You’ll Never Guess What YouTube Videos have the Most Views in 2017!


This year has been a wild ride between celebrity deaths, dramas, and comebacks. In the midst of it all, dozens of our favorite artists have given us the perfect soundtrack to surviving 2017. Whether you play their songs everywhere or hold them as guilty pleasures, we’ve all put in our votes with a simple click!

As if the songs aren’t captivating enough in their own respect, the videos make them even more addictive.

What YouTube videos have the most views in 2017 so far? Let’s check out the songs you couldn’t get enough of this year!


  1. Adele – Hello

Hello – It’s me. We’ve been belting this song out in our cars for nearly two years. Despite the fleeting nature of pop culture, it still holds strong as one of the internet’s favorite videos.

Following a three year hiatus, Adele surprised us all with this sepia sensation in October 2015. She chose Cannes-winning filmmaker Xavier Dolan as the mastermind for her melancholy story of the past, love, and loss. Her talent and his cinematic eye joined forces on an abandoned farm in Quebec to create this iconic pop culture staple.

Beyond their artistic majesty, many people obsessed over the flip-phone in the video. Why that dinosaur rather than an iPhone? Dolan says modern technology distracts the audience from the narrative.


  1. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On ft. MØ

Whether in the club or the gym, we’ve all sweat to this catchy pop hit at least once or twice. Although their guest-star elephant was too sleepy to perform, this exotically glamourous video still tops the charts two years later!

Before the song’s premiere in March 2015, director Tim Erem put his artistic improvisation to use. In one day, the group made the entire video on a low budget while in between tour dates in India. One would never guess that the rented set was merely a façade with 2×4 supports thanks to their innovative talents. Talk about needing someone to lean on!


  1. Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Español) ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

Our favorite Latino “Hero” was made to live in the spotlight. His artistic passion is apparent in his proudest career achievement that we cannot get enough of, even three years later.

Its rise to fame was slow moving, but when it hit, it hit hard. Of course, he couldn’t have given us such a mesmerizing video without the help of his video co-stars and co-writers. Cuban director Alejandro Perez did a wonderful job of perfectly grasping the Flamenco dancers’ abilities while employing a fun, urban feel.


  1. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Taylor Swift seems to constantly have every aspect of her life under scrutiny by media and critics. However, with the help of her huge, supportive fan base, she’s able to simply Shake It Off.

Her fans are actually the main stars in her iconic 2014 music video! While director Mark Romanek is famous for dozens of influential music videos, he let Swift take the reins on this one. With his guidance, Taylor Swift spread the message of discovering yourself and “shaking off” your naysayers in this quirky, memorable vision.


  1. Taylor Swift – Blank Space

The twenty-something talent, Taylor Swift made the top 10 YouTube views of 2017 not only once, but twice! How does she do it? By coyly undermining the critics, haters, and rumors surrounding her.

While Shake It Off is a direct message of indifference towards Hollywood drama, her 2014 hit Blank Space discreetly discredits it. Director Joseph Kahn delivers this message through this video in which she mocks the public’s perception of her love life.


  1. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Spawning several homemade parodies, this insatiable dance hit took six months to create. Its infamous hooks and bridges were made knowing that something totally unique would hold its place among other radio hits. Ronson knew how to appeal to a large general audience after 20 years of DJ’ing.

Co-writer Bruno Mars directed the video himself, using Ronson’s childhood in the Upper East End of Manhattan as inspiration. Its colorful appeal with subtle retro throwbacks is just as aesthetically enticing as the hypnotizing dance moves!


  1. Justin Bieber – Sorry

Is it too late now to watch Sorry? Nope! However, you won’t see Justin Bieber in this 2015 viral sensation. Instead, you’ll see an energetic, 1990’s-clad dance troupe led by infamous Parris Goebel.

With very little time and an even smaller budget, Goebel choreographed an insanely absorbing music video simply with dance. Her resume is impressive, ranging everywhere from Jennifer Lopez to Cirque du Soleil shows. It’s no surprise that her powerful talent paired with Bieber’s vocal and songwriting abilities made this video such a huge hit!



We’re calling it now – this song is never going to die. It may not seem like so long ago, but this song has spread its infectious tune since 2012.

Beyond the catchy beat, there’s a message in the song and video that perhaps no one ever told you. Psy’s goofy video is actually mocking the Korean equivalent of Beverly Hills. You can see all of his ridiculously flamboyant antics seam together to form a parody archetype of the narcissistic, party-life elites.


  1. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

RIP Paul Walker! Thanks to songwriter Charlie Puth and rap legend Wiz Khalifa, we have a beautiful song to spark our nostalgia. Everyone has someone they miss and this song hits the spot.

Since 2001, the Fast & Furious movie franchise has claimed millions of fans worldwide. For everyone from the OG fans to newcomers, the signature video replays the entire backstory of Paul Walker. Even without much context, director Marc Klasfeld portrays a beautiful sentimentality that would make anyone shed a tear.


  1. Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

Although most of us can’t sing it word for word, Despacito got the most YouTube views of 2017 for a reason. It broke all-time records after receiving 3 billion views, but we didn’t stop there – it now has 4 billion!

Luis Fonsi literally wrote the hit overnight and co-star Daddy Yankee’s flair set the cherry on top. The Puerto Rican setting was perfect for the uniquely striking story of a budding romance. In contrast to many modern videos, Fonsi’s masterpiece portrays his attraction in a pleasantly respectful manner. The women in his video are free from objectification while the underlying love story offers a refreshing break from our typically superficial intimacies.


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