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Buy Targeted YouTube Views

Does your video target a specific country? Make sure it reaches people who really care and understand it!

With this service, we will create a campaign to deliver targeted views from a country of your choice. That will narrow your audience down to the specific country demographic you would like to target.

Finally, become noticed!

You are purchasing a custom-built marketing campaign aimed at providing you with results you choose below. 

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We recommend keeping, at the very least, a ratio of 1 like per every 100 views (e.g. 100 likes per 10 000 views).

Buy Targeted YouTube Views

Views delivered from a country of your choice to better match your targeting.

Targeted views are a big part of our general service where people can buy views on YouTube. Keep in mind you can always pick between international views, which are cheaper, and targeted views which offer more precise targeting.

Developing a credible image on YouTube is a big part of most strategies for both artists and businesses - see here for a post about youtube strategies for b2b companies that we developed to help you.

Don’t fall for low prices and big promises. Think. Choose quality.

Have you ever wondered how are youtube views counted? We made a post here to explain just that. See inside for more info.

This is our most popular package for providing real human views to your YouTube videos.

Our service is different - we don't offer any botted views like other cheap providers.

All our views are delivered gradually over time to ensure safety and organic growth.

We will never share your details with anyone.

Minimum 1000 views per video.

We've delivered orders as big as 1 000 000 views and can offer special payment plans on orders above 500 000.

Why is it important to have a targeted view count?

For those of you who have contemplated whether or not you should purchase targeted YouTube views, you should realize that doing so is an excellent marketing strategy.

One of the most important metrics to track on YouTube is the number of people that are watching your video. The first thing people look at when deciding whether or not to engage with you is your profile picture and description.

It gives you an advantage over your competitors if you purchase legitimate, country-targeted visitors from reputable sources. You can easily become the leader in your niche and attract new clients if you are a business entity using this strategy.

Is it worth it to pay for hits? Who is it that is most in need of buying one of these bundles?

When you buy targeted views, there are unquestionably some significant advantages. As an illustration:

  • If you have a larger number of readers, other businesses will be more interested in collaborating with you.
  • If you pay for geo-targeted plays, your organic search results will improve.
  • More views on your videos indicate that people are interested in learning more about you on your other social media networks and business website.

These engagement packages are highly recommended if you're a new company entity just getting started on YouTube and no one knows who you are.

When it comes to buying real, targeted YouTube views, how much would you expect to pay?

The cost of purchasing these types of packages varies from one retailer to another. You can choose between a little bundle that costs as little as a few of dollars and a substantially larger package that costs significantly more money.

While the rates we charge for the many packages available on this site vary, you can always be confident that ours is the best price because we constantly shop around internet to find better bargains than those offered by competitors.

What countries may I get a viewership package from if I'm in one of them?

If you live in any of the following countries: the United States/US, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, Germany, and others, you can order active, targeted views from the website.

We are an international firm that takes pride in assisting you in achieving your marketing objectives through the use of our low-cost, simple-to-purchase services. You can count on us to promote any video for which you require additional exposure.

In order to obtain one of these packages, where can I go and how do I go about doing so?

TheMarketingHeaven is the best place to go if you want to buy targeted views for your video or website. Simply following these simple guidelines will result in the greatest experience possible on our site.

  • To begin, decide on the type of targeted engagement package you want.
  • After that, please provide us with information about your YouTube channel and videos.
  • You then provide us with your credit card information so that we can process your order.
  • Please provide us with your email address so that we can confirm receipt of your order.
  • You may now sit back and watch as your order begins to arrive over the next 24 hours.

It's also worth noting that you may get drip feed views from the site. This is targeted traffic that is delivered to you slowly and steadily in order to avoid raising the suspicion of the algorithm.


How Fast Will You Deliver My Order?

The size of the package determines how quickly your order will be delivered. We are unable to provide a large cargo in a short period of time, as this would raise suspicions in the Youtube algorithm. Our technique of delivery is a gradual but continuous growth in size. We adhere to the best practices that have been established by the platform.

Is it possible for my YouTube account to be banned if I purchase low-cost, targeted views?

If you place an order with TheMarketingHeaven, your account will not be suspended. If you want to be successful on YouTube, you need to work with us because we only utilize actual, legitimate accounts while filling your orders. When you buy from us, you are paying for quality, not quantity, because we never utilize bots or inactive accounts.

Are these views legal?

Buying from TMH is always 100 percent legal in every situation. We don't engage in any unlawful activity, and we don't employ any black hat strategies. This is a well established practice in which a large number of businesses participate. Targeting by country and obtaining paid viewing are two strategies used by successful businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

How can I be certain that I'm getting the best deal possible when using this website?

If you're looking for low-cost engagement packages, there's no better place to look than the TheMarketingHeaven website. We always shop around online to make sure there isn't a better deal to be had elsewhere. We understand that you may not have a lot of money to spend on marketing, so we work with you to make every dollar count.

