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15 key things to remember when choosing a youtube marketing company


Just as a captain navigates a ship through seas, guiding it towards undiscovered lands, your journey in the vast ocean of YouTube marketing is about to begin. You’ve realized the potential of this platform for your brand, and you’re on the brink of harnessing this power. However, with countless YouTube marketing companies claiming to be your perfect compass, the decision can be overwhelming. So what do you look for? What sets one company apart from the rest? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you, step by step, through the key factors that will help you make an informed choice. Buckle up, because this journey is about to get interesting.


Key points when choosing a YouTube marketing company


  • Evaluate the YouTube Marketing Company’s portfolio, case studies, and client reviews to assess their creativity, understanding of YouTube algorithms, SEO knowledge, and expertise.
  • Analyze the diversity of their projects, the results achieved, and the quality and engagement of their videos in their portfolio to determine their commitment to client success.
  • Look for a clear content strategy, SEO practices, understanding of YouTube analytics, experience with YouTube ads, and communication practices in their marketing approach.
  • Consider transparent pricing, different package options, custom solutions, and the value of services offered when assessing the pricing and service structure of the YouTube Marketing Company.


1. Identifying Your Marketing Needs


So, what exactly are your marketing needs and how can a YouTube marketing company help meet them?

Your marketing needs may vary depending on the nature and size of your business. You might be looking to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website, or boost sales for a particular product or service. A YouTube marketing company can provide solutions tailored to these needs.

For example, if you’re aiming to enhance your brand’s visibility, they can create engaging and shareable video content that resonates with your target audience. They can optimize your YouTube channel and videos for SEO to help them rank higher in search results, making your brand more visible to potential customers.

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, they can incorporate effective calls-to-action in your videos, guiding viewers to visit your website. They can also use YouTube ads to reach a wider audience and direct them to your site.

And if your goal is to boost sales, they can produce persuasive product videos that showcase the benefits of your offerings, compelling viewers to make a purchase. They can also track and analyze video performance to refine your marketing strategy, maximizing sales potential.


2. Evaluating Their Expertise


After pinpointing your marketing needs and understanding how a YouTube marketing company can meet them, it’s crucial to evaluate their expertise to ensure they’re the right fit for your business. You need to dig deeper into their skills and experience in your specific industry.

Firstly, consider their portfolio. A reputable company should be able to provide case studies or samples that demonstrate their ability to generate successful YouTube marketing campaigns. Look for evidence of their creativity, strategy, and understanding of YouTube’s algorithms.

Consider their understanding of SEO. YouTube, like Google, relies heavily on keywords and SEO strategies. The company should be adept at keyword research, optimization, and SEO-friendly video descriptions.

Lastly, evaluate their knowledge of YouTube analytics. Understanding data and metrics is key to assessing the success of a campaign. They should be able to monitor and interpret these figures to adjust strategies when necessary.

Keep in mind that a company’s expertise isn’t solely about their years in business. It’s also about their adaptability, creativity, and understanding of the ever-evolving YouTube platform. With the right partner, your YouTube marketing can soar to new heights.


3. Checking the Company’s Reputation



Next, it’s essential to delve into the company’s reputation, as this can greatly influence the success of your YouTube marketing efforts. A solid reputation is indicative of a company that delivers on its promises and ensures customer satisfaction.

Here’s a four-step process to help you assess the company’s reputation:

  • Check client reviews and ratings. This can be found on their website or third-party review sites. Look for consistency in high ratings and positive feedback.
  • Look for any awards or recognitions. These are typically given by industry leaders or business organizations and serve as a testament to the company’s excellent service.
  • Examine their portfolio. This should showcase their successful projects and campaigns. It’s a good indication of their expertise and the results you can expect.
  • Reach out to their previous clients. This will give you firsthand information about their experience and the level of service they received.


4. Assessing Their Portfolio


Having evaluated the company’s reputation, it’s now crucial to carefully analyze their portfolio. This is a vital step in your selection process as it provides a real-world glimpse of the company’s skills, creativity, and success with past campaigns.

