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3 Must Know Social Media Trends (2022 Guide)

In a short period of time, social media has managed to become a vital part of our lives. What began as a way for friends and family to remain in touch quickly evolved into a way for brands and enterprises to interact with their target audience through well-crafted social media campaigns.

Numerous social media trends have grown and evolved throughout the years as a result of this medium’s rapid growth. Businesses can stay up with the severe competition by adapting to these new and upcoming trends.

1. Live streams will remain popular

Companies such as Netflix, GoPro and Apple have found immense success in the live streaming market. Video content has been an essential marketing tool for businesses since its introduction. Videos help to convey the message of your brand and engage your audience more effectively than any other medium. Videos allow companies to get creative, as you can incorporate images, animations, music, and much more into the content. You should also keep an eye out for how video content is being consumed – the shorter it is, the better.

2. Social commerce will continue to grow

Social commerce has been a major trend in the digital world for quite some time now. According to The eMarketer social commerce report, the number of social shopping transactions grew by 36% from 2020 to 2021. This has been fueled by the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, which are used to access social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People are increasingly turning to these platforms to buy products and services they see advertised on their friends’ feeds. In addition, consumers are also becoming more comfortable with sharing personal information through these platforms. As a result, these social platforms are becoming more valuable marketing tools for companies that want to capitalize on the growing market of social commerce.

3. Augmented reality as a media trend

The rise of AR will have an impact on how we interact with our social media accounts. It’s no surprise that the number of people using Snapchat to share pictures and videos with each other is skyrocketing. However, it’s clear that AR is not just limited to messaging apps. AR is being integrated into other social media platforms, such as Instagram, where businesses can use the technology to place virtual products or services in real-world places. AR technology is still in its early stages and it’s likely to become a major trend in the near future.

In place like China, where AR games are already popular, services like QQ already use this technology extensively.

As a way to track users While the main objective of social media is to connect with people, there are other ways for brands to monitor the activities of their followers. The rise of analytics has made this possible. Analytics tools help companies measure the performance of their campaigns, track user behavior and identify potential areas for improvement. Some of the best analytics tools include Google Analytics, which provides a wealth of data about the traffic coming to your website, as well as the demographics of your target audience.

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