Is it true that I'm buying real targeted plays through

When you purchase a view package from us, you are guaranteed to receive a 100% real view. If you've been unsuccessful in your attempts to establish an organic following, we can be your best buddies. It is well worth your money to purchase from TMH since, unlike many of our competitors, we never utilize bots to generate traffic. We're the finest place to start a fresh marketing strategy on YouTube because we have the most resources.

What can I do to ensure that my organic numbers continue to rise?

Investing in one of our packages is frequently all that is required to boost your stagnating organic results. Individuals may be hesitant to watch your films unless they observe an increase in the number of others who do so. If your firm isn't well-known before you start using the YouTube platform, it can be difficult to garner the attention of viewers, receive comments, and gain followers.

What methods of payment are available to me for my packages?

We are able unable to take payments by PayPal at this time, but there are various other ways available. You can pay using a credit card, such as an American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, if you like. If you prefer one of the other two options, you might use Online Banking Payments or CryptoCurrency Payments instead.


Are these views real?
Yes, all our views come from real people. We promote your videos using our own network of social media properties where we can reach millions of people.

How are those views targeted?
You can choose a country from which the views will be delivered (please mention it on the checkout page)

How long does it take to start?
On business days you will start seeing first views within 12-24 from the moment we received your order.

How long does it take for my campaign to be delivered?
It depends on the amount of views you order. Small campaigns are usually delivered within 3-4 days. We will confirm delivery times for bigger orders (we can deliver them according to your preference).

Can I spread views across multiple videos?
Yes, you can split targeted views. The minimum amount per 1 video is 1000 views.

How many countries can I target?
1  country per campaign. If you would like to target multiple countries, please order separate campaigns for them.

What is the audience retention?
We will always do our best to maximise audience retention but due to the fact we use real traffic we don’t make any specific guarantees in terms of audience retention / watch times.

How We Do It

All our campaigns are custom built and developed to suit your individual requirements.

We deliver results by securing placements on popular websites and social media properties with a lot of traffic.

Think of it like buying banner and advertising space online for your video.

It’s through those placements that your videos get the attention they deserve. This attention and publicity then  translates into more views, likes, subs, etc.

We don’t stop our campaign until the results you requested are there.

You can track everything by checking the count of views, likes, subs etc. displayed under your video, or by checking your video analytics.

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What’s Happeningm I’m new to this, I stumbled upon this and It’s absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. Good job.

John Hoagl

The country targeted YouTube views service delivered on its promises. It allowed me to focus my marketing efforts on a specific country.

Caryn Haley

This YouTube views service is an investment worth making. It not only boosts your video’s visibility in a particular country but also enhances your channel’s overall credibility and growth potential

Oscar Baccarat

It’s difficult to find well-performing companies in this particular area, but you definitely deliver


Valuable service. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident, and I am surprised I’ve not used this kind of service earlier!

Saved it for later.

William Torres

The targeted YouTube views service exceeded my expectations! Not only did it help increase my video’s visibility in a specific region, but the engagement and interactions from viewers in that country were outstanding.

Nancy E

Just want to say your service is amazing

Thanks a million and please carry with you work.

Kelly Asher

I highly recommend the targeted YouTube views service. It provided me with genuine views from my target country, boosting my channel’s credibility and attracting more organic traffic.


The country targeted YouTube views service is a game-changer for expanding my channel’s reach.

Thomas Magana

I’m thrilled with the country targeted YouTube views service. It helped me establish a foothold in a new market by delivering real views from my desired country.

Daniel Vadnais

I was skeptical at first, but the country targeted YouTube views service proved its worth. It helped me gain traction in a specific country.


Thanks to the country targeted YouTube views service, my videos now receive more exposure in my target country. It’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to make their content resonate with a specific audience.

Jerry Schulz

It provided me with high-quality views from my target country, resulting in improved search rankings and increased organic traffic to my channel.


I have to say this was a very smooth experience from start to finish. Recommended!


Campaigns from you guys gave my channel the initial visibility it needed. Nowadays it continues to grow on it’s own for which I’m really grateful

Andy Willis

One of very companies that can actually deliver youtube views targeted to country of choice


Great work so far.

Pham minh Tuan

I want to buy it.But it does not have Vietnam to register.

Eloise Jenson

Great service – everything was done as described

Dan Collins

Used your campaigns many times, they never disappoint…

Steven Myers

Proper quality real desktop views. You’re the only supplier I use

Frank Martinez

I’ve ordered 10000 views and they were all slowly and gradually delivered over a week or so. All from the USA like I requested. Got a couple of likes as well. Thank you

Marteinn Óskarsson

I think the only site that offers targeted views! It’s a shame you didn’t have Iceland but the selection overall was very good.


thank you so much! love this service


haha awesome!

Katie Gretz

Good work as per usual

Mark Severin

Simply the best place to buy any social media services. Keep it up guys!

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