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The YouTube market is undergoing massive growth due to highly-skilled video creators. As a result, scammers have become more prominent. They claim to provide you with safe and real YouTube views, but this is a lie. To buy safe YouTube views, you MUST use a trusted provider. Quality providers always take into consideration three main things:
  • The speed in which YouTube views are delivered
  • The location in which YouTube views come from
  • The pattern in which YouTube viewers interact with your video
If you are not purchasing safe YouTube views, you are putting your account at a massive risk. It is vital that as a content provider you understand how to choose a safe YouTube view provider.

Utilizing a Safe Delivery Speed

The speed in which YouTube views are delivered is the biggest factor in determining the safety of YouTube views. If a provider is delivering all your YouTube views at once, they are putting your account at a major risk. YouTube views should be delivered slowly and consistently. For example, an order of 5,000 views should be spread over time and not delivered in one spike over 15 minutes. If all the views were delivered at one time, it would raise numerous red flags with YouTube. Keep in mind; you want your videos to maintain a high retention rate. Many YouTube view providers utilize bots to deliver their views. Bots typically only view a video for a few seconds. These types of views can kill your retention rate, as well as raise several red flags with YouTube.

Diversifying Your Demographic Area

If all your YouTube views are coming from ONE location, you are putting your account at serious risk. For example, if you order 10,000 views, and they all originate from a city in Syria, you can see how that might look a bit off. The world is a massive place. Your YouTube views should be coming from a plethora of locations across the globe. There may be some cases in which you want to narrow the market from which your views come, but even in that situation, demographic diversity is vital.

Avoid Bots

As I mentioned before, bots typically have a low retention rate. Low-quality providers will typically utilize bot farms as a method to deliver YouTube views. These low-quality views can be quite damaging to your channel. The views you are paying for should be real views and not come from bots, automated software, or clicking farms. YouTube may delete videos if the views it receives come from bots or has low retention. A safe YouTube provider will rely on a proper video marketing platform to get you views.

Unique IP Addresses

When purchasing YouTube views, it is essential to note whether the views will be coming from unique IP addresses or not. If YouTube notices that your video is receiving a lot of views from the same IP address, your account could be banned rather quickly. If a YouTube view provider does not make it clear where the views are coming from, it is probably best to avoid them altogether.

Use Varying Patterns

YouTube’s algorithm is excellent at detecting various patterns. If your YouTube views are being delivered at the same time over an extended period of time, YouTube will notice. It is important to make sure your views are being delivered at varying intervals. Your videos should be receiving views at varying times and in different quantities. Patterns are easily detected by YouTube’s algorithm and could result in account termination.

Use a Service that Offers Guarantees

Before you purchase YouTube views, ensure that the provider you are utilizing offers some guarantee. Most reputable view providers will guarantee a high retention rate, as well as offer a one-year warranty. It is best to avoid any view supplier who does not offer any type of guarantee.

Likes and Comments

When purchasing YouTube views, you should also consider buying likes and comments as well. Although you may receive some likes and comments from your purchased views, this percentage is likely to be very low. A YouTube video with a high amount of views, but very few likes will appear quite suspicious. Most reputable view providers will recommend purchasing additional likes and comments to help give your video a more reputable appearance, as well as benefit you in the search results of YouTube.

Turn Your Adsense Off

Even if you are purchasing from a reputable YouTube view provider, do not expect to see an increase in Adsense activity. In most cases, it is recommended that you turn off your Adsense account while purchasing views. Of course, you will not keep your Adsense account off forever. Once your views have been delivered, you can turn it back on. The views you purchased should increase your social presence. As a result, you should be able to bring in more viewers. Once your video begins to generate organic views, you can then turn your Adsense account on. Like most YouTube content providers, you put a lot of work into your videos. To ensure your hard work isn’t wasted, buying safe YouTube views can offer the boost your channel needs. A safe YouTube provider will utilize all the following techniques:
  • Slow and consistent delivery speed
  • Diverse demographic
  • Come from a proper source
  • Varying patterns
Finding a reliable YouTube provider can be a challenging task; however, if you keep the previous points in mind, you will have no trouble in finding a safe YouTube provider.
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