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21 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube (2022 Guide)


If you’ve got your heart set on becoming a YouTube sensation, you’ll need to select a topic for your channel that’s unique enough to allow you to stand out but popular enough to get lots of views.

You will earn more from the adverts shown in your films if you locate the categories that pay the most.

You don’t have to make a complete channel dedicated to that topic; you can simply discuss it in certain videos and be paid more for that video.

We’ll go over everything you need to know in this section. The greatest YouTube niches with high CPM to earn more money per thousand views are listed below.

So, what are the most popular niches in 2021-22 so far based on search analytics?

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1. Gaming

gaming niche profitable youtubeGaming is one of the top YouTube niches at the moment, with YouTube stars like PewDiePie earning around $15.5 million per year. They feature gaming walkthroughs or just video gameplay with exciting commentary. If you’re an avid gamer, this might be an easy way to make money from your hobby. Thousands of other YouTubers are making it big in the same field, and the audience is massive.
Starting a gaming YouTube channel could be a terrific career for you if you’re a good gamer who isn’t scared to share your gaming experience with others (through voice or video recording).
It’s even easier to become a game broadcaster with royal combat games like PUBG and Fortnite, both of which can be played on a smartphone.

2. Unboxing

unboxingPeople enjoy watching unboxing channels, which are one of the most popular YouTube videos. It’s satisfying to witness someone unpacking a product and discussing what’s inside.

Thousands more channels are doing the same thing, and they are getting views and subscribers. This niche will be gold if you’re strong at discussing features and have some video abilities.

You are not limited to devices or cellphones; other channels unbox toys, food, and shoes, to mention a few.

Unboxing channels could make $150,000 per month on average.

3. Fails

fails profitable youtube nicheFails are a great way to gain easy revenue. You can compile funny videos from social media and add your own themes.

Fail Army is one of the most successful channels out there. There’s nothing better to cheer people up than a few slips on the ice, and the great news is, these typically don’t breach copyright laws.

It’s simple to start a fail compilation channel because all you have to do is collect amusing fail videos from social media and mix in some unique music.

4. Health & Fitness

Operating a health and fitness channel has such a broad spectrum that could appeal to lots of people. You could talk about different workouts, diet plans, or healthy food. Selling your channel to a demographic of people with health aspirations can open you up to lots of sponsorship opportunities.

Fitness and health-related channels are hugely popular, and if you have a compelling tale to tell, you’ll be able to stand apart.

If you’re too nervous to speak in front of a camera but are skilled at animation, you can design an animated character to execute the tasks (not the best way, but gets the job done.)

A successful cooking channel can make $14,000 a month on average.

5. Food Reviews

Eating out is a great way to enjoy your YouTube channel yourself. Weirdly, people love to watch other people eat out just as much as they love doing it themselves. It’s like looking at the menu before arriving at the restaurant to choose what you’re going to order. Starting a food review channel is for you if you’re a foodie who enjoys trying out new locations and eateries in town. The nicest aspect is that you won’t have to compete with major studio channels or international YouTubers. It’s easy to focus solely on the city you live in and the surrounding area.

6. Travel Vlogging

travel vlogging is a profitable nicheTravel videos can be big hitters for people looking what’s on offer at their latest destination.

They can make a ton of cash if you visit the bigger tourist destinations, but you’ll need to have enough money to start traveling to gain some momentum, so it’s possibly not a channel for a beginner.

Starting a vacation YouTube channel is a fantastic concept for those who want to explore the world while recording their adventures, creating lovely memories, and making money. You are not confined to a cubicle and can work from any location on the planet (with an internet connection, of course.)

To distinguish out among the competition, you’ll need a distinctive perspective and some video abilities. For your first videos, you’ll also need to invest on cameras, travel gear, and lodging, among other things. However, if you can draw in a large enough audience, you’ll soon be able to cover your costs.

You can expect to earn around $1500 per month to start.

7. Pranks

Pranks in your home with friends and family are a great way to show off your personality to the world if you want to branch out into merchandising. However, you’ll need to make sure you have some unique ideas up your sleeve. I recommend that you keep the pranks non-violent and harmless. If someone complains, you may face legal consequences, which would be difficult to explain to the police. The pranks could go wrong, and someone could be hurt, so make sure the recordings are planned correctly.

8. Cooking

Running your own cooking channel is a great idea, especially if you have a particular style of cooking (5-minute meals, gourmet, etc.). The baking market is a little saturated, but putting together recipes and showing easy cooking techniques could be a winner.

Cooking and being a foodie are two completely different things. A foodie does not have to enjoy cooking (I don’t), and vice versa. This YouTube Channel concept is perfect you if you have a passion for cooking and enjoy trying out new recipes.

Get a camera and start shooting the next time you prepare anything amazing. It won’t be difficult to build a dedicated audience if your directions are clear and your dish is unique.

A successful cooking channel can make up to $20,000 per month.

