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7 Important Factors For Ranking YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the second-largest social media channel and almost everyone has used YouTube for one reason or another. It is a major source of millions of videos that are uploaded on a daily basis from various channels. One can find entertaining videos, instructional and informational videos, educational videos, etc. on this platform. Therefore, this is the sole reason why many people are using YouTube as a media platform to showcase their talent and also earn money as well. But just like with any social media, YouTube also has to be popular with the help of rankings, higher views, likes, shares, comments, etc.

Importance of YouTube rankings

Today, most YouTubers are spending their time finding new ways to make their videos stand out in the crowd to make them rank higher often by simply deciding to buy YouTube views cheap. Higher ranks, after all, have many benefits:

  • They make the videos popular among the masses so that more and more people can watch them.
  • One can become popular on a global platform with popular videos and a higher number of subscribers.
  • They get easily searched on Google if one’s video is highly ranked on YouTube.
  • They earn money from YouTube for one’s video channel.
  • They boost one’s business with the help of the videos and make the customer base stronger.
  • Bring you more subscribers and create a positive feedback loop

Factors That Aid In Higher Ranks of YouTube Videos

There are two things that help in increasing one’s YouTube ranking. First is to find out the factors that affect the YouTube ranking and the second is to make sure that proper effort is put into scaling these factors. Quite a lot of it we explained in our guide to how to rank your youtube videos higher here. Below are the factors that one must give importance to.

Video title:

Titles are of great importance when it comes to making one’s video famous. According to YouTube guidelines, one needs to put valuable information about the video in the title so it becomes easier for the viewers to search for the video.  The main purpose of the title is to help the viewer understand the context of the video. An attractive and impressive title will help in increasing the views of the video. Something to keep in mind while deciding on a title is to keep it short like five words or even less and to use keyword optimization.


Thumbnail proves to have a significant impact on the YouTube video rankings. It should be effective enough to attract click-through rates, and if one’s click-through rates are better then it will be good for their YouTube rankings. One’s video thumbnail should have the capability to capture viewers instantly and look appealing. YouTube usually does generate thumbnails automatically for the videos, but it is seen that the videos which have customized thumbnails seem to do better. Thus, one should spend some time in creating their own thumbnail but also should keep in mind that the thumbnail is relevant to the content of the video. There is a lot more insight on it that we shared here in our tips for improving your video marketing post here.

Video description:

Video descriptions are as important as video titles. They also help in making the video appear in search results and in raising the ranking of one’s YouTube video. YouTube claims that a proper description containing appropriate keywords can help in increasing views as it makes the video appear easily in various search results. A video description should be at least 200 words and should also consist of all the major keywords 2-4 times at least. But the keywords should not appear forced. The better the description, the higher the chances that the viewers will understand the video and in turn help with YouTube rankings.


Keywords help with optimizing one’s YouTube video and channel. Optimizing the video with the help of keywords help in getting better YouTube rankings. Usually, keywords are required for the SEO process. This process helps with appearing in search results in both Google and YouTube. Proper keywords help YouTube viewers in understanding the context of one’s channel and also YouTube gives more importance to the channels and videos that use effective keywords. One should also make sure that they do not use unnecessary keywords in their channel description.  Sometimes it leads to losing the YouTube rankings.

Watch time:

Watch time means how long the viewers watch one’s video on YouTube. It is another factor that needs to be focused on if one wants to get better YouTube rankings. This factor is given significant importance by YouTube when it comes to ranking various videos on their SERPs. YouTube gives better ranks to the videos that are watched longer; thus, one needs to work on the content present in the video. The videos should be able to pique the viewer’s curiosity enough to make them watch the entire video and to keep on browsing through that particular channel for as long as possible.

Video quality:

The next factor is the quality of the videos. One needs to create high-quality videos consistently in order to maintain or get better YouTube rankings. Videos that have HD quality are more likely to have a greater impact on the viewers than the SD quality ones. Usually, the videos that are of SD quality are not watched for too long by the users. Low quality can affect the videos’ positive interactions and such videos are not ranked despite having interesting content. This one should also focus on the quality of the video along with its content.

View count:

The rankings of one’s YouTube video are greatly affected by the number of views that video has. The view count and YouTube rankings have a direct relationship. The higher the view count, the higher the ranking will be. If one’s video does not have enough views then it means that their channel and videos were unable to attract the interest of the viewers. Such a situation is not suitable when one wants to increase YouTube rankings. Thus, one should find ways to gain as many views as possible.

These are the factors that are taken into consideration to make one’s video popular and also rank higher which in turn will boost business and also will help money to be earned through it.

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