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Want to get more visibility on your Instagram profile (UK-based audience included)? One of the best ways to boost your engagement is through comments. The more you have on every post, the more people are attracted to it. 

One of the main ways to boost your credibility is through showing interaction on the profile.  It increases people’s trust in you and your content. Don’t wait, your competitors are getting their comments as we speak!  

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Importance of Instagram Comments 

  • Comments Build Community

Comments are a way to communicate with followers on Instagram in a public way. It encourages overall engagement and is the difference between posting or mailing the letter on the bulletin board. 

  • Work as A Ranking Signal

Understanding the Instagram algorithm is tricky and mysterious in its way. But it is crucial to know about that as it determines which position will be best to make it to the top of users’ newsfeeds. Comments contribute a lot to how often the post will be seen. More comments mean more eyes on the brand, increasing the number of followers.

  • Comments Show Potential Followers

Buying Instagram comments will make your brand appear much better and more reputable. Bot followers may not comment on the post the way real people can. Users with 17000 followers may only have 2 or 3 comments, which shows they have fake followers. That is why it is crucial to buy comments and ensure they are high-quality comments to show more engagement. 

Benefits of Buying Instagram Comments

  • Boost Audience Interaction

Nowadays, almost everyone has an Instagram account, no matter whether you are in the UK or any other part of the world. You can reach many users only by having more comments and likes, which makes buying possible. Instagram comments are a great way to boost reach but ensure you are getting it from Marketing Heaven as it is a trusted source to get genuine comments.

As per the current Instagram algorithm, Instagram comments are pretty important compared to the likes you get. Hence, purchasing comments will help increase interaction with the audience and your ranking.   

  • Enhance Presence Online

As discussed before, the reason to buy Instagram comments is to buy Instagram comments to increase your presence to the people on Instagram. If you post something online on Instagram, you can reach people with the help of Instagram comments. 

But buying comments does not mean you can buy it from anywhere. If you are in the UK, then Marketing Heaven is a great way to buy comments, as it offers genuine feedback on the content. Instagram comments have more importance than likes and enhance the online presence of your business.

  • Reach More Brand

Instagram is the best platform to promote your business and skills, and buying these comments is totally worth your money. With the organic comments on a post, it becomes easy to interact with other brands on the account. As discussed before, engagement is crucial that keep everything in mind.

Buying comments on a post will help you gain brand trust and reach out to more audiences and knowledge influence over followers online.

  • Gain Audience Trust

Influencer marketing is based on the principle of gaining trust. The influencers on Instagram are approached for the trust of their followers. Having comments on your post means several people trust you. When you have more comments, then that will influence them.

It will help develop mutual trust between you and your audience, where they will genuinely praise or criticize your work. Overall, it will make the entire process so much more engaging.

  • Reach Out to More Brands

Instagram is a social media platform where you can get the chance to promote your business and skills. Buying comments or likes from Marketing Heaven in the UK is worth it because it helps in enhancing organic traffic. With this, it become easy to attract more brands instantly.

Engaging in the only criteria that brands have in mind and buying Instagram comments is a way to gain the trust of brands. They will know about your influence on followers online.

  • Increase Popularity 

As mentioned above, Instagram comments and likes are a way that reflects the trust and appreciation of your skills. Instagram will give you insight or feedback to get the audience to work. In this world, no one knows what will help them become viral. 

But their work will be noticed with comments and likes, and you may get viral, and it might help in increasing the chances of your account getting popular. 

Tips to get Instagram Comments 

Understanding the Instagram comments algorithm is crucial because that will be the only way to improve the effectiveness of the post and increase shares. With these tips and tricks, you might get some help! 

  • Respond Quickly To Comments

Engagement is one of the crucial factors when it comes to Instagram. Responding to the comments will increase engagement on Instagram. Users might be able to continue with the comment threat when they get the comment. 

When other people see you responding to the comments, they might comment on the post and join in on the discussion or even ask a question related to the post.   

  • Relevant and Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags are becoming trendy nowadays. You add emojis and hashtags into the caption, which will catch people’s eye and increase engagement in the comments and likes of the overall post. But while using emojis, make sure they make sense with the caption you are posting. 

Using engaging and popular hashtags will increase the following and generate engagement. You can ask your audience to use hashtags relevant to your industry and get new audience members.

  • Conduct Giveaways and Contest

Conducting contests and giveaways is the way to get more followers and comments on your Instagram posts. You can conduct the Instagram contest and giveaways. You can post on Instagram and promote the contest and then ask the users to comment on your post to win the game.

