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YouTube videos can be extremely profitable depending on how many views they get. YouTube will include relevant marketing advertisements based on your audience, and the more views those advertisements get, the more you’ll be paid.

On average, the CPM (cost per thousand) for a single YouTube video will be around $1.50 per 1000 views. So, you’ll earn money according to your popularity and the country that your video is aimed at.

You could earn anything from $2000 to $5000 per video, and the cost typically climbs the more content you create as you’ll gain subscribers along the way.

Even services such as QQ Tube in China have experienced explosive growth.

Your Audience


The amount you’ll make from your YouTube videos will depend entirely on the audience you’re aiming at and the number of subscribers you gain. There are a few things to consider when you’re looking at your target market.

  • What your audience wants to see
  • Are your target audience regular YouTube visitors?
  • Where is your audience based?
  • Does your video stand out in the field and country it’s aimed at?

Your engagement level with your subscribers will also improve your viewership and will increase your profits.

The aim is not just to produce a high volume of videos but to keep those viewers as long-term subscribers to increase your viewership in the future. The more subscribers you gain along the way, the easier it’ll be for you to make money on videos.

How to Make the Most of 1 Million Views


YouTube now has 70 local versions across the world and has a vast global viewership. Your intent should always be to get those one-time viewers to subscribe to your channel, securing your future views and boosting your profits.

To do that, you should:

  • Tailor Your Content

Different cultures throughout the world will enjoy content in various formats, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re adding the right content to make them want to watch.

You can use the YouTube Analytics Demographics report to help you understand what kind of audience your initial videos are attracting and where in the world they are. You’ll then be able to use Google Analytics to determine the hot topics in that part of the world and create videos that your audience is most likely to search for.

  • Try Not to Please Everyone

The truth is, your video won’t be to everyone’s taste, no matter how hard you try. So, don’t try to reach everyone. Select a specific culture – for example, let’s say you want to reach an Indian audience.

Take a look through Google Analytics to determine the primary searches for an audience across India. You may also want to target a particular demographic in that country – say, young women.

You find that they often search for recipes. To reach those audiences, videos about cooking would be beneficial.

It’s better to get a viewership where people are likely to watch your whole video through and subscribe to your channel. Don’t take a scattergun approach and try to reach everyone. This will result in few people watching until the end of your video and fewer subscribers.

Remember, your aim is to secure those future views on your channel to build your profits gradually.

  • Subtitles


Adding subtitles to your video will increase your viewership as it opens up your video to other countries that might speak a different language. This means that you aren’t immediately alienating a huge chunk of potential viewers.

Subtitles are also excellent to increase your mobile viewers; some people may want to watch YouTube on the move and are less likely to watch with the volume up. Having subtitles allows them to have the same experience, making them more likely to watch until the end.


How to Target Profitable Countries Depending on Your Content


Depending on the country that you’re targeting with your videos, your CPM may be slightly different.

Your profitability is based on how many views your video gets, how long your videos are, as some countries base your pay on hours watched, and how much the country you’re aiming at pays per 1000 views.

It’s also best to consider the usage of YouTube in the country you’re aiming at.

You might find that a country with a low watch rate will pay more money per 1000 views as an incentive to create more content, but you’ll need to consider how much work will be involved to get those 1000 views if the potential viewers are fewer. Smaller countries will also have physically fewer people to target.

Country Targeting


  • Affiliate Links


Creating videos to review specific popular products in certain countries is a great way to earn a little extra cash from your subscribers.

You can use Google Analytics to research popular products that can be purchased from Amazon in your target country, review that product, then use the Amazon Affiliates program to pop a link below your video. You’ll make a little extra from the people who click through to purchase too.

  • Sponsorships


If you’re creating videos targeted at a specific group of people in a country, you can ask your supporters to donate a little to your channel.

This will fund more professional-looking videos, and your subscribers will receive more content. You could even offer a link to a funding page and give your supporters something a little extra for their contribution.


The Most Profitable Areas

In 2020, Botswana paid the equivalent of $8.87 per 1000 views; however, this number of views may have been harder to reach than a country more heavily populated with YouTube fans.

Whereas Korea only offered $0.30 and Germany offered $0.36 for the same number of viewers. But, because these countries have many more viewers, it might actually be more profitable, despite the lower amount paid as it’ll be easier to hit 1000 views.

The potential most profitable countries are:

  • India – up to $700,000 per one million views
  • USA – up to $380,000 per one million views
  • Turkey – up to $3,080,000 per one million views
  • France – up to $4 051,000 per one million views
  • Bangladesh – up to $700,000 per one million views
  • Spain – up to $4,038,000 per one million views
  • Romania – up to $1,085,000 per one million views
  • Greece – up to $6,023,000 per one million views
  • Denmark – up to $2,088,000 per one million views
  • New Zealand – up to $1,181,000 per one million views



When you’re just starting on your YouTube journey, it’s essential to carefully consider the country, demographics, and products you’re targeting. Understand your viewers and create content for them specifically. Don’t try to please everyone. You’ll start to see the cash stack up faster than you think.

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