How can your business benefit from social media?

Social media is your ticket to a low cost marketing strategy.  Other marketing activities that can sometimes cost thousands upon thousands of pounds become redundant when you can hit your audience at a click and allocated reasonable dollar rate for that click. No matter if your company is small or medium in size, or even if right now, you are thinking about making the first step to start your own business as an entrepreneur, you cannot miss the opportunity to use social media’s targeting possibilities and vastly improved advertising options.

The natural benefits are rich; they consist of reputational management, customer support issue resolution, portfolio management & promotion, education, traffic driving and perhaps most importantly being constantly on, available and connecting to desired audiences.

Recently many people are saying FB is dying because of the new restrictions on the news feed & the speculated drop in reach some “experts” are even claiming there’s no longer a reason to even have a FB business page all together.  According to, FB is still very much the king of Social Networks but you can’t afford to make the classic mistake of using it as a one-way sales channel or just to get more likes. This makes perfect sense as nobody wants offer after offer filling up their timeline which leads us to consider the need for relevancy, personalisation and context on the platform.

For entrepreneurs, small and medium business as well as global powerhouses, expanding the brand is naturally a difficult challenge, however, FB can create the perfect virtual space for your brand to gain recognition.  Some clear benefits of having a FB business page are routed in the less complicated matters.  Consider the following list:

  • Failing to engage at all sends out negative connotations
  • People are talking about brands & businesses on FB, whether you like it or not
  • Recommendations from users
  • Personalised and mobile search
  • Understanding consumers


Interestingly, a blog called constant contact  highlights that there is simply one major benefit that is regularly overlooked by business owners.  They say it provides answers of how to get discovered by your next customer!  Yes, there are always exceptions but a very uncomplicated and intriguing way of looking at things.

Coming out up on top on the most important search engines with careful content management and advertising is difficult.  The world is over crowded with demand side platforms, contractors, RTB platforms and a range of technology holders who are all claiming disruption is the heart of what they do. Yet, none of them have the giant, unrivalled audience that FB has discovered.  Community upon community!  The question is can one afford to ignore all of those people?  The answer will largely depend on who you are but I have my doubts that having no presence at all will serve you better.

Don’t believe me? Then consider the future of advertising, it‘s likely to be programmatic & in the online display world, the next generation step is augmented experiences through programmatic inventory across platform after platform.  Now there’s something to get anybody thinking.


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