 The contest will make it easy for you to have comments every day. Or users can also put some questions the people have to answer in the comment section. 

  • Collaborate With Influencers

To increase your popularity and comments on the post, one should think of collaborating with the influencers. When you do so, people will ask you about your experience, and it will be better if you just tag them on the post. 

It is an effective way to get comments, but you should make videos with the people who post educating and guiding content. Ensure you are collaborating with the right influencer, which will increase engagement. 

Why Should You Choose Marketing Heaven?

  • Better Security

One of the main reasons to choose Marketing Heaven is because we offer high-level security. Some companies provide the same security at high prices, but we ensure you will not suffer from any of those problems. 

If we ask for any sensitive influencer, we would not compromise with that and never disclose the information. Our company just requires small details and your account and will not ask for anything you may not be comfortable providing.

  • Affordable Pricing

Another reason to choose Marketing Heaven in the UK is that we offer services at affordable prices. Once you choose us, you will not have to worry about the responsibilities and overhead costs because we will take care of them. Our services are entirely transparent, which is everything will be clear.

Plus, just because we are not asking for higher prices does not mean there will be no engagement. You can get more comments and also followers, which you require.

  • High Visibility

We take complete responsibility for your account and help in increasing visibility. With our services, your profile will soon start showing the required positive changes. We also provide the results that we have always wanted. 

Plus, when you buy Instagram comments from us, we will deliver them to you as soon as possible. We guarantee your success and make sure you succeed on Instagram as soon as possible.

  • More Credibility

Credibility is what people desire in the UK. With Marketing Heaven, you will not have to be worried about that. We ensure that the comments you get on your post are real and fake. It will increase engagement and will help you rank higher online. 

We even have testimonials to support our point, which you can check on our website, and we make everything so simple for the users.  

  • Better Payment Options

When it comes to payment methods, then our system works 24/7. You will not have to wait to receive the items that you have ordered. Plus, our method is entirely secure, and everything will be smoothly done.

We are here to help and will transfer the clients’ information, money, or data. We try to eliminate the minimizing and fraud options.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that                                                                                                                                we hope will help you answer                                                                                                                          some of the more common ones.



1. Do these comments come from a real account?

Marketing Heaven is a UK-based company that keeps everything transparent and open about its plan. They offer real accounts, and customers will receive comments from real people, not irrelevant or bot comments. You can reach millions just by sharing the posts, and real people leave real comments when they are best, which will help get attention and increase engagement on users’ profiles.

2. Can Instagram ban me from buying Instagram comments?

Usually, the comments that you purchase are real. However, Instagram does not support any wrong way to improve business. If someone continuously buys these comments or buys bot comments, then there are chances that Instagram will ban your account.

We do not rush to get results because we don’t want them to come too quickly. Your account will be promoted organically. Your account will take time to get maximum traffic and traction. To get the best engagement results on your account, you will have to wait.

3. What benefits can you expect from buying Instagram comments?

When you buy Instagram comments, it will provide you with genuine feedback on the content. It offers more importance than the likes that users get on the post. Thus, when people buy comments, then it will help accelerate the account ranking.

4. How much time does it take to get results?

When you choose Marketing Heaven, it offers fast and the best results from the market. When you gain certain followers, it will ensure your account changes are visible immediately. It is just a matter of hours before you start noticing the changes. Choosing us will help in getting better engagement and maximizing traffic.

5. What is the main difference between real comments and bot comments?

Bot-generated comments are possible, whereas other comes from active users. Bot comments do not help promote an account or improve the post’s content. To get better results, think of getting genuine comments. It is easy to tell the difference between them because real comments provide organic engagement, whereas bot comments do not.

6. Why do positive comments help you in driving more audience?

Positive comments mean positive feedback that helps increase motivation, show people that you value them, and boost their confidence. It is great to analyze your business and improve its performance.

7. Is buying Instagram comments legal?

Buying Instagram comments does not mean breaking the law in the UK; many buy them to boost their follower count.

8. Is it worth buying Instagram comments?

Instagram is a big platform where you can promote your skills and business, and buying Instagram comments is totally worth the money you spend. When there are organic comments on the post, it will attract more brands to your business.

9. How many comments are enough to make money?

Comments can show others that you have maximum engagement on the post, which will attract big brands and influencers. You need to ensure you have received maximum comments or engagement, which helps you make money.

10. Why should you buy Instagram comments?

The main reason to buy Instagram comments is to increase interactions with the audience in the UK. You can increase your reach on Instagram, and buying comments from Marketing Heaven will offer you genuine feedback on content.