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Who Has The Most Likes on YouTube


Welcome to the world of Despacito!

This 2017 Latin pop song by Luis Fonsi and featuring Daddy Yankee has become an international sensation, with over 7 billion views on YouTube and counting.

But that’s not all–it holds the record for most likes on a YouTube video, at over 27 million!

It’s clear this catchy tune has something special about it that has made it an absolute phenomenon.

So what is it that makes Despacito so popular?

Let’s take a closer look at its success story to find out.


Overview of Despacito’s Success


You may have heard the buzz surrounding this global phenomenon, and its success is undeniable – in just one year, it accumulated over 6 billion views on the video-sharing platform, making it a truly unstoppable force.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito’ has become an international hit ever since its release in 2017. It topped iTunes charts around the world within days of its release and reached number 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 within weeks. Nowadays, you can hear it being played everywhere from nightclubs to radio stations all around the globe.

The song was so successful that YouTube had to make a new rule for their top trending videos list: no Spanish language songs allowed after ‘Despacito’ broke records with 7 billion views in 2018! The song even won three Latin Grammy awards and two Billboard Music Awards in 2018 for best urban fusion/performance and song of the year respectively.

Furthermore, Justin Bieber’s remix version of ‘Despacito’ took the Internet by storm as it became the first video to reach 4 billion likes on YouTube! These achievements have been nothing short of remarkable; ‘Despacito’ has changed music history forever with its record-breaking performances.

It’s brought Latin American culture into mainstream music like never before and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Latin artists worldwide. Overall, this cultural phenomenon has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on popular culture that will continue to be felt for many years to come.


Catchy Melody


The Latin-pop smash hit ‘Despacito’ has become an international sensation and set a record for most YouTube likes.

Let’s dive into two of its components that make it so successful: its reggaeton-infused beat and how it became a global anthem.

The catchy, upbeat rhythm of the song combined with Luis Fonsi’s smooth vocals perfectly blends reggaeton and pop, creating an unforgettable melody that captures listeners everywhere.


Reggaeton-infused Beat


The reggaeton-infused beat of the song had listeners’ feet tapping and heads bobbing. It was this musical combination that helped make ‘Despacito’ a hit around the world.

The infectious rhythm consists of three distinct elements: a danceable 4/4 drumbeat, an upbeat guitar strumming pattern, and a Latin-inspired syncopated percussion line.

This unique soundscape created an atmosphere in which it was almost impossible not to move your body and sing along with the catchy lyrics. With its irresistible beat, “Despacito” quickly became a global phenomenon, creating an unprecedented level of success for both Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.


Global Anthems


Few can deny the power of a global anthem to bring people together, and with ‘Despacito’ as a shining example, it’s no wonder they say music is the universal language.

From its initial release in 2017, ‘Despacito’ has been widely heard across many countries around the world, reaching an audience that stretches far and wide. Its success as a global anthem lies in its ability to transcend cultural boundaries through its mix of Latin-pop and reggaeton-infused beats. This unique combination has given it broad appeal across multiple languages and cultures—a feat not easily achieved in an increasingly divided world.

The song also offers lyrical comfort to those who feel disconnected from their culture or homeland due to immigration or displacement. Its message of reconnecting with one’s roots resonates deeply with many listeners who are looking for ways to stay connected—even if they live far away from their birthplace.

In this way, ‘Despacito’ serves as a powerful reminder that we are all connected by our shared humanity despite our differences. By embracing these differences rather than shying away from them, we can all come together and create beautiful music like this global anthem that unites us all.


Music Video Popularity


The song ‘Despacito’ by Puerto Rican singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee was a huge success, not only for its catchy reggaeton beat, but also for its celebration of Puerto Rican culture in both music and visuals.

It broke records as the most liked video on YouTube with over 6 billion views, making it one of the most popular songs ever!


Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee


With their catchy beats and irresistible rhythms, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have captivated listeners around the world. As two of the most influential Latin music artists, they have created an unprecedented wave of popularity with their chart-topping single ‘Despacito’ in 2017.