Look at the diversity of their projects. Have they worked with a variety of clients, industries, and demographics? This demonstrates their ability to adapt and create unique strategies. You’ll also want to pay attention to the results. Was the company able to increase views, engagement, or conversions? Did they meet or exceed their clients’ goals?

Don’t just skim through; delve into the details. Check if the videos they’ve created are engaging and of high quality. Look for creativity, originality, and a clear understanding of YouTube’s algorithm.

Lastly, don’t overlook testimonials and case studies. These provide deeper insights into the company’s performance, effectiveness, and client satisfaction. Remember, a stellar portfolio doesn’t only showcase great work, but also shows the company’s commitment to their clients’ success.

Assessing their portfolio will give you a clearer picture of what the company can do for your business.


5. Determining Their Marketing Approach


So, how does the company approach YouTube marketing? Well, it’s crucial to understand their strategy before you invest your money and trust. Here’s a breakdown of what you should be looking out for:

  • Content Strategy: Does the company have a clear idea of what kind of content works best on YouTube? They should be able to guide you on creating engaging videos, whether it’s educational content, product reviews, or behind-the-scenes footage.
  • SEO Practices: YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, the company should be adept at keyword research, writing SEO-optimized video descriptions, and leveraging tags to ensure your videos reach your target audience.
  • Analytics: How well does the company grasp YouTube analytics? They should be able to monitor video performance, track viewer engagement, and use this data to refine your marketing strategy.
  • Advertising: Does the company have experience with YouTube ads? They should know when to use skippable or non-skippable ads, bumper ads, or sponsored cards to maximize your ROI.


6. Communication: A Key Factor


While understanding a company’s marketing approach is essential, it’s equally crucial to assess their communication practices as they play a key role in your YouTube marketing campaign’s success. You ought to ensure that your chosen marketing company is not only competent but also communicative.


Criteria Description
Transparency The company should keep you in the loop about the campaign’s progress and any challenges that may arise.
Responsiveness They should promptly respond to your inquiries and suggestions, demonstrating their dedication to your project.
Understanding They must understand your marketing goals and the message you wish to convey to your audience.
Feedback It’s beneficial if they provide constructive feedback to help improve your campaign.


When these communication practices are well executed, they can significantly boost your YouTube campaign’s performance, leading to a significant increase in viewer engagement and, ultimately, sales conversion. Additionally, it’s more likely that a well-communicative company is reliable and trustworthy. So, remember to consider communication as a key factor when choosing your YouTube marketing company.


7. Reviewing Their Pricing Structure


Next, you’ll want to take a close look at the pricing structure of any potential YouTube marketing company before making a decision. It’s crucial to understand what you’re investing in to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

  • Transparent Pricing: The company should clearly outline their fees. You don’t want any hidden costs popping up later.
  • Package Options: Look for agencies that offer different packages catering to various needs and budgets. This flexibility allows you to choose a package that’s right for your business.
  • Custom Solutions: Some companies might offer custom solutions. While they may be more costly, they could provide a higher return on investment for your specific needs.
  • Value for Money: Finally, assess whether the services offered are worth the price. The cheapest option isn’t always the best.


8. Checking Their Knowledge on SEO


After sorting out the financial aspects of your potential YouTube marketing company, it’s time to evaluate their understanding of SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is critical in ensuring your videos reach your target audience. A firm grasp on SEO principles will enable your chosen company to effectively optimize your content and increase its visibility.

Firstly, ask the company about their SEO strategies. What keywords do they target? How do they use tags and descriptions to enhance searchability? These elements should be tailored to your business and audience for maximum impact.

Next, consider their understanding of how YouTube’s algorithm works. It’s not just about stuffing keywords into your video titles and descriptions. The algorithm also considers viewer engagement, so strategies that encourage comments, likes, and shares are equally important.

