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Most people would urge you not to buy LinkedIn likes, and while I appreciate their viewpoint, please read my response before coming to your own conclusion:

Purchasing LinkedIn likes is simply another type of sponsored advertising. Big brands frequently pay social media influencers to advertise their products to their followers. These influencers don’t promote “Product X” on their social media channels because they love it or believe in it; instead, they do it for the money. Sportsmen, for example, are in the same boat. Famous basketball players don’t always wear the same brand of sneakers because it’s the finest… they wear it because the manufacturer pays them to.

What is going on from the standpoint of these people’s followers and fans? Is it misleading when kids see their idols wearing a certain sneaker or an Instagram influencer using “Product X” and proclaiming it to be the greatest they’ve ever tried? Yes, of course! We call them influencers because they persuade their audience to buy the things they’re promoting!

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Let’s return to buying LinkedIn likes now:

You can pursue the natural route and grow your community by posting regularly, posting good material, asking for involvement, and so on. That is the difficult and long route to take. You could also take the easy way out and buy LinkedIn likes, as EVERYONE does.

Will those likes be genuine, and will the individuals who gave them be interested in what you have to say?

No way!

Will this help you reach tens of thousands of LinkedIn users with your message?

Yes, please!

Every single like you get (even if you bought for it) spreads the word about your post to their network. That means that if you buy 100 likes, 100 people will share your post with their whole network. To genuine people who would otherwise be oblivious to your message.

As you can see, when you purchase LinkedIn likes, you are effectively paying for a larger audience to read your postings. That’s not everything…

Let’s imagine you’re scrolling through your news feed and notice a number of similar postings, one of which has a lot of likes. When you observe the amount of engagements, you become intrigued about what is going on, so you come to a halt and investigate. The reason for this is that likes authenticate the merit of an article, indicating that it is good enough to spend your time reading rather than scrolling further.

That brings us to the final advantage of purchasing LinkedIn likes: it not only shows people that your article is engaging and worthwhile, but it also shows LinkedIn’s algorithm. When they notice a spike in likes, they know it’s a popular post, so the algorithm spreads it out to even more people.

What do you think after all of this:

Is buying LinkedIn likes a good or terrible idea?

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