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To view your Instagram IGTV metrics, go to: https://www.instagram.com/igtv/ and select the video you’d want to examine.

At the bottom of the video, tap the three horizontal (iPhone) or vertical (Android) dots.

Select View Insights from the drop-down menu.

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You can see the following things in the app:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Messages sent directly
  • Saves
  • Visits to people of interest
  • Reach
  • Interactions
  • Discovery
  • Follows
  • Impressions
  • Instagram’s IGTV Insights Instagram’s IGTV Insights

While in-app Insights provide a fast snapshot of a video’s performance, it’s difficult to compare it to the rest of your Instagram material — or even your IGTV videos. Consider using a third-party social media management platform like Hootsuite to obtain a more holistic perspective of your IGTV success.

Your IGTV metrics can be viewed with your other Instagram posts. You’ll get all of the same IGTV performance metrics you’d see in the app, plus a configurable ROI statistic that lets you figure out which IGTV videos are delivering you the highest return-on-investment based on your business objectives.

If you choose to compute your engagement rate differently than Instagram (for example, you may choose to count only saves and comments as “engagement”), you can change the method it is calculated.

If you want a more comprehensive perspective of your business’s Instagram performance, including how it compares to other social networks and how it affects your bottom line, Hootsuite Impact is a good place to start.

How to Make an IGTV Show

The instructions are the same whether you want to make an IGTV series on your Instagram app or your IGTV app.

Here’s how to make your own IGTV show:

1. Double-check that you’re in the window where you can enter your title and description. Select Add to Series from the drop-down menu.

On the IGTV video upload screen, there’s a “Add to series” button.

2. Select Create Your First Series from the drop-down menu.

On the IGTV series screen, there’s a button that says “Create your first series.”

3. Add a title and a description to your series. Then, on the top right, tap the blue checkmark.

Top right corner of the New Series screen has a blue checkmark.

4. Double-check that the series in which you want your video to appear is selected. Then, at the top right, hit Done.

“My Series!” is a selected IGTV series that is displayed on the screen.

That concludes our discussion. You’ve just started a new IGTV show.

Video specifications for IGTV

Here’s all you need to know about video specs for your IGTV video:

MP4 is the file format.

Length of video: at least 1 minute

When uploading to a mobile device, the maximum video duration is 15 minutes.

When uploading to the web, the maximum video duration is 1 hour.

9:16 vertical aspect ratio

16:9 horizontal aspect ratio

30 frames per second is the minimum frame rate (frames per second)

720 pixels is the minimum resolution.

650MB is the maximum file size for videos that are less than 10 minutes long.

3.6GB is the maximum file size for videos up to 60 minutes.

Size of cover photo: 420px by 654px (or 1:1.55 ratio)

Pro tip: You won’t be able to change your cover photo once it’s been submitted, so make sure it’s great before you do.

5 business-related uses for IGTV

Here are five ideas for IGTV videos or series that you may make for your business.

Make instructional videos

Useful tutorial videos are a terrific approach to increase engagement.

These how-to films can cover a wide range of topics in your field. Let’s imagine you owned a fitness company. You may make a series of workout instructions or a series of healthy recipe ideas.

If your company sells a product, you may make a how-to video that demonstrates how to utilise it. There are a plethora of options for fantastic IGTV series for your business!

Organize a Q&A session.

A question-and-answer (Q&A) session with your audience is an excellent opportunity to address any pressing concerns your audience may have.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your industry’s thinking leadership.

Make a post on your Instagram feed and Instagram Story promoting your Q&A session ahead of time. When that happens, be sure to ask your followers for questions. You can utilise them while recording IGTV!

Take a look behind the scenes.

This is a fantastic method to increase your brand’s transparency. By providing viewers a glimpse into how your firm operates—whether through interviews with staff or a tour of your workspace—you humanise your brand.