Lastly, inquire about their expertise in SEO analytics. They should be able to track the performance of your videos, identify which strategies are working and adjust accordingly.


9. Assessing Their Video Production Quality


Diving into the realm of video production quality, it’s crucial to scrutinize the caliber of videos your prospective YouTube marketing company can create. You’re looking for more than just a pretty montage; you need effective, engaging content that will boost your brand’s online presence.

  • First, assess the video’s visual quality. Is it crisp, clear, and professionally filmed? Poor video quality can instantly turn viewers away and damage your brand’s image.
  • Secondly, consider the content’s relevance and value. Does it offer useful information or entertainment to your target audience? Remember, the most successful videos either solve a problem or entertain.
  • Thirdly, evaluate the audio quality. Is it clear, without background noise or distortion? A video with poor audio can be as damaging as one with poor visuals.
  • Lastly, check the editing. Good editing is the glue that holds a video together. It should be seamless, guiding the viewer smoothly from one point to the next.


10. Examining Their Audience Research Capabilities


While superb video production is crucial, it’s equally important to understand how well your potential YouTube marketing company can research and understand your target audience. It’s not just about creating stunning videos; it’s about who’s going to watch them.

Your marketing company should dive deep into understanding who your audience is, their preferences, and their habits. They should be adept at using YouTube’s analytics, which can provide valuable insights into viewers’ demographics, behaviors, and engagement rates. It’s this understanding that helps in tailoring content that resonates with your audience, ultimately leading to higher engagement and return on investment.

Ask your potential company how they plan to identify and segment your audience. Do they use surveys, interviews, or focus groups? How do they interpret the data they collect? It’s through these methods that they can identify trends and patterns, which can inform the direction of your marketing strategy.


11. Evaluating Their Campaign Reporting Standards


Next on your checklist should be scrutinizing the campaign reporting standards of the YouTube marketing company you’re considering. It’s crucial to understand whether they provide comprehensive, transparent, and actionable insights. Here’s a four-step guide to evaluating their reporting standards:

  • Frequency of Reports: Check if they send updates regularly. You’ll want to know how your campaign is doing on a weekly or monthly basis, not just at the end.
  • Data Insights: They should provide more than just views and likes. Look for a company that digs deeper, offering insights on viewer demographics, watch time, and engagement metrics.
  • Transparency: A good marketing company won’t hide any data from you. They should be open about both wins and losses, helping you understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Reports should come with clear, actionable steps for improvement. Data without direction is just noise.


12. Checking Their Client Retention Rate


After assessing the reporting standards, don’t forget to take a close look at the client retention rate of the YouTube marketing company. This rate can provide a clear picture of the company’s level of customer satisfaction. A high retention rate generally signifies that clients are pleased with the services they’re receiving and choose to stick around. On the flip side, a low rate could signal potential red flags.

Here’s an easy-to-understand table to put things into perspective:


High Retention Rate Low Retention Rate
Signifies high customer satisfaction May signal dissatisfaction
Indicates quality service Could suggest subpar service
Shows consistency in delivering results Might mean inconsistency
Suggests trustworthiness and reliability Could hint at unreliability


13. Company’s Adaptability to Change


In selecting a YouTube marketing company, it’s crucial to assess their adaptability to change, as this reflects their ability to keep up with evolving trends and techniques in digital marketing. An adaptable company will not only help you stay ahead of the competition, but will also ensure that your marketing strategies remain effective and relevant.

To measure a company’s adaptability, consider the following:

  • Track Record: Look at their past performance. Have they been able to adjust their strategies effectively in response to changes in the marketing landscape?
  • Innovation: Are they creative and proactive in finding new ways to promote your brand on YouTube?
  • Learning Culture: Do they constantly learn and adapt to new marketing technologies and strategies?
  • Response to Feedback: How do they handle constructive criticism? Are they open to change and improvement?