9. Makeup

makeup nicheFamous makeup artist YouTuber Jeffree Star is currently earning around $17 million per year just by displaying different makeup techniques.

The in-thing with makeup tutorials today is to talk about other topics while doing makeup. It’s the ideal pre-drinks chat to build the excitement before a night out. People want to seem appealing, and there’s no doubting that a quick makeover can improve your appearance. You have a large audience, and with a little practise, you can make fascinating films. This type of YouTube channel idea, it goes without saying, necessitates you facing the camera and interacting with viewers.

10. Dashcam Footage

Alongside fails, dashcam footage has become popular recently as an extension to fail videos. They allow people to get out their road rage safely. You’re usually safe from copyright laws, but the actual footage can take longer to find, so it’s likely to take more effort. Views and subscribers will come in the form of car accidents, robberies, and other forms of intriguing films. Additionally, you can collect footage from other sources and upload them to your dash and security camera channels.

11. Animal Comedy

People love to watch pets. Putting names and exaggerated personalities to your pet will be a massive hit, and you can develop their stories over time. This is a big win if you’re looking to increase your subscribers. 

Starting a YouTube channel regarding pets and animals can help you go large if you’re a proud pet owner. Simply record your pet doing cute things and upload the video to YouTube. You may also make educational videos about diet, discipline, and other topics that would benefit other pet owners.

You could expect to earn around $150,000 per month.

12. Top-10’s

Top-10 reviews open up a world of possibilities. You can review the top 10 horror films, the top 10 bars, or the top 10 diet plans. The scope is endless, and you’ll be able to make multiple channels to target different demographics based on their area of interest. It’s a great niche to get into, as you’ll never run out of possibilities.

In general, you’ll need to gather videos and photographs of whatever it is you’re talking about, then either add a voice-over or on-screen captions to explain each one (not recommended.)

13. Reactions

Reaction videos have been increasing in popularity since 2018. Some massive YouTubers have reached fame from these – one of the bigger names being KSI, who began his YouTube career doing reaction videos to gameplay.

He’s taken a twist on the gamer channel and recorded himself playing games in the sporting, and later, horror genres.

Reactionary videos also work well with reality TV shows or fail videos. It opens a realm of possibilities depending on your target audience. This is a trendy niche these days, so why not hop in before it’s too late? You must take out a camera, start a movie, capture your precise expressions while watching it, add some additional funny comments, and then share it. It’s that simple!

You should be aware that reaction channels are widely despised on the internet, and you will undoubtedly get haters. Simply ignore them and concentrate on your topic.

14. Tutorials

You have an excellent chance of creating a successful YouTube channel if you go for the ‘How-to’ market. These videos are incredibly functional and provide easy support during complex tasks, especially for a visual learner.

The average for a successful tutorial channel is up to $42,000 per month.

15. Product Reviews

Ryan’s Toysreview is an incredibly successful channel that features Ryan, a 7-year-old boy, opening and reviewing toys as he plays with them. Ryan is currently worth $26 million.

The world is crying out for all kinds of product reviews – cleaning products, technology, makeup comparisons. All you have to do is find a product that appeals to your target market. It’s usually a good idea to buy UK views on YouTube for your video so that it ranks higher and attracts more audience. 

You can then use an affiliate program to link products to your reviews, gaining revenue from product sales and your subscriber list simultaneously.

16. Life Coach

Wellness videos and yoga sessions are great for subscribers who are into self-care. This area has gained some good traction and continues to grow.

Getting subscribers won’t be a problem if you have high-quality content, but originality may be an issue as the market is pretty full.

17. Exercise Regimes

Some people aren’t filled with joy at a trip to the gym, but they still want to stay fit. Instead, they’re likely to go on YouTube and workout in their own homes.

They get the benefit of a great exercise regime and the support of a coach, all from their own home.

18. Sports

sports replays profitable nicheSports replays get lots of hits, especially after the main event. You’ll never be able to stream when an event is happening, as you don’t have the rights to the footage. If you’re a sports fan who has a *passion* for at least one of the sports, consider starting a YouTube channel dedicated to it. You can give advice, educate tactics, highlight, and so on.

However, replaying it in clip form later is excellent for people that missed the actual event.

19. Motivational Videos

Motivational videos are an excellent workplace tool as managers tend to use them as training assets. It’s even more difficult to make such videos if you don’t feel well and inspired yourself. However, if you have a lot of positive energy and a strong desire to make things work, this is a great specialty for you.

This means that your video is likely to be used repeatedly whenever they’re training new staff. Look at public speaking, good customer service, and complaint handling. 

20. Website Building

One of the top things that people search for on YouTube is building a website. If you’ve created your own on Squarespace or Shopify, then create a tutorial to show others how to bring in the viewers and create sponsorship opportunities.

21. Life Hacks

A ‘life hack’ is the term given to small changes in your everyday life that can improve your productivity. It might be fold-away furniture, how to iron a shirt quickly or how to peel potatoes faster. Whatever it is, people want to know.










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