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Have you ever thought why YouTube videos of other people get so much popularity? How can they get millions of views on their videos and you can’t? If you want the same thing, don’t worry! With our services, it is now possible to buy YouTube views from the UK safely. 

Seeing more views on your video will attract more people, boost credibility, and offer a higher rank on YouTube. 


pricing Options

Our company offers you different packages for YouTube views of the UK audience, and you can choose the package that will suit you the best! The pricing will be completely simple and flexible.

2000+ Views
Real Pre-Screened Views
Strict Privacy
Fast and Affordable
Around the Clock Support
5000+ Views
Real Pre-Screened Views
Strict Privacy
Fast and Affordable
Around the Clock Support
10 000+ Views
Real Pre-Screened Views
Strict Privacy
Fast and Affordable
Around the Clock Support
50 000+ Views
Real Pre-Screened Views
Strict Privacy
Fast and Affordable
Around the Clock Support

Why Should You Buy YouTube Views?

When someone has to subscribe to a channel, the first thing that they look for is the number of YouTube views. No one wants to subscribe to a channel if other people are not viewing their videos. Therefore, getting subscribers is really essential, and choosing us to buy YouTube views is the best decision one can make!

Being a UK-based provider, we offer you high-quality and authentic views from real people, which will help in improving social credibility. Buying the views is the best way to kick the YouTube campaign, and you will not have to start from scratch. 

Investing in YouTube views will help you achieve quick success and grow your business without investing a lot of time and effort. Above anything else, it acts as a social license and gives you proof of acceptability.  

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Views?

Of course, it is safe! A YouTuber will not face any problems when it comes to safety to avoid buying YouTube views. Unless YouTube identifies these activities as a scam, it will not ban or prevent them. But choosing a safe platform is a must when it comes to buying, and MarketingHeaven offers you the best features in the UK.

Everything will be kept safe, including payment, personal information, etc. It is 100% secure for people to buy views on MarketingHeaven.

Not just offer quality, but we also offer you the best customer support, and you can contact them whenever you face any issue. The company offers you 24/7 online customer service and make sure all your queries get solved instantly. We offer you very quick services and will never ask for any kind of password. 

Will it Ban My Video If I Purchase YouTube Views?  

When you trust MarketingHeaven, there is nothing you have to worry about! We offer you high-quality and genuine views. Plus, YouTube will ban you if they find anything suspicious, or you will get several views at once.  

For instance, if someone purchases 1 million YouTube views at once, you may get caught! 

Is It Legal to Buy YouTube Views?

There is no rule in the UK or any other country prohibiting buying social media likes. So, it means there will be no law against this activity. However, some tricks are not permitted by YouTube, and if it detects any problem or identifies anything spam, then it will ban your account. 

Buying likes or views is against the terms and conditions of YouTube but is not illegal. But we offer you genuine views services; you will not face any problems. Along with that, you can even try buying YouTube Shares too! 

What Benefits Can You Experience From Buying YouTube Views?

Now that you know that it is legal and safe to buy YouTube likes, you may want to know why it is essential. You may want to know about several benefits to purchasing views, and those are-

  • Having more YouTube views is what makes you more popular, and users tend to view popular videos. When people view your videos, that will increase their popularity, and more people will view them, which is like a chain reaction. 
  • Even when a person does not buy views, users will watch the videos. However, it may take some time. But when you buy the views, then that will save a lot of your time, and videos will become more popular.    
  • People also love to watch videos that several people love. It is a platform that is quite popular and will build credibility. 
  • More views or subscribers also mean that people trust you. When so many people trust you, then they may like to visit the website and can even share the videos to get more traffic. It is a great platform to promote your website and increase traffic to the website.
  • If you want to make money online, then it is so easy for you to make money. It will encourage your current viewers to share the videos and increase views. Buying YouTube views then it will take less time to get popular. 

How Buying YouTube Views Will Affect the Ranking?

 There is a strong correlation between YouTube views and ranking. The more views people will have on the video, their ranking will be higher. It is pretty useful to improve the view count as much as it is possible.

 You can grow the YouTube channel by promoting it on social networks to get more views. Plus, one can also buy YouTube views which will help in boosting live streams and also receive more UK audiences.   

How Can I Grow My Channel Organically on YouTube?

Growing the channel organically is what everyone wants, but there is n strategy that provides you with 100% success and guarantees the channel’s growth. The more views you get will depend on the efforts that you put in and also natural organic methods. To grow the channel organically, one needs to consider a few tips, which are mentioned here!

