes and of course comments! With our real YouTube comments service, you can ensure your videos and channel get the credibility they deserve.

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50+ Comments
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20+ Comments
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Why Buy YouTube comments and views with us?

Social media is crowded. YouTube comments can be a great way to increase your social media reach and for you to stand out. With our YouTube comment service you ensure guaranteed interactions on your videos. 

Buy Real YouTube comments

We offer YouTube comments that are unique and catered to your video.  All coming from pre-screened high quality accounts. Below are some reasons buying YouTube comments from us, and not from cheap competition, is a good idea.

  • Quick delivery

Your YouTube campaign will be started within 24 hours do you don’t need to wait long to see results. Our experts will make sure to source only the best quality of comments. We can deliver any numbers you choose.

YouTube comments will see a significant increase of engagement. These comments will make sense for your video and will allow you to rank higher in YouTube’s search algorithm. 

  • Great Filtering Process

Many providers use low quality, fake accounts to deliver the comments. These accounts can be purchased by third parties, but they are not managed by real people. These accounts generate some form of engagement, but then they die after some time. With us you always get top quality accounts that were vetted for the process.

We make sure that your profile isn’t visible to any bot or automated YouTube account. Only authentic YouTube accounts can view your content. YouTube comments can be purchased to get real people interested in your content to respond to your posts.

  • Consistent Engagement

Engaging with others is also important. It is crucial to engage with your audience and keep it growing over time. Respond to YouTube comments and provide a response which keeps the conversation going. Once we have started a conversation, we will move it forward and involve your audience in your topic.

This feature is available when you buy YouTube comments from us. This technique is rarely used and has been proven to be 60% more effective than any other YouTube service strategy.

  • Buy custom YouTube comments

One unique characteristic of our company is its strong digital presence and strong network. Not only are our icons and influencers present on YouTube, but they also appear on other social media channels. People can promote you on Instagram or Facebook depending on your niche. This allows people to view your content regardless of where they are located.

Youtube comments allow you to interact with more people via YouTube comments and will increase your video link views. YouTube comments bought here can be customized to your needs. They don’t rely on social media and are solely focused on YouTube.


  • High Expertise & Skills

Experience in the field is another important aspect to look out for in a company. We are experts at identifying and growing YouTube Accou trends. YouTube’s SEO changes frequently, so technical experts will be needed to help you crack it. MarketingHeaven is a trusted source of expert guidance.

Our technical team is highly skilled and constantly looking for new ways to grow your youtube channel. We are confident that our expertise in this field will allow you to defeat other competitors in the industry.


  • Flexible Plans for buying YouTube likes and comments

You can choose the plan that best suits your needs at any given time. No matter your financial situation, our programs are flexible enough that anyone can use them. YouTube comments can be different for each person. We offer many packages. You can either bring in a lot of engagement to your account or you can start small with very few commands.


Tips and Tricks

How to make your video SEO friendly

There are several steps you can take in order to make your YouTube video more SEO-friendly. Let’s take an in-depth look at the steps involved to make your YouTube video SEO-friendly.

* Title- The title of your video is the most important thing you need to pay attention to. Each video title must be structured with the primary keyword or primary keyword phrase 1st. If applicable, you can then name the series and add your brand. YouTube video will then be able to easily understand your video and the people who would be interested.

* Tags- You must also take care of your tags. To mimic the search terms of different viewers, you can combine both long-tail and short-tail keywords.

* Description- YouTube’s description function is essentially a blog. In fact, only the first 157 characters will be displayed above YouTube’s fold. If you wish to drive traffic, you can include links to other websites or social media channels.

How to make good YouTube video content

Selecting the right topics is the first step to creating quality YouTube content. A content marketing strategy is essential to ensure your site appears organically in search engines results. Use popular keywords to create content. These are just a few ways that you can do keyword research.

* First you can type a search query within the search bar of YouTube. This will display a list of suggested search terms based upon what you have already typed. This is a great option for people looking to find long tail keywords.

