10 tips for using ads on your YouTube videos


Ads on YouTube videos can help improve interest to promote your product or business to a wide range of audiences. YouTube has an enormous number of users, and with the right advertising on your YouTube videos, one can reach out and connect to the audience effectively and this helps improve business and revenue.


Given below are 10 tips for using ads on your YouTube videos:


  1. Choose The Right Type of Ad

Choosing the right type of ad among the various different types of ads available is an important step. For example, non-skippable ads are the ones that people are forced to watch before the video and the duration of these ads may be 15 – 20 seconds long. They are also known as pre-roll advertisement campaigns.  In order to view the desired video and its content, the viewer must watch the ad. These ads get more views, but they are also prone to higher abandonment of the video. Skippable ads, on the other hand, can be skipped after viewing 5-10 seconds of the ad.  In-display ads are best if the video to be advertised is valuable and may be lengthy.

  1. Keep Things Straight And Simple

Ads should be created with the necessary keywords that will help reach a wider audience. Ads that have a crystal-clear description with the right keywords can appeal to the audience more and have a lesser chance of being skipped and will also help promote your YouTube video correctly. Such ads also pop in the results of various search engines for people who search using a particular keyword and this helps increase its reach and viewership.

  1. Keep Experimenting

Optimization of ads from time to time can help improve ad quality as well as increase views. Inspect the view rate for the ad and the video. Several situations may cause a lower viewership rate such as the thumbnail image for the ad or the video not being eye-catching, a heavy description that does not appeal to people, a headline that does not draw people to the video or ad or if the viewership rate was once high and is now declining.  The reason could also be that people might have grown tired of seeing the same ad in different places. You can experiment by changing the headline, description or the starting of the video and by analyzing the viewership ratings to get a better idea of what appeals to people.

  1. Make Use of The YouTube Targeting Options

Another great tip is to take advantage of the targeting options YouTube offers for advertisements and video ads. It provides a lot of flexibility over who views the ads through demographic targeting which essentially allows you to target custom audiences who might be interested