14. Assessing Their Problem-Solving Skills


Evaluating a YouTube marketing company’s problem-solving skills plays a pivotal role in determining their ability to tackle challenges and deliver successful results for your brand. Look for a firm that can anticipate problems, devise effective strategies, and respond quickly to changes.

Consider the following table as a guide to assess their problem-solving capabilities:


Problem-Solving Aspects Why It Matters How to Evaluate
Anticipation of Problems Predicting potential issues can save time, resources, and reputation. Ask for examples of potential problems identified in previous campaigns and how they were addressed.
Effective Strategy Development The ability to devise sound strategies means they can navigate through challenges efficiently. Review their case studies and ask about their strategies in addressing specific problems.
Quick Response to Changes Rapidly adapting to changes can prevent potential losses and take advantage of opportunities. Discuss hypothetical situations and observe their proposed solutions.


15. Importance of Company’s Network Reach


While assessing a YouTube marketing company’s problem-solving skills is crucial, don’t overlook the significance of their network reach. It’s the network reach that can provide the thrust your business needs to soar above the competition.

Here are four reasons why you should value a marketing company’s network reach:

  • More Exposure: The broader the network, the more eyes see your content. You’re not just reaching out to a few hundred people, but potentially thousands or even millions.
  • Targeted Audience: A well-established network often includes a variety of demographics. This means they can help you reach your specific audience more effectively.
  • Better Engagement: A wider network usually results in higher engagement rates. More likes, comments, and shares mean more visibility for your brand.
  • Quality Collaborations: A marketing company with a vast network can connect you to influencers and other brands for collaborations, massively boosting your brand’s exposure.


Ready to choose YouTube Marketing Company


Choosing the right YouTube marketing company is like finding the perfect dance partner for your business. They’ve got to know the steps, lead with confidence, and adapt to the rhythm of change. It’s about understanding your needs, assessing their expertise, reputation, and approach. Consider their client retention, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and network reach. Make an informed choice, and watch your business its way to YouTube success.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What Kind of Customer Support Does the Youtube Marketing Company Offer?

When you’re selecting a marketing partner, it’s vital to consider the type of customer support they offer. Do they provide 24/7 service? Can you easily reach them via phone, email, or live chat? Are they responsive and proactive in handling concerns? Remember, you’re not just buying a service, you’re investing in a partnership. Their ability to provide excellent customer support can greatly impact the success of your marketing efforts.


  • Does the Youtube Marketing Company Provide Any Training or Educational Resources for Clients?

Yes, you’ll find that many companies do provide training and educational resources. They understand it’s not just about managing your account, but also empowering you with knowledge. You’ll often have access to webinars, tutorials, and guides. So, it’s not only about what they do for you, but also about what they teach you to do for yourself. This way, you’re not entirely dependent on them and can make informed decisions.


  • How Does the Youtube Marketing Company Stay Updated With the Latest Trends and Changes in the Industry?

Just like a surfer catching the latest wave, you need to ensure your choice stays on top of industry trends. They should regularly attend seminars, webinars, and industry events. They’re likely subscribed to relevant newsletters and blogs. They’re always learning, adapting their strategies to the ever-changing digital landscape. So, ask them about their continuous learning practices.


  • What Is the Company’s Policy on Data Privacy and Security in Relation to Client Information?

You’re asking about data privacy and security policies. It’s crucial that they prioritize your information’s safety. They should adhere to GDPR or other relevant data protection regulations, ensuring your data isn’t misused or shared without your consent. Regular security audits and stringent access controls should also be in place. Remember, it’s your right to know how your data is being handled, so don’t hesitate to ask for transparency.


  • Does the Youtube Marketing Company Offer Any Additional Services Beyond Youtube Marketing, Such as Social Media or Content Marketing?

You’re seeking more than just YouTube promotion. With the right company, you can indeed find a variety of offerings. They could manage your social media presence, provide content marketing, or even handle SEO. Always ensure to ask about these additional services when you’re in the selection process.

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