  • Leave some entertaining comments regarding your video under some popular videos that others have created,
  • Edit the labels of the video.
  • Before loading the video, change the filename. The video file will have the same title as the title of YouTube. 
  • Prepare the playlist of your video.
  •  Optimize the thumbnail pictures, which are especially vital detail one should know.
  • Offer gifts and promotions to your followers.
  • Upload your content regularly. 
  • Use several other social media platforms to redirect others to the video. 
  • Be active continuously 
  • Always add subtitles to the video 

Real Benefits of Buying YouTube Views from Marketing Heaven 

  • Offer Authentic And Real Accounts

YouTube views that we offer to our customers are real accounts of YouTube. YouTube may not approve the interaction from these sites. It may also harm the reputation of your channel. The accounts will be genuine and cost-effective, and there will be no spam accounts. Our company offers you a chance to grow your channel on YouTube visibility. 

  • 24/7 Customer Support

We value our customers and offer you an unforgettable experience. Sometimes, getting YouTube views can be confusing, and people may have several different questions. We try to make everything so simple, and you can reach us anytime, and we will gladly assist you with any questions.   

  • Excellent Retention

When you choose us, then our site has great retentions. These views will help you grow with time and won’t stop you from growing. You may find these features on any other website, or there will be no additional charge. We focus on providing better customer satisfaction and quality and ensuring engagement last. 

  • Better User-Experience

Our website also offers an excellent user experience to all visitors. We offer you the assistance of experts and top copywriters. Our website is quite easy for a person to use and understand. It is our number #1 priority and ensures every customer is satisfied with our company, and you will not have to face any problems while purchasing YouTube views. 

  • Secure Payment

The website also offers you fully encrypted payment gateways. Nowadays, online frauds are quite common, and there are several fake websites too. But when you choose us, there is nothing to think about because we protect your financial information and keep it private.

  • High Expertise

We have experts in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Unlike any other provider, we do not provide you with bot services but use real manual campaigns. We also help you keep track of your views on videos and provide every piece of information you require. 

  • Cost Efficient

Our only aim is to ensure every person gets access to our services regardless of their financial condition. We offer several different packages, from extremely high prices to low prices. The packages which we offer are affordable and not expensive at all. 

How To Buy YouTube Views from Marketing Heaven?

  • Choose the Package First 

A person can choose several different packages that offer you real YouTube views. One can choose the package which is of low cost and according to your desire. Each package will have a different number of views and money which they have to spend. 

  • Give Information and Documentation

Next, you need to know your reach in the UK. We offer you the UK audience, and you need to provide us with this information because, according to that, we can determine the content strategies and the way to market it. There is nothing to be worried about regarding information leaks because we keep all the information confidential and will not share it with anyone.  

  • Checkout Securely and Make a Payment 

Once you choose the package and provide all the information, you need to checkout from there. The above two were the steps you have completed, and now it is time to select the method of payment and then transfer the amount. We take complete responsibility for the YouTube channel and views and will help you grow. 



1. Can YouTube Ban you from buying views?

YouTube has not banned buying views. A YouTuber can buy legitimate views but cannot buy bad ones by risking the sanction. There will be some consequences of buying views that will depend on the source and quality.

2. How can YouTube detect fake views?

YouTube can detect fake views if you have purchased that from somewhere that is not authentic. IP Addresses are used to detect fake views, especially when these fake views keep coming from the same IP address. 

3. Can buying YouTube views hurt your channel?

Unlike people who start their work from scratch, buying these YouTube views will accelerate YouTube marketing. It will give the ability to your content to famous and will start attracting more subscribers. This will increase engagement on your videos.

4. How much money can a UK YouTuber make?

Generally, the national average salary of a YouTuber is around £36,230 in the UK.

5. How much does YouTube pay in the UK?

Usually, the earnings of the YouTuber are modest. A YouTuber can expect around £2.50 to £4.10 for every 1000 views. It means that one million views which equal £2500- £4100. 

6. How can you improve your ranking on YouTube videos?

YouTube ranks videos according to the number of views and their relevancy. One can use several filters to sort the videos by multiple YouTube when you search. When more people have seen videos, then more people will trust them. 

When you buy YouTube views, that will grow your videos’ views, which will also help increase your fame. 

7. Will it help you to buy YouTube views?

Yes, it will help you. When you buy YouTube views, then that will help in increasing the content performance and followers. The creators may want to reach several people quickly and efficiently. These views can be lucrative, and you can make a lot of money only if you create high-quality content.

8. Why should I buy views on YouTube?

YouTube is an internet search engine that uses an algorithm to rank the content and examine the level of engagement. It is crucial to understand the views and quality that you receive. It is essential to buy YouTube views because that will help you get visibility in people’s suggestions organically.

9. How many subscribers do I need to make a living on UK YouTube?

If you want to start earning money through YouTube, it is essential to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.