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Having more likes on your YouTube video makes it trustworthy. Buy YouTube likes from MarketingHeaven today and get the YouTube visibility you need. Make your YouTube videos stand out with real UK users with us and make your YouTube journey extremely successful.
Buy YouTube likes from us and increase engagement and organic traffic on your videos without any effort. Get likes at a low price and generate a high return on your investment. We are highly experienced UK based company, that is fully aware of tactics and strategies that will get you organic traffic on your YouTube videos.


We offer flexible, simple, and predictable pricing to buy YouTube likes. You may find different packages which include premium and high-quality likes; you can choose the package which suits you the best!

100+ Likes
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200+ Likes
Real Pre-Screened Likes
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300+ Likes
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500+ Likes
Real Pre-Screened Likes
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Around the Clock Support

Importance of Buying YouTube Likes

  • Boost Channel Popularity

Increased number of Likes means, your videos will get featured in relevant searches on YouTube. Likes you receive in a shorter time will boost the video on the platform quickly. It is pretty hard to get your content noticed with ever rising competition, but with our services, this problem can be solved as we offer you high-quality likes on your video, increasing your reach and making you more popular.

  • Improve Engagement on Video

Expand your audience and also get the benefit of reaching them outside your market. With more YouTube likes, you can generate new leads, thus resulting in revenue boost. Our services will give broad exposure to your videos and increase your online visibility. So don’t waste a moment and grab the opportunity to connect with thousands of people and improve engagement on videos. 

  • Boost Your Video Performance

By purchasing YouTube likes from MarketingHeaven, you can get your desired number of likes. It will not only increase likes on video but also boosts the engagement statistics on initial videos immediately. Moreover, likes will raise video performance, make everything easy for your online success, and take you to the next level.

  • Increase Search Ranking

Who does not want to appear at the top of the search list? Everyone does! It is pretty beneficial in regard to your business. When you buy YouTube likes that will automatically take you to a high level. It is the best way to generate organic traffic and boosts subscribers’ or users’ engagement on your channel. If you want to improve your statistics views, this is your chance. 

  • Attack Target Audience

When you film the video, then you always have in mind the type of audience who may like it. When you buy YouTube Likes that will reach a high-level audience naturally attracted to the videos. Likes and views are the way that shows how strong you content is. Purchasing likes from us will help you attract more UK audience that have never visited your channel. 

Why choose MarketingHeaven to Buy YouTube Likes?

  • Variable Plans for Creators 

At MarketingHeaven, we provide you with several different likes plans; the creators will have the chance to choose the one plan that they desire. Sometimes, there can be issues related to monetise YouTube accounts, but when you choose the right plan with us, you may not face that problem. We offer you likes from real people who will actually view your content. In simple words, happy buyers is the solve motive of MarketingHeaven team.   

  • Best suited for UK based Content Creators

Being a UK based company, we have mastered the art of delivering highly UK based organic likes against your YouTube videos. If you are the ones who is looking to make your videos viral in UK, there is surely no other better option than hiring our services

  • Strong Support From the Audience

Everything you see on YouTube comes in visual creation, and every creation will have a target audience. A strong and active support system is the pulse of the YouTube channel. When you get likes on a YouTube channel, then that will grow more support for the creators.

The people who like YouTube channel come from the target audience then that will show more strong support. But this is different from the service that every website will offer you, but with us, you can have the adequate support everyone deserves.  

  • Fast Customer Services

With MarketingHeaven, you can get answers to your problems. No matter the time, we will offer you 24/7 live chat support. Each time you will get a faster response as no one likes to wait to get an answer to their query.

If you face any issues with ordering, we are ready to assist you all the time. Our clients are our top priority, for us and we will offer you the best possible experience promoting their YouTube videos.   We even assist you in choosing the right campaign and ensure you enjoy the support.

  • Different Options of Payment

People usually worry about the method as they want it to be safe. With us, you will not have to face any problems like that. We will offer you different forms of payment which make it easy for you to order the product. You can make payment via credit card, bank transfer, PayPal and plenty more. Selection of payment method is all about your convenience.

  • Remove Fake Account

We run a well-planned process that helps in removing fake accounts. Our team is strict about this and does not accept spam accounts when it comes to getting likes against your YouTube videos. But on YouTube there are several fake accounts and bots that may harm your reputation rather than making it good.  

Usually, these fake accounts are sold for money or to drive more fake traffic to your videos. But this is not what we offer. We only provide you with authentic content. The likes we provide are from real people who watch your video.  

  • Defeat Competition

We are in the business for several years now and understand why having rapid growth is vital for the YouTube market. There are many UK based content creators who create really good content on social media but getting likes and view are pretty complex.

