Facebook Marketing Methods That Really Work

Creating an official Facebook Page is a great way to communicate with your audience and stay in touch with them. Facebook gives you the possibility to create an official Page for free and even gives you access to detailed data on how popular your posts are so you can assess how many people you are reaching out to thanks to your Page.

Promoting your brand on Facebook is very easy and you would be missing out on an amazing opportunity to interact with your audience. Since creating a Page is entirely free, the only thing you are investing is time. If you do not already have a Page, you should look into setting one up so you can launch a Facebook marketing campaign.

Let people know that you have a Page on Facebook. This platform is the most popular social media site so a large number of your customers should already have a Facebook account and should be familiar with liking Pages from brands they love. You can let people know about your Page by placing links on your videos or encouraging people to look you up on Facebook when you interact with them, either directly or through your other marketing campaigns.

Your Facebook Page will attract more customers if you share valuable information. Update your page in function of how often your audience checks their Facebook. If you are catering to a younger audience, it is likely these Facebook users constantly have access to social media on their phones. An older audience might check Facebook only once a day. Don’t hesitate to use surveys or ask for feedback so you can get an idea of how often you should update your page.

Share pictures and videos to draw the attention of your audience. Your fans might not notice a text or a link since they will primarily check Facebook to see what friends and family are up to. You can draw their attention by sharing visual content such as images or videos that will stand out in their newsfeed. Keep track of how many likes and comments each update gets so you can get a better idea of the kind of posts your audience wants to see.

These tips will help you launch your Facebook marketing campaign but keep in mind that you will get better results if you use methods adapted to your target audience. Learn more about your audience and how they use Facebook so you can develop a relevant marketing campaign.

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Creating the fanpage is one step, keeping it engaging and relevant is another!

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