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5 Unusual Social Media Tips

The social media is proving to be a major driving ground for sales and traffic. With many people using social networking sites to make new friends and chat, these sites have become a breeding place for internet marketers. Although the social media does have the numbers (traffic), converting these masses into potential customers and traffic isn’t something many have been able to achieve. The hardest part comes when one has to convince these audiences to follow a link to their products or page. To help you drive more conversations and clicks to your site, we have outlined five unusual tricks to use in the social media. These are:

1. Landing pages

Creating a landing page in social networking site is an important step in online marketing. This means you need to create an account with any influential networking site you can find. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are among the most influential networking sites you should have an account with. Your account will be the key landing page, where you will be posting comments, links and even use to follow other people’s posts as well.

2. Build Groups on Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites that marketers use today. Facebook has made advertising on its platform quite easy, as one can create multiple groups/pages for people to join and share ideas. The purpose of these groups is to attract people into liking and joining, where they too will be able to share ideas and ask questions. Facebook groups work like forums, where users help each other with quests they are not accustomed to. You can use these groups to advertise your products and even share links with the group members, hence increasing visibility online.

3. Follow and retweet other people’s posts on Twitter

Twitter is another networking giant that provides access to potential audience and customers. You however have to give in order to receive here on Twitter. What we mean by this is that, you need to participate by following other people, retweeting worthy tweets, as well as being an active member on active discussions. By doing this, people will start taking note of you, meaning they will start following you back. This should bring onboard more audiences and potential conversions as well.

4. Embed call to actions

This is an effective way to generate more clicks and leads from the social media. A call to action button in each networking site gives audiences a quicker way to access external pages and even products.

5. Use more video and photography

Great photos and videos tend to capture attention more than plain text does. It is for this reason why you should consider spicing up your accounts and platforms by uploading pictures and videos in them. This will catch the audience’s attention especially while scrolling through their profiles. Another way to make an impact in social media is by keeping users engaged with fun activities and informative content to read. When uploading a status posts, make sure the post is relevant, easy to read and influential to the audience. Sharing blog posts on your timeline should also help convert more audience into customers as well.

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Funny how everyone talks about call to actions but no one really uses them that much!

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