As a result, the audience and your company gain more trust. And, in everything from marketing to sales, brand credibility is critical.

a live stream of an event

Are you planning a convention or a seminar? Share it on your IGTV channel with your followers!

This is a fantastic opportunity for people who are unable to attend to “attend” virtually. Your viewers will enjoy it, and you’ll be able to provide them with engaging content.

Create a chat show and host it.

Have you ever wished to see your name on the “Tonight Show”? You can now (kind of)!

On your IGTV, you can conduct a chat show centred on your brand. Invite influencers and thought leaders from your business to speak. Industry news is the subject of a monologue. If you’re really ambitious, you may form an in-house band with your coworkers.

(Alright, don’t do the final one.)

Tips and best practises for IGTV

Promote your video in multiple ways.

It’s best practise to let your followers on other channels know what you’re up to whenever you start posting to a new channel, in case they want to follow you there as well.

This is especially true with IGTV, where some users will have to download a new app in order to access your video.

There are a few distinct cross-promotion opportunities available on IGTV:

From your Instagram Stories, you may preview and link to an IGTV video (verified or business users only)

In your Instagram feed and profile, post one-minute teasers of your IGTV videos (users will be prompted to Keep Watching on IGTV)

Share IGTV videos to a Facebook page that is connected.

Consider including links to your IGTV channel in places other than Instagram, such as:


A newsletter sent via email

Your Facebook Business Page

Create a silent viewing experience.

If people are watching your video on the IGTV app, they are likely to turn on their sound. Even the videos that play automatically in the app have the sound turned down by default.

Most individuals won’t have their sound turned on if you share your video on Instagram Stories or on your feed.

As a result, make sure your video is sound-optimized—that is, it makes sense without sound or has easily visible subtitles. This is where Clipomatic comes in.

Include the most crucial information first.

People are fast to scan over their feeds. You just have a few seconds to capture their attention—up to a minute if you’re lucky, but 15 seconds is a more realistic goal.

As a result, make sure your IGTV video grabs your audience’s attention as soon as feasible. Don’t lose their interest or give them a cause to go on to something else.

This is especially true if you post a preview to Instagram, where viewers will be invited to “keep watching” on IGTV after one minute.

Consider the opening minute of your video like a blog post’s introduction. You’ll need to answer the following questions regardless of how dazzling or interesting your video is:

What is the purpose of this video?

Why should you keep an eye on things?

Optional: For whom is this video intended?

Optional: What will the duration be?

Answering these questions as quickly as possible will ensure that your opinions will be longer and of greater quality.

In your description, include pertinent hashtags.

The IGTV search feature has attracted some criticism. You can only search for profiles rather than videos on a given topic as of April 2020. (think: how you search for a YouTube video).

Meanwhile, include relevant hashtags in your description to ensure that your videos are noticed by non-followers. Your films will appear on the Instagram page for the associated hashtag, where anyone who follow that hashtag will be able to see them.

#bulletjournal hashtag page includes photographs, including the video from the preceding screenshot

Post only stuff that requires a longer format.

IGTV is more than simply a platform to share your Instagram Stories. If you want people to follow you on both platforms, you must provide them a compelling reason to do so.

This entails creating new information that is suitable for a longer format. While Instagram Stories are designed to fit into 15-second segments, what would you do if you had more than that? Lean into the gap and think about what you’re going to say.

Long-form tutorial content is popular on IGTV, much like it is on YouTube. However, other advertisers have created complete TV shows for the app.

Obviously, your budget and brand will dictate what you produce, but here are some long-form video content ideas to get you started.

Make use of your company’s colours, fonts, and themes, among other things.

You’re not displaying a distinct brand just because you’re using a different app. Leaving one app to view content on another can be unsettling, so make the transition as seamless as possible for your fans. Tell them you’re the same person they’ve always known, only on a new channel.

That means keeping the same colours, tone, and feel as before. Plus, it will make it easier for your IGTV material to fit into your feed.

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