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How to Get More Twitter Followers (2022 Guide)

Twitter is an undeniably powerful tool that can be used as an integral part of social media marketing. Promoting your work or products and services easily while getting more followers and prospective clients make Twitter one of the most sought after social networking tools to attain business success. To optimize the use of Twitter, your number one aim is to get more followers on your site. The more people following you, the more chances of you acquiring not only their business but guaranteed authority and revenue in the long run.

If you want more traffic, video views, leads, and sales, establishing your online presence through the Twitter platform promises you all these and so much more!

Now ranked the second most popular social networking site, Twitter is a must for all marketing savvy businesses. The chat room nature of the site allows businesses to communicate with customers in a way other social media sites can’t. But on Twitter, success is all about the followers. Below are a few tips on how to get more followers.


Entrepreneurs and online marketers should bear in mind that one of the first things that consumers seek when looking for users to follow is an interesting or eye-catching profile photo. With this in mind, you will need to find a profile photo that is unique, interesting, and eye-catching. With a very interesting photo uploaded, the chances of your page to attract more followers is significantly higher over opting to upload a rather dull and boring image. If possible, continuously update your profile photo. Make it as fresh and exciting to lure more followers to your page.


Your bio is undoubtedly one of the first things that followers read through before actually following a personality or business on Twitter. Creatively explain who you are, what your business is all about, and why it will be best for prospective clients to subscribe to your services over that of the competition. In addition, create a refreshing and fun tag line. Never forget to include the city where you are located and contact numbers if you intend for your followers to personally contact you for business.


It is rather impossible to create a large following if you are a startup company or you are relatively new to your chosen niche or industry. You will need to work hard for the authority and the revenue that come along with being famous on Twitter. One of your main purposes of opening a Twitter account is to communicate and connect with as many people as you can. You can only achieve this purpose if you post Tweets regularly. Ideally, you should allow yourself to tweet at least once daily.

Being visible to your followers creates higher chances for your tweets to be retweeted by followers, which in turn may encourage other Twitter users to follow you too. There are also applications which allow you to list down all pre-formulated tweets and post them by schedule. Applications that schedule or time your tweets accordingly is ideal especially if you are personally dealing with other responsibilities too.


As you know, your twitter bio only allows up to 160 characters to be posted in total. Obviously, there is not much room to tell your story or to provide people all the details about the goods you offer. What you can do to deliver a more comprehensive data about you and your business is to create a customized About page from your blog and simply link to it from Twitter.


If you desire to increase your chances of being retweeted and ultimately getting followed by more Twitter users, you will need to formulate thought-provoking, interesting, and newsworthy tweets. Bear in mind that re-tweeting is the most effective means to gain more visibility online, make sure that your tweets are not only interesting, but convey positive and inspiring content as well. Aside from formulating your own personal tweets, you will need to share links and online copies that are related to your niche. Make sure that the links you share are just as interesting as the tweets that you create on your own. Share online content that your followers will look forward in reading and then passing on to others through re-tweeting.

Follow Others Who Share Your Interests

In the world of online marketing, you often have to give in order to receive. On Twitter, many businesses follow others in the hopes those users will reciprocate. It’s important that you choose to follow businesses and individuals who might be interested in your business’s offerings, including other businesses in your industry. To follow someone on Twitter, search a keyword that applies to your business. On the right, you’ll see “people results” for the search term you entered. This is where you’ll find businesses. You can follow by clicking the link to the right of the business name or, if you prefer to review the business’s tweets first, follow by clicking on the “Follow” button below the business description. You can also buy twitter followers if you need. 

Regularly Engage in Conversation with Fellow Tweeters

Replying to a Tweet is easy. A “reply” link is located beneath each post. When you reply, an @ symbol appears next to that user’s name, which not only allows the user to see the tweet, it will show up to anyone doing a search of that user. Most avid tweeters regularly check their accounts for replies and are all too eager to respond back. This sort of chatty conversation is the backbone of Twitter. Followers of that person’s account may click on your name to read your tweets, especially if they feel they may have something in common with you. This is a great way to get new followers. It’s important to note here that you can communicate with Twitter members even if you don’t follow them. Their tweets simply won’t show up on your feed.


One way of getting your tweets in front of other people or competition is by the wise application of hashtags. Don’t just use the first thing that you think of but instead formulate something relevant that will most likely be shared or might even go on trend. By doing this, not only will you get a lot of re-tweets but increase your number of followers as well.

Promote Your Twitter Profile

Twitter provides handy buttons, available in the resources section, that you can post on your company websites. Many businesses also choose to use a newsfeed, also available in the resources section, which can be inserted into your website, blog, or even your Facebook profile. A newsfeed provides visitors an up-to-the-minute ticker of your latest tweets. Not only does this let customers know where to find you on the site, it broadcasts your tweets to visitors who might be drawn to what your Twitter profile is offering. For instance, if you regularly tweet specials or the latest news about your company, loyal customers will want to follow you to be sure not to miss important information. Consider posting a news item or a line of text at the bottom of your company blog inviting customers to follow you on Twitter to get the latest specials.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

If your business is building homes, stick with posts related to home-building. If you’re a technology company, provide helpful posts that are technology-related. By staying with the same theme, rather than a broad variety of topics, you’re more likely to carve out a niche for yourself in the Twitter universe.

Provide useful information

If your Twitter account is used only for posting random ads, you’ll lose any customers you attract. Give customers a reason to follow you, by thinking like your customers and providing information they would want. Consider incorporating your Twitter account into promotions, offering customers the possibility of winning prizes by following your Twitter account or be eligible for giveaways with a follow or retweet. You’d be surprised how many people are more than willing to promote your offerings for the possibility of winning a prize.

Put a face behind the profile

Is your Twitter profile too corporate? Consider assigning real people to your profile. Pinkberry is one of many Twitter success stories because of this, according to Business Insider. The company’s digital director, Pamela Naumes, is an active part of Pinkberry’s Twitter presence, letting users know even in the company description on Twitter that she is the one behind the tweets. This gives followers a real person with whom to connect, personalizing Twitter so that when Pamela asks, “What is your favorite Pinkberry flavor?,” followers know a real person will be reading the responses. Omaha Steaks has customer service representatives trolling the site, looking for ways to connect with customers. If you post a complaint on the site, you’ll likely hear from @OmahaSteaksJoey, @OmahaSteaksPaty, or @OmahaSteaksJami, the company’s consumer services manager, among others. Likewise with any compliments you post about the company. This not only reinforces the company’s presence on Twitter, it makes customers feel as though they can easily communicate with customer service at any time.

While Twitter’s format takes a little adjustment, those who regularly use the site can’t deny its addictive quality. With more than 175 million registered users, the site is an undeniable resource for business marketers. The key, though, is to have an active Twitter presence that encourages followers and promotes business growth. Using these few simple tips, you’ll be tweeting to the masses like a pro in no time.


To make you and your business more friendly and approachable, make sure to respond publicly so other followers gets that perception that you are highly sociable and that you can answer possible inquiries from other users too.


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