The song has become a global phenomenon that has shattered records on YouTube for most views and likes. The two Puerto Rican musicians have managed to combine their unique styles together to create something truly special.

They’ve taken traditional Latin sounds such as reggaeton and blended them with modern pop sensibilities to create an infectious groove that is universally appealing. Their collaboration has pushed boundaries in popular music, bringing a whole new level of attention to the Latin genre on a global scale.

With over six billion views on YouTube, it’s easy to see why this duo has become one of the most successful acts in music history.


Puerto Rican Culture


Puerto Rican culture has become an integral part of the Latin music scene, with over two million Puerto Ricans living in the United States alone.

This large population is a testament to the strength and popularity of the culture, which can be seen in its traditional music, dance, and language.

Traditional Puerto Rican music is known for its upbeat rhythms and lively melodies that often evoke feelings of joy and celebration. Common instruments used include guitars, maracas, bongos, cuatros (a four-stringed instrument), güiro (a percussion instrument made from a hollowed out gourd), and timbales (hand drums).

These instruments are all used together to create a unique sound that resonates with many people across different cultures. In addition to their traditional music, Puerto Ricans also have popular dances such as salsa and merengue.

These dances feature intricate footwork combined with fast paced movement set to the rhythm of the drums. They are often performed at celebrations such as weddings or other special occasions.

The most famous example of this type of dance is undoubtedly Despacito – Luis Fonsi’s international hit song featuring Daddy Yankee – which has become one of YouTube’s most viewed videos ever with billions of views!

This record-breaking success speaks volumes about how much people enjoy Puerto Rican culture across different countries around the world.


Social Media Impact


The Social Media Impact of the song has been remarkable, with many people around the world singing its praises; as the old adage goes, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’

Despacito’s success on YouTube is an example of how powerful social media can be in promoting a song. The video for Despacito was released on January 12th, 2017 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. It broke records for the most views in 24 hours and eventually became the first video to reach 6 billion views.

This success was propelled by fans sharing it on various social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Fans also posted covers of their favorite version of Despacito on YouTube, which further increased its exposure. Additionally, Justin Bieber’s remix of the song was released exclusively on Spotify and Apple Music before being made available to YouTube viewers after achieving massive success across streaming platforms.

The combination of traditional music promotion methods such as radio play with effective use of social media resulted in tremendous success for ‘Despacito’ — so much so that it remains one of the most popular songs ever released.

This record-breaking achievement proves that when used strategically, social media can be instrumental in propelling a song into international stardom.


Record-Breaking Likes


You may be wondering what made Despacito so special that it was able to break YouTube’s record for most likes.

Well, it all started with the unique combination of Latin music and English lyrics. The song was a collaboration between Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee, creating an irresistible blend of Spanish and English that captivated people from around the world.

The success of Despacito was also due to its catchy melody and infectious beat. It quickly became an international hit, topping charts in more than 50 countries around the world and receiving widespread radio play.

Furthermore, its popularity extended beyond traditional media platforms as fans created their own remixes, covers, parodies, and other videos related to the song on social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

In 2018, Despacito’s official video became the first ever video to reach 5 billion views on YouTube making it one of the most watched videos in history.

This meteoric rise in popularity can also be attributed to its impressive number of ‘likes’ – over 19 million at last count!

Such a feat makes it clear how much this song resonated with people from all over the globe.


impact on pop culture


It’s no surprise that Despacito has become one of the most popular songs in recent memory.

With its infectious melody and captivating music video, it has captured the hearts of listeners around the world.

Its success is unprecedented – with over 6 billion views on YouTube, this song has become one of the most-liked videos ever!

It’s also been streamed over 5 billion times across all streaming platforms combined.

Clearly, Despacito has made an undeniable mark on pop culture history.

So next time you find yourself singing along to this hit song, you can proudly say that you’re part of something truly remarkable.

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