It can be challenging, but if you do a little hard work and put some effort into the channel, things may become simple. With our services, you will be recognised by YouTube, which will help you stay ahead of the industry and target the audience faster. Getting fame and earning money via YouTube is getting challenging every moment and our quality likes will help you a great deal.

  • SSL Encryption 

When it comes to security, MarketingHeaven will not let you down. We ensure that all the access points and payment details are SSL encrypted. It makes sure clients get better security when they share highly sensitive information. We are committed to providing you best online experience when you purchase YouTube Likes from us.  

We want you to feel confident about your account and will never ask for any personal information. Only essential information will be asked for and also kept private. We know how much safety matters to you, and we are always here to provide you with that.

  • Cost-efficient

Now, you are familiar with the price of buying YouTube likes. We offer you likes at an affordable price, offering you the best quality in the UK market. Plus, you can also get custom quotes and campaigns, and for that, you can contact us via email.  

  • Expertise

We have a team of experts (entire UK based) who know their work well and understand social media. That is why we develop a strong relationship with the marketing networks and YouTubers that help you in promoting the videos. 

Our team has extensive experience that can be used to promote you on YouTube. Our services are fantastic, and you might not experience them anywhere else. 

  • More Engagement and Credibility 

When you create a video, one thing that you may require is to get acknowledgement of what you are doing. One may want consistency & growth, and that will be possible with better YouTube Likes. You must not increase likes against your videos in just a few seconds because that will have a negative impact on your profile.

But when you get a steady stream of likes that will be a way to increase visibility and drive more traffic. It is a way to success and also wins the trust of several people worldwide.

How does it work?

  • Pick the Likes Amount You Want to Buy

As mentioned above, several price plans to buy YouTube likes from MarketingHeaven are available. The goals and budgets of each person are different, which is why you can look for the plan that you desire and meet your needs. We also provide direct chat support to the client, where we will assist you in getting the right plan.

  • Fill in your Information and Documentation

The next step is creating the best profile; for that, you need to fill out the basic form that will include some general information. The details link to your YouTube video. It is crucial to give the URL of your video on which you want likes.

  • Make Payment to Complete Order

The final step is completing the order, which will be possible when the client pays for it. The creator purchasing the YouTube likes must pay for the order and start getting the services straightaway. The information which you will provide to us while placing the order should be accurate to get the best possible outcomes. 



1. Is my money safe with MarketingHeaven?

Not just money, but clients also provide us with their personal information. We keep all the data and money safe. The safe payment gateway is the way that attracts the client. The money remains safe with us, and if a person faces any problem, they will get a refund.

2. What are the benefits of buying YouTube Likes?

YouTube likes are essential for growing your channel and building the credibility of your brand. It uplifts the rate of engagement and promotes the video organically. Plus, you will get a wider reach and make you stand out. 

3. Do dislikes matters in my video?

Yes, dislikes do matter and also affect the algorithm of YouTube equally the way likes do. Whenever a user like or dislike a video, it is counted as an interaction by the algorithm and reads as an engagement. 

4. Will buying YouTube likes to cause any complications on the channel in the future?

A creator works really hard to create and upload the video, and it always stays in their mind that they should create everything related to the channel. When you buy likes, there are chances of future complications, but not with us. We provide you with authentic likes, and growth will be simple and not cause any problems related to the ban.

5. Is it legal to buy YouTube Likes?

It is not illegal to purchase likes on YouTube, but it is against the terms of services or tricks people to watch the videos. But you can trust MarketingHeaven because we provide you with authentic content, and the video will be safe.

6. Do more likes mean more money for YouTubers?

Usually, the payment which YouTubers receive from ads on their channel and those payments are based on the number of clicks on ads. It is related to the views and not directly connected to likes.  

7. Is it possible for YouTube to detect fake views?

Yes, YouTube can easily detect fake views by checking IP addresses. If you are using same IP address or even a particular series of IP addresses, the views will be considered fake. Other methods like external source tracking is also applied by YouTube to figure out whether the person viewing video is original or fake.

8. Will YouTube likes disappear over time?

Sometimes, likes on your YouTube video may go away over time, or people may feel simply unlike the video. We offer you 36 days replacement guarantee if anything happens to you in that time.

9. How much money will YouTube pay for 1,000 subscribers?

Subscribers on your YouTube channel is not the parameter for earning money from YouTube. Subscribing your channel is all about getting quick and easy access to the videos which you post and it can certainly help in gaining more views.

10. How much money will YouTube pay for 1 million views?

Amount of money paid per view by YouTube is dependent on many factors but still you can get around $6 per 1000 views. For 1 million views, your earning will range between $1200 to $6,000.