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From the Desk Of: Steven Taylor, entrepreneur and Facebook fanpage consultant
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Time: 3:00 p.m.

My friend’s face appeared to have been hit in the gut.

(For the sake of anonymity, we’ll name him Chris.)

Chris, a budding musician, has just spent all of his hard-earned cash on building a world-class Facebook fan page. It was equipped with all of the bells and whistles and was performing admirably.

But then something terrible happened one day:

His fan page was removed, and he lost all of his money, as well as his whole fan base and his Youtube and Twitter accounts, which suffered a massive hit.

In a nutshell, his web business and singing career both failed in a couple of days.


The answer is simple:

Chris put his faith in the wrong person.

He decided to buy facebook fans from one of those posh-looking companies claiming to sell “Authentic” Facebook fans and likes.

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No one will ever tell you this dirty little secret about buying Facebook fans:

The majority of these “buy facebook likes” services are nothing more than robbers lying in the shadows, waiting to creep up behind you, knife you in the back, and leave you to die in a ditch.

(They’ll then rob you blind!)

It’s a sad reality, but it’s the truth.

Posers claiming to “increase fans” create bogus Facebook accounts using specialised software… Fake accounts are then designed to leave random comments on your Facebook page and like random posts.

Why is this so crucial for you to understand?

Because trusting these charlatans can result in a lifetime suspension from Facebook!

LIFE! You heard me right: LIFE!

Consider this: Facebook is a multibillion-dollar corporation that spends tens of millions of dollars to hire the best and brightest to help them grow their business. Here, we’re talking about MIT-style geniuses. To keep phoney accounts off of Facebook, these computer wizards use algorithms and other technological black magic.

If you’re ever caught collaborating with a Facebook crook, you’ll be caught, and your fan profile will be deleted before you can say “Be My Friend.”

And it only gets worse…

Your followers, customers, and clients will be leaving in droves. Whether it’s the inane comments from phoney accounts or the names that don’t appear like… If your fan page hasn’t been erased from Facebook yet, your clients and customers will ultimately notice and leave.

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Your online reputation will also be abandoned to die.

What do you believe your friends, family, and others close to you will think?

What will people think of you and how would they treat you if your company fails?

It’s not enjoyable. Have faith in me.

I was watching the whole event unfold on my friend Chris’s Facebook page.

It’s not only humiliating; it’s also devastating. For as long as the internet can remember (which is a long time), his goals and dreams of achievement have been put on hold.

Here are 3 ways To Catch Potential Fan Heisters

1. Bottom feeders – That’s right…the cheapest price is definitely not the best in this case.  Most of these hoaxters pose as real businesses with amazing websites and “best prices”…but let me tell you something:

You’re more likely to get a scam artist when you pay a lower price because it actually takes a lot of time, money and resources to find real people who are interested in befriending your business and fanpage.

2. “Guaranteed Time Delivery” – This is even a bigger no-no. You will be scammed if someone can guarantee delivery of a certain number of fans by a certain time.


Because real fans don’t magically show up.  Real fans show up in a natural and progressive way and NO ONE should ever guarantee “delivery time “ on fans…(even sounds weird when you say it). Every campaign is different therefore an estimate is all you can provide if you offer real facebook likes.

3. –  No Testimonials – You heard me right…if they’ve helped others, they should at least have some people vouch for their services.  Plain and simple.  And make sure they are real testimonials from real people.

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