* There are various external keyboard tools that you can use. Keyword Keg is an example platform that will provide you with a list of top keywords that are relevant to your topic. You will also find other relevant data for any search term.

Frequently Asked Questions on Youtube Comments

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.


The site where you purchase YouTube comments will determine how safe it is. There are many scams that offer YouTube comments. These accounts are often purchased through third parties. This is against YouTube’s guidelines. Your Youtube account could be suspended if you violate these guidelines. YouTube has established guidelines for community members. However, you can still use our service. We are an organic advertising company so you won’t be flagged in our app.


YouTube’s algorithm works well. It all depends on how many engagements you get. YouTube’s algorithm relies on comments. YouTube will rank a post that has many comments, which are increasing in number, higher. This will increase your visibility and make it more accessible to more people. YouTube comments are a great way to be a YouTube celebrity.


YouTube SEO is an essential element. It is important that SEO be maintained in all areas of your account. SEO-friendly video descriptions are essential. Your account bio and content should also be SEO-friendly. Optimized search engine optimization makes accounts more productive than those without it. YouTube will become a search engine eventually, so these elements will always be relevant when ranking any video online.


It would be better if you did not buy YouTube comments in bulk. However, you should buy them slowly over a longer time. Also, you should ensure that commands are spread across multiple posts and not concentrated in one post. You can choose to cater to different people’s needs. We recommend that you include Youtube comments in your videos to make yourself more credible.


Great YouTube content is reflected in interactive YouTube comments sections. This indicates that the content on a channel’s channel is worth sharing and admiring. Word of mouth is a key factor in today’s success.

Your Youtube comments section should be interactive and engaging if you want to achieve the fame and popularity that you seek. It is possible to make great videos but not ensure your Youtube comments section remains interesting and engaging.

This is where social media services companies come in. There are many places where you can buy youtube comments at very low prices. Youtube comments can significantly reduce your weight and allow content creators more time to concentrate on content curation rather than worrying about youtube comment.


Although you might believe that purchasing comments on YouTube videos might result in your account being blocked, it is false. YouTube has fake engagement policies. But you should focus on the word “fake” instead.

When buy YouTube likes and comments with us, you only get real and quality accounts, which keep your account safe. Unlike with other cheap providers.

Agencies that are reputable and have established themselves on the market for genuine services are more likely to be trusted.

These agencies allow YouTube comments to be purchased through their extensive networks. These purchases are safe and won’t lead to the ban of your links.


It is important to only purchase comments from trusted and reputable websites. You will lose any comments that you have left on Youtube. You are in complete control of the comments and can keep them forever unless your service provider agrees.

Youtube comments and any other service for that matter will not be resold.

Fake digital marketing services providers could make it possible to have your YouTube comments disappear. Before purchasing comments on YouTube, or similar services, you should thoroughly research.


If you buy youtube comments, you are responsible for ensuring that you get the services you need through legitimate networks. Youtube comments and similar services require you to only choose reliable and trustworthy digital marketing agencies.

After you have given them a service, it is possible to assume that random Youtube comments are delivered by a social media marketing agency.

Market has a reputation for thriving agencies. They plan well-planned campaigns to provide their services and hire real people to comment on Youtube videos. They do not use bots or any other terrible artificial intelligence to create their deliverables.


This option is not available to all social media service providers because it involves a lot of work. Customers can customize YouTube comments with most legitimate service providers. This is not an easy service so scammers and fake websites often do not offer it.

Youtube comments can be used to determine if a company is genuine and trustworthy. Prices can be higher due to the extra effort involved in creating customized YouTube comments.


Yes. Yes. Content creation is a great way to grow your YouTube channel. This is however a tedious task.

Everyone in the 21st Century has been lacking time. YouTube comment sellers that allow you to buy comments for your channel are not magicians. They can’t guarantee the success of your video. They can help you promote your channel and break free from inertia.

If you have great content, these services can be a great way for you to reach large audiences. You must retain them once they reach your channel.

Youtube comments can be bought smartly. This will only benefit those who are passionate about content curation, and need support in their growth.