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(~min 70% video watched)

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Have you seen all the massive YouTube channels and videos with millions of views, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and a ton of likes?

If you’re just starting your YouTube journey, their size and presence might overwhelm you.

Especially when you want to play in the big leagues and have to compare yourself to those behemoths.

I bet you wondered how they all got so big?



There is one little trick that can kick-start your way to stardom. 



Something that can make you go big straight away.

Sure, you could do it the usual way.

But do you really have to run standard, worn-out promotions, and wait months before your numbers increase?


Remember, the proving ground of musical (and other) video popularity is YouTube.

You see it happening all around you every day…

YouTube is how the entertainment industry, labels, PR agencies, even musical “wannabes” are manufacturing success, day after day.

All the industries put so many videos out there that it's difficult to get yours to be noticed.

You need to be sharp. You need to get views quick. 



 Get more people watching your videos

Hi, my name is Steven Taylor, head marketer of Marketing Heaven.

 We are the only provider (to my knowledge) of guaranteed non-botted real viewers.


 ... what I mean here are Legitimate, Pre-Screened, Real Human Views  – with 100% client confidentiality.


When you buy from us, it means …



    • … real people will be watching your videos, just the way you want it
    • … your videos can enjoy fast, natural growth
    • … no one will know you’ve hired a professional company to stimulate your social media success.



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We’ve created a formula which allows our customers to continuously buy real YouTube views, hit the top of most watched videos lists, gather tons of traffic, and achieve numbers most ‘wannabe’ YouTubers can only dream of.

The same formula shields you from threats you might run into when buying from our ‘competitors’...

... threats such as getting your videos banned and your channels deleted due to using botted, fake traffic and other dirty tricks. 


The 3-Part Success Formula:

Success Factor #1: Real Viewers - if you resort to automated software, bots or scripts to falsify your traffic, you’ll probably get your (or your client’s)  video banned. You cannot afford to risk any violation of YT’s Terms of Service.

Success Factor #2: Speed - to have any real impact (or any chance of going viral) you must have lots of viewers in a relatively short period of time. Even better is to sustain the traffic over time. A slow ramp-up takes too long and won’t get you to the top of YT search results nearly as fast (if at all).

Success Factor #3: Confidentiality - Usually it takes hiring a pro to generate the instant swarm of  traffic you want. But you don’t exactly want to ‘advertise’ that you hired someone to help you rise to stardom.


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How We Do It


You might be wondering how we can offer a service where you can get real-live viewers.

Years ago, we recognized the power of  social media. And we began building our own email lists, niche social networks (i.e. music fans), fanpages, and YT channels to accomplish two things:

    • Provide our networks with what they want such as new music from the latest up and coming artists, and
    • In turn, provide a valuable service to the entertainment industry, PR Agencies and Labels, like YOU.


It’s through this win/win model we've served over 3700 clients to date (and growing).

And now you and your clients can tap into our massive network of eager viewers and music fans.

After you make your purchase, we’ll typically start processing your order within max 24 hours. 

Soon after, we’ll start promoting you to our network.

And within days, your visibility, and rankings will literally skyrocket!

Before and After Our Social Media Campaign


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What Happens After You Order a Campaign From Us …


Our service will get you the traffic necessary to make you popular and credible among your target audience. 

With rapid growth in traffic, your video rises higher and higher in YT’s search engines (and on Google, too). And because your popularity is judged on how many people watch your video, you will appear (and actually become) more popular than other people.

This speedy rise in popularity feeds off of itself … it pushes you higher and higher in the search results … it stimulates social conversations online … more people share and link to you, and so on.

Massive initial exposure like this often leads to a ripple effect…  a VIRAL EXPLOSION that creates a mind of its own.

Get ready because it happens fast.

Those you see as your competitors today, become obsolete as you blow past them in the blink of an eye.

And with it all comes with RESPECT from your colleagues, competitors, and fans. Our service has been known to be the rocket fuel behind numerous musical careers.


Why Choose Us Over Other Providers?



Yes, we provide “living and breathing”  viewers.

Yes, we’ll do it FAST and give you the ability to buy 1 million YouTube views straight away.

And yes, we shield your reputation with our 100% confidentiality policy.

But you get so much more with our:

Our Guarantee

No one comes close to the level of service, confidence and results we offer you. Not only have we made your investment totally risk-free, we assure you superior service in the process.

Our service is more expensive that those of our competitors because we're the only ones delivering non-botted real traffic. You can be assured that anyone offering a super low cost alternative is offering fake traffic which can put your account in danger.

You also enjoy the peace of mind that we are an established business based in London, United Kingdom. (Not a kid operating out of his parent’s basement in a country you can’t even pronounce.) We have a solid reputation to uphold, and we do everything possible to protect yours as well.


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Remember, our marketing campaigns are 100% Confidential. We will not disclose your use of our service to anyone. And I guarantee you will get the results, or it costs you nothing! So select your package above to release an explosion of  popularity and visibility today! You’ll be glad you did.





Additional Information About Us


We are not just looking for a quick buck, we are looking to build your reputation. Our service is especially aimed at people who have what it takes to be famous, but are not being heard or seen right now. We offer the opportunity to buy traffic for your YT channel and videos from real people. Quality and timing are instrumental in business and we understand this. Our clients know they can't buy anything for pennies and receive a high quality service - these two don't go together in one sentence.


Increase Your Prestige!


We want to make it clear to anyone who has uploaded a video, whether to promote their business or as an individual who is promoting a new track. The more viewers you have, the more respect you get. We also want to make it clear that robot-generated traffic will harm your YT account.  

