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YouTube Strategies For B2B Companies

Did you know 20 million videos are being watched on a daily basis on YouTube? YouTube has become the king of stimulating content, you might even call it the new era of entertainment. After Radio, TV and now smartphones have become the source of people’s favorite pastime, YouTube takes the crown for sure. Marketers should grab this opportunity with both hands and rightfully so.

Your YouTube channel tells people the story of your brand. It expresses the voice of your brand, creates awareness and reaches new clients.

YouTube is a tremendous tool for brands that market directly to consumers. Consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching an online video, according to surveys (source). Can B2B marketers, on the other hand, achieve the same results with YouTube? Yes, we agree!

For B2B marketers, today’s blog post provides an in-depth approach to YouTube success. Let’s get started!

Creating The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Business

An effective marketing plan is critical to a company’s growth and, in certain cases, its very survival. The appropriate strategy increases your chances of making it in the business world, from addressing the needs of your target audience and helping you establish brand loyalty to determining the right prices for your products and services.

Definition of a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a long-term strategy for promoting a company’s products and services and gaining a competitive edge.

However, don’t mix up marketing strategy and marketing plan. A marketing strategy’s principal purpose is to recruit new customers and convert them into loyal ones. It helps you promote your products or services to consumers in a more attractive way because your marketing plan should be firmly founded in your company’s value proposition.

There are 3 diffrent statergy you need to follow when creating best marketing statergy for your business.

  • Expand Your Audience
  • Increases SEO ranking
  • Strengthens Brand Awareness

Expand Your Audience

Don’t limit your brand to the few audience that have somehow stumbled upon your business. A good marketing strategy required you to know your target audience in and out. It is not just about creating a small video and being done with it, wishing people will give it a view.

In marketing, you must be aggressive when attracting new clients. How do you do that? By creating more content consistently, by making an influential video or by proactively seeking out your potential client.

Remember – as a B2B company, you need to show your potential client how your company can help them earn more. A creative, well-thought out video, with relevant and informative content will make your client want to watch the video and seek you out. They can recommend the video to others, which goes to land you more clients and expand your audience. However, expanding audience doesn’t mean targeting audience who aren’t interested to purchase your services or buy your product. It simply means reaching more numbers of your target audience. 

Increase SEO ranking

SEO is a household name in digital marketing – the sole fuel for a ton of businesses. While Google reigns the supreme search engine, YouTube isn’t garnering attention rapidly and massively. YouTube uses a complicated algorithm to determine the relevant content according to the viewer’s watch history, age, geographical location, google search history, and a lot of other factors.

You’d be surprised how YouTube can pinpoint relevant audience. You just need an effective SEO strategy to attract your desired client and let YouTube do rest. You can do SEO on your video title, description, thumbnails. You can also add tags, categories and so forth.

SEO is also affected by comments, shares, watch time and many other factors too. Making a watch-worthy, informative and engaging video is one of the best SEO strategies when it comes to ranking. Another important thing is appearing on the suggested videos. For that, watch what your competitors are talking about in their videos and add those keywords in your content too. However, don’t go out copying others – saying the same thing. Instead, put your own twist on it.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

Are you using YouTube as part of your marketing and brand awareness strategy? If not, you should start right away. YouTube’s viewers are nothing but jaw dropping 2 billion people across the world consuming a staggering 6 billion hours of content a month. No wonder YouTube is so effective for strengthening brand awareness and no wonder brands are developing more and more creative strategies for marketing on YouTube. See this post we developed in case you wondered how to start a youtube marketing campaign.

Videos are one of the most customer-friendly tools for marketing. You can create your own YouTube channel that doesn’t necessarily have to be product-bound and start uploading videos there. The videos must be relevant to your business idea in some way. Quite often you would then buy views on YouTube through services like ours to promote it.

For example:

If you are a digital marketing company you would create a channel about something in the same line, you wouldn’t start a channel talking about sculpting. You would then get targeted yt views to push it up in rankings and aim it at the audience you want to reach. 

