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Business Page Marketing With Facebook

Facebook can be an amazing asset for your business. As more and more people are joining the social media site, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a part of your marketing strategy. To be able to fully capitalize on this platform, however, you’ll need to know how to make sure your page is always up to date and appealing. If you want to have the best chance at being successful with Facebook as a business, then you’ll need to do your homework. Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know in order to maximize your page’s performance.

How to get more leads for business using a Facebook page?

Nevertheless, there is a lot of people who are still unaware about how to use Facebook to attract more potential customers to their business. As we all know that in our day-to-day lives, if we want to find information about any product or service that we are looking for, we would first turn to the internet. There we can do some research to gather as much information as possible. Most of us would first search for the business on the internet. After doing so, we would then visit the business in person to get more information and ask some questions. This is how a majority of us find businesses. However, if we have a business and we are using social media platforms such as Facebook, we should be using them to promote our business and get as many leads as possible. To achieve this goal, you should be aware that there are several ways that you can use Facebook to attract more leads.

What are the ways to promote your business page on Facebook?

On the whole, there are 3 main ways that can help you achieve your marketing objectives using Facebook. 1. Use it as your primary marketing tool: In order to get more leads for business using a Facebook page, we must first make sure that we are using this platform as a primary marketing tool for our business. In other words, we need to use Facebook to not just advertise our business page but also to build up our brand and image. If we want to get the best results with our business, then we must make sure that we are not just posting our product or service information but also asking people to visit our website and buy from us.  By making our business information available on Facebook, it will become easier for us to get more leads for business. 2. Organic Ads: This allows your post to be seen by friends, family, and other users. These posts show up in a Facebook user’s News Feed, so they are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. 3. Sponsored Posts: You pay for this type of advertising through Facebook’s Ad Platform. Sponsored posts can be displayed above or below the News Feed. They may also have a much higher cost than other ads.

Increase traffic and sales with Facebook page

As a marketer, you want to use social media platforms such as Facebook to promote and advertise your business. If you want to be successful on Facebook, then you should be able to use this platform to its fullest capacity. In order to maximize your potential in using Facebook, there are a few things that you must do. 1. Make your Facebook profile attractive: In order to make people want to visit your page, we must make sure that we are using a profile that is as attractive as possible. To make it more appealing, we must also make sure that we are using a profile picture that represents our business in an appealing way. When people first visit our page, they will most likely see our business logo and name, and we want to make sure that they are familiar with our brand. 2. Make your posts interesting: If you want to get more likes and shares for your posts on Facebook, you must make them as interesting as possible. A lot of people will share a post if it has something interesting to say.


In conclusion, there are several ways that we can use Facebook to promote and advertise our business. The best way is to first start off by making sure that we are using Facebook as a primary marketing tool. Once we do this, we can then use other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to market our business. When using any social media platform, it is important to be consistent in posting information about our business. In the end, if we want to be successful on social media, then we must remember that we must work as a team.  We must also make sure that we are constantly learning new things about social media so that we can keep up with all of the latest trends.

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Yeah, shame that Facebook is limiting posts exposure on fanpages now.

I think the only effective way to do it is via promoted posts

You are correct. Very difficult now to get decent traffic on FB without paying.

Great article, love your services as well

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