You should always be looking to get more. Whether you are going to market yourself, or you want to buy views, it does not matter. You need someone who has tested several methods and can ensure they are effective.



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By now, you should understand the importance of getting more viewers. The market is highly competitive; so it is not enough to have only a few people watching  your uploads. You should be using all available methods as well as buying YouTube views to overtake your closest competitors. You've already heard about our promotional methods, so most of your questions should have been answered.


Why are you still waiting?


Don't waste any more time. Start building your reputation and credibility today. Take your image to the next level. We only give clients our best, which is the opportunity to purchase access to high quality viewers. This ensures the well-being and safety of your account. Start now:


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Right now, there are numerous websites that provide services which might cause trouble to your account.  Be careful and remember that we are more expensive because our traffic is real. If you also want to buy comments, likes, and favourites, we offer those as well. We always make sure to offer the highest quality service possible.

THE CURRENT SPEED: We can offer up to 100 000 organic views each day, or we can go as slow as 500 per day. The more you buy, the faster you can reach people.

Your campaign is typically started within 24 hours after purchase, but it might take longer for larger orders.  This is because we only provide 100% GENUINE traffic and we need time to setup your campaigns. For additional details, please read the Terms of Service (TOS).


Will This Put My Account at Risk?


No. Our traffic are REAL and therefore safe. We also have offer an option to buy high retention views. Our goal is always quality over quantity.


Who is this good for?


By using creative marketing, social media platforms are powerful means to promote and market any product, video, or brand. Viewers are important for any YT personality, whether they are a company, an individual, or a musician. They are important simply because they are a true measurement of how successful you are. 

You can use our service to help reach a wider, global audience. The power of social media means new doors can open for recording artists who want a big record deal, actors who are looking for their breakout role, and models that are looking for job opportunities.


Why Should I Buy  From You?


We are the solution to common problems that most marketers face. Since the beginning of our journey, marketers within our firm have promoted some of the most successful viral videos, which include commercials, movie trailers, and music videos. We have helped musicians secure record deals, get television appearances, and play their music on the radio. We have also helped them become featured in major magazines and on news websites.

We do it better than anyone does. Be wary of cheap vendors. They mostly offer low quality hits to make fast cash. We have 100% REAL traffic that includes high audience retention. This means the viewers will watch most of your content, which increases the chances of getting more subscribers to your channel and interacting with it. This is the closest you will get to a fully measurable promotional campaign. Clients depend on us to promote them and we deliver on our promise.


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How Can I Make My Video Go Viral?


Everyone who wants to be famousis astonished by the answer. Fortunately, is very familiar with viral marketing. The algorithm for 'going viral' is not a foreign concept to us. We have determined that if the right ingredients are in place, almost any video can make it.

Let's discuss the critical elements of a viral video.

Buying views is just one part of the formula for making a video go viral. You can actually do it without ever purchasing a single view, but it is a lot less likely, and it is harder without having a jump-start. If your only strategy for marketing is to pay for views or subscribers and sit back, then you might as well not do anything at all. To go viral, the video needs a push. By 'push', we mean a promotional boost.

Blogs, chat boards, forums, seo,  social media, are all ways you can give videos a boost and increase chances of them going viral. Sending news tips to major newspapers, magazines, and notable blogs is another method of getting a video noticed. However, none of this works if the content is bad.

High quality video with content people can relate to is a necessity. Your job is to stir emotions and or inspire your audience your audience. People should feel the need to share your video with friends or family immediately after watching it. Videos that stir emotions, such as humour, anger, or sadness, are among several examples of videos that get attention. Once you have content that achieves that, a promotional boost, and a jump-start with our campaign, and are ready to go viral.


Alternatively check our other services such as Buy Twitter Followers


By googling "How to buy YouTube views," you will see a lot of websites claiming to offer just that at a really low price. However, is this the best way to get more views on your YouTube videos? Don't think it is as simple as choosing a random provider and sending over your money. There might be a lot of risk if you don't know what you are doing.


If you carefully choose the right YouTube marketing company, then you will be able to safely promote yourself, which in turn will play a major role in your success. But, like in any other industry, you must be aware of fraud. Remember to always get in touch with the company you’re about to be purchasing from -  before you actually buy. If you buy without checking, you might risk losing your money without getting the expected results.


The first thing you should take into account before buying YouTube views is to think why you are doing it. You may be doing this to gain popularity. But do not think that just by doing that you will go viral and everyone will know about it. However, thanks to it you will look more reputable and people will be more inclined to watch whatever you upload.


By buying low-quality views only because it is cheap, you might end up by with your video and your account getting banned. So, think carefully and choose wisely.  How can you understand whether the view is of good quality or bad quality?


When buying on the cheap, remember that YouTube can track everything about the video, like how long the viewer watched your video or from which country they are watching it, what they are doing online and much more. If YT identifies that your viewers are fake it will not reflect well on your video. So, it’s best you avoid purchasing from cheap, low quality vendors. Also, if YT finds out you are generating viewers using a bots or fake traffic, it might not even be counted, and they may take other actions against your account. The penalty may include removing the video, or even getting suspended.


You might wonder it it’s AdSense safe. With some providers, it will be safe, but with other it simply won't. In general, to avoid confusion and risk, it is recommended to disable AdSense if you to purchase views. We offer traffic from real people which is generally safe for AdSense but for safety we do our best not display your ads to the viewers, just in case YouTube has a problem with it.


Now, if you worry that purchasing views is not allowed on YouTube. If you buy from us, then traffic will be  real humans and work fine on YT. You can get viewers from any country, and it won't cause any trouble. The only thing you have to do is proper research to know who to choose as your supplier.