YouTube is competitive platform simply tooting your own horn wouldn’t get you anywhere, you need earn the trust by providing valuable content. To reach more clients, you can target ads to your ideal target group and post relevant and entertaining content.

Collaborating with other YouTubers does a great job of building brand awareness. Unlike everyday celebrities, a YouTuber who endorses your brand will allow their followers to spread the word about it or even inspire them to continue using it.

The Best Strategies For Growth

There are 4 best statergy for your business growth you need to follow.

  • Regular Vlogs For Always Keeping In Touch
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Demonstrating Products
  • Educational Content For Showcasing Professional Services

Regular Vlogs For Always Keeping In Touch

Vlogs are not for people who aren’t 100% committed to YouTube Marketing. And honestly, once you crack YouTube Marketing, you don’t have to waste a penny anywhere else for marketing. Vlogs are similar to blogs, but in video format.

Vlog is essentially a video diary, but it doesn’t have to be a diary, you can talk about your product, or things relating to business. It can be informative or entertaining, don’t make it bland though, spice it up to get the viewer’s attention.

A ton of mainstream YouTubers are well aware of the importance of regular vlogs. New contents satisfy your content hungry viewers as well as get new eyeballs. Fresh content is essential for SEO. It increases your channel’s total watch time, thus, signals your brand authority to YouTube.

Your videos are more likely to get recommended on top when people search for products or services relevant to your business. Regular Vlogs build client’s trust. They are more likely to go for a channel with a ton of videos discussing their product and service, over the one-off channels.

Brand Storytelling

You can use YouTube as part of your marketing strategy for marketing by an effective brand storytelling. It is not you who is the hero of your storytelling but your customers who are the central character of your brand story. A brand story is a cohesive narrative that includes the facts and feelings a brand. A story that inspires an emotional reaction inside a customer. Unlike traditional advertising it is not about telling people about your product it is about making them experience it. Every retailer has a story to tell, whether it was how they were founded, why they decided to join this industry, or a passion project that became a lucrative business. A brandstory should resonate with your employees and customers, instead of emotionless selling.

Storytelling is much more effective than other types of marketing, it is narratives that impacts our minds with added human emotions behind them. People tend to empathize with the brand by knowing the thoughts and feelings of others. This creates real emotional connections— connections that can turn into trust and eventually profit.

Demonstrating Products

When you have a high-quality product, a consumer presentation is one of the main selling tools. Demonstration can also be like tutorial, which often gain more traction. Even if the service you provide is very simple to understand, getting some kind of presentation or explanation is helpful in explaining what it is and how it operates.

You can put out a self-demonstration where someone from your company will demonstrate the product or you could let one of the clients give a brief of their experience with your product. Self-demos can be effective, but putting the services in the hands of real users is actually more effective.

Any video testimonial, review, or demonstration from another user will give you more confidence to other customers on your site. Anyone can argue that their service is the best on the market, but when a real customer makes the same argument, it is much more convincing. People tend to trust others like them, much more than they like business itself or the salespeople. You would also be interested in knowing about godtube.

Educational Content For Showcasing Professional Services

Your clients are searching for answers to their questions right now, and if you can give them the details they are looking for, you can turn their attention to your company. Educational videos, which can either be ‘how to’ videos or tutorials are one of the most searched videos on YouTube.

They are quick and simple way for your potential customers to get the information they need. Educational video gets views far faster than promotional videos. They will make the client feel you have in-depth knowledge of things surrounding your product or services, ramping up your authority.

Educational videos are more likely to be shared and your brand placement in an educational video will get you much more conversion rate than standard promotional video.

Closing Thoughts

YouTube can get be ambrosia for your business if you know how to use it right. YouTube marketing requires a fine knowledge of SEO management for YouTube video, enhancing customer base with target based content, and the right content for brand awareness. For growth, be consistent with putting out content, create a brand story, demonstrate products and put out educational content.

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