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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Instagram Handle

The perfect Instagram handle can be the difference between success and failure online. If your username doesn’t stand out, you may miss out on potential followers and engagement.

It’s like the old adage says, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Finding that perfect name for your account isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with a little bit of thought and creativity, you can create something memorable that will help set you apart from the rest.

Here are 5 tips to help guide you in finding your ideal Instagram handle.


Brainstorm Ideas


When it comes to finding your ideal name, you’ll want to cast a wide net and explore all possibilities – think of it like casting a fishing line out into the sea of ideas!

Start off by making a list of words that describe you, your brand, or what you’re passionate about. You can also look up synonyms for those words or use an online thesaurus to help you come up with more ideas.

Once you have your list, start combining words together in creative ways and write down any combination that catches your eye.

Next, consider adding characters or symbols after certain combinations to make them even more unique. This could be anything from letters and numbers to emojis!

Additionally, check whether any of the words on your list already exist as hashtags on Instagram – if they do, it might be best to avoid using them in order to stand out from the crowd.

Finally, make sure that whatever handle you choose is still available across all social media platforms so people can easily find and follow you everywhere they go.

No matter what type of handle you decide on in the end, remember that it should represent who you are and what matters most to you – so take your time when coming up with possible options until something sticks!


Keep It Simple


Want an unforgettable username? Keep it simple!

When choosing a handle for your Instagram account, it’s important to keep it easy to remember and read. If your handle is too complex, people may have difficulty remembering it or even worse – misspell it when trying to find you on the platform.

Simple handles are also beneficial because they can be used across other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to build a stronger online presence. Sticking with shorter words that are easier to spell will help make sure your name stands out from the crowd.

It’s best to avoid using special characters like underscores or numbers as they tend to be harder for users to remember and type into search fields. Additionally, if you decide later down the line that you want a different handle then changing one with symbols might not be possible since some platforms don’t support certain characters in usernames.

When selecting an Instagram username, pick something that reflects who you are or what kind of content you’re sharing on your page. This will help create consistency between all of your accounts and make sure people recognize your brand no matter where they find you online.

Whether you decide on a punny phrase or just use your own name, keeping things short and sweet will ensure that everyone remembers who you are without any confusion!


Make It Memorable



If you’re looking for a creative way to stand out on social media, making your username memorable is key! Here are three ways to make sure your Instagram handle is memorable:

  1. Choose something that’s easy to spell and pronounce. Make sure it has relevance to you or the product/service you’re offering.
  2. Avoid using numbers or underscores in the username as this can be confusing for other users trying to find or remember your account.
  3. Create something that is simple yet meaningful and reflects either yourself or the brand identity of your business.

When picking a name, it should be creative enough so that it stands out from similar accounts but still remain true to who you really are. Try and keep the words short and sweet while also avoiding any negative connotations as these could turn off potential followers. Additionally, it’s worth considering whether adding an emoji might add character without compromising legibility – though don’t go overboard as too many emojis can become overwhelming!

Remembering usernames can be difficult if they’re overly long or complex, so take care when deciding on one. Think about how someone would search for your profile across different applications like Google search engine or Twitter search bar etc., so that people will easily locate you online!


Avoid Using Numbers or Special Characters


To ensure your username stands out and is easily remembered, it’s important to avoid including numbers or special characters.

When crafting an Instagram handle, consider how easy it will be for people to remember it. Numbers and special characters can make a username harder to recall, as many of these symbols are not associated with words or phrases we use in everyday language. As such, they may not be as memorable as handles without any numbers or symbols.

Instead of using numbers in your handle, you can play around with the spelling of words to create something unique but still memorable. For example, “InstaGratitude” instead of “Instagramratitude.” You could also use two words that describe you or what you post about on social media – like “FashionistaForever” – to create a catchy name that is still identifiable by your audience.

When choosing an Instagram handle, focus on creating something personal yet straightforward that people won’t have trouble remembering when they come across your profile again later on down the road. Try not to get too creative with numbers and symbols so that everyone remembers who you are!


Check Availability


Once you’ve come up with a few ideas, make sure to check their availability and see if anyone else has already taken them! To do this, you can search for the handle in question on Instagram and see if it will be available. If it is, then you’re good to go!

However, if someone already has that handle, it might be worth considering other options. It’s also important to consider whether your desired username is unique enough to stand out from others. You want your brand or personal account to have an identity of its own that is memorable and recognizable.

It should still reflect who you are or what you do, but in a way that sets it apart from all the other accounts out there. When choosing a username for your Instagram account, take some time to think about how it looks and sounds. Try saying your chosen username out loud – does it roll off the tongue easily? Can people spell it correctly?

It’s important that your handle doesn’t contain words that could be mispronounced or misspelled as this may confuse potential followers. Ultimately, the perfect Instagram handle should be both memorable and distinctive.




Choosing a perfect Instagram handle is essential for making your profile stand out. Now that you’ve got the tips to guide you, you can create a memorable, meaningful handle that’ll make your profile shine!

Take some time to brainstorm ideas and keep it simple, avoiding numbers or special characters. When you find something great, double check its availability before committing.

With these tips in tow, you’ll be sure to select an awesome handle that captures your unique personality and creativity.

So go forth and flaunt your fabulous new Instagram identity with pride!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Instagram handle is taken?

To find out if your Instagram handle is taken, look no further than the search bar at the top of your screen. Type in the handle you had in mind and, as the saying goes, ‘If it’s meant to be, it will be.’

If an account with that username already exists, you’ll receive a notification that reads “Username unavailable.” However, if nothing appears when you search for your desired username, then congratulations – it’s yours!

Take this opportunity to create an identifier that reflects your personality and brand identity.

Is there a limit to how long my Instagram handle can be?

When it comes to creating a memorable Instagram handle, length is an important factor to consider. While you can’t exceed 30 characters, you also don’t want your handle to be too short.

A good rule of thumb is to aim for 12-15 characters in order to make sure your account isn’t too hard to find and easily recognizable. Try combining words, initials, or other relevant phrases that suit the purpose of your profile.

By keeping your handle within these parameters, you will create a unique identity that stands out from the rest!

Are there any other social media platforms I should consider when choosing my handle?

Choosing an effective handle for your social media presence is a crucial step in cultivating engaged followers.

While Instagram might be the most popular platform, it’s important to consider other networks as well – after all, having multiple channels of communication can help you reach more potential fans.

Consider registering on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with the same handle to ensure consistency across all platforms. This will allow viewers to easily recognize your brand and content no matter where they encounter it.

Should I use personal details in my Instagram handle?

When it comes to choosing an Instagram handle, you should take into account whether or not using personal details is the right move. As the old adage goes, ‘know thyself’; if your personal details are integral to your brand identity or aesthetic, then it might be worth incorporating them into your handle.

However, if they don’t add anything to your brand’s outlook and appeal, it may be best to avoid them in order to keep things consistent and memorable. Ultimately, when selecting a handle for Instagram (or any other social media platform), it’s important that you consider both how well your chosen name speaks of who you are and what value it brings to your brand.

Should I use the same handle on all social media platforms?

You’ve decided to create a presence on social media, and you’re wondering if you should use the same handle across all platforms.

It’s important to consider whether your desired handle is available on other sites before committing, as it may be taken already. If it is available, you might want to stick with the same username so that people can easily recognize and find you across multiple channels.

However, if your chosen name has become associated with another brand or person, you may want to choose something different for each platform. Ultimately, the decision comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put into building an identity across each site and what kind of impression you want users to have when they interact with your content.

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