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What is GodTube?

About GodTube

GodTube is an online video sharing platform with its core being Christianity content. It’s owned by Salem Web Network which is a subsidiary of Salem Communication. It has a wide range of videos categories, some of them include; Singers, music videos, bands, comedy skits, comedians, video featuring children, news, spoofs and parodies, animals and inspirational videos. Their main goal is to spread Christianity through sharing of video content. GodTube has been viewed as a virtual church community and millions of people seeking faith have been connected. GodTube has attracted people from all backgrounds and ages. However the co-founder sees it as a way of spiritually nourishing during the week, before going to church. He stated that this should not be seen as a substitute to a church. An informal way to describe GodTube is the Christian version of YouTube. It also contains sermons that can be streamed. This sermon range from motivational to interpretation of the bible. Feature length films can also be watched on GodTube. It allows users with a common belief to share what they believe in a safe environment. Unlike YouTube where the content is not shared with people with a common belief.

History of GodTube

GodTube was started in 2007 by Christopher Wyatt, Jason Martell, Lloyd Chartrand and Mike Miller. It was the fastest growing site in the US during the month of August of 2007. The visitors decreased by 75% by February 2009. The company raised 30 million dollars from GLG Partners, LP, at a valuation of 150 million dollars five months since it was launched. Wyatt launched the network after he saw a survey that indicated that church attendance had reduced. Wyatt still insists that people should attend the actual church. In February 2009, they re-launched and renamed to Tangle.com which included a social network. It also provided more services such as the online bible, a prayer wall and encourage people who don’t believe in Christ to participate and give their point of view. The content was moderated to remove any contents that was objectionable. The GodTube post other content like animals, babies, comedy etc. to attract non-believers and pull them towards Christ. In April 2010, GodTube and Tangle separated and became two distinct companies, although Tangle was discontinued eight months later. GodTube get their revenue from ads. Their ads are family-friendly and Christian in nature. Most of their audience are female. Tangle has been identified to be common among teenagers, college graduate and the middle class. Due to its comic videos and music, it is popular to people who don’t believe in Christ. This can be a good way to spread Christianity.

The Founders of GodTube

Jason Martell one of the co-founders is 40 years old who is a producer, documentary director, writer and television personality. He is also the co-founder of BooyaMedia.com. Hs intrest spans in media, hence the reason why his skills have been key in the development of Godtube. Christopher is a member of the First Church of Dallas and one of the co-founders. He claims the site is open to all theological viewpoints. He said it is even open to the atheists One condition they must fulfill is to state their cases respectfully. Any content that goes against the teachings of Christ is considered blasphemy and offensive to the Christian community. He believes that the success of the site is not due to his effort, but rather God in GodTube. He was once an executive producer at CBS. GodTube is also available on Youtube. It has its own channel that can be easily be accessed by users. The users can find the videos both on Youtube and GodTube.
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