3 biggest youtube marketing trends

Did you know that YouTube is slowly becoming one of the most popular locations for people to frequent on the web, comparable to even Facebook. This is not in terms of social media, but with regards to owning the online video marketplace. Boasting millions of views  every day, it is a place that people can be entertained, learn how to do things, and also make a significant amount of money. There are some people that have channels that make millions of dollars every year, all the result of uploading videos on a regular basis. It is possible for anyone to become successful using videos on the web and YouTube is the place you want to begin. Here are the three biggest YouTube marketing trends that are happening today, things that you can do to help improve your business.


Specialized Channels


If there is anything that is making people more money on the web, specifically using videos, is to create specialized channels that are focused on one particular topic, and attracting one particular group of people who it is a form of niche marketing that has become very popular, mostly because of its ability to create a viral network of followers that will share your content across to their social media platforms. Once you have loyal followers, and they are sharing your content regularly, you will start to see a dramatic increase not only in the amount of traffic that you get but how much money you are able to make.


Call To Action Videos


Although creating a video is a good thing, monetizing that video is even more important. It’s not getting people to watch that is the key to making money, but getting them to take action during the video, or once the video is done. If you are able to generate thousands of visitors, but none of them actually take action, clicking on links that you provide leading to products and services that you offer, you are not going to make any money. That’s why having a call to action at the end of your videos is the most important thing that you can do in order to generate revenue when creating videos and video channels.


Viral Videos


This is a term that is overused, and often misunderstood, simply because it has a very broad context. The term viral, specifically in regard to Internet marketing, means that something is shared extensively across to social media and other networks, causing people to not only watch but recommend a video to people that they know. A viral video, however, has a specific schematic, a schema that is followed every single time. There is a formula, in other words, that makes a video viral, and it doesn’t matter what niche you are actually in. First of all, the video has to capture the attention of the person that is watching it within the first few seconds. During the video, it must provide something that is different, outlandish, or exceptionally interesting, targeting a specific niche or group. Emotions sell, and the more emotional a video is, whether it makes people happy, sad, or angry, the more likely it is that it will be shared with like-minded individuals which will also be your potential customer base. The final strategy with a viral video is to get as many people to see it as quickly as possible once it is first released. This will cause an avalanche of traffic to come to your website, or your offer, using the call to action that you have embedded into the video, helping you to make a substantial amount of money. This simple formula has made people thousands of dollars, if not more, from a single video that they have released. By using this viral video formula, you can make a single video a very profitable endeavor, even if it only takes you five minutes to make.

These are the 3 biggest YouTube marketing trends that are currently happening, and some of them have been ongoing for many years. As long as you are able to create a very niche specific channel on YouTube, place a call to action in every video that you make, and distribute your viral videos as quickly as possible to generate a sudden influx of traffic, this will allow you to profit from every video that you do by implementing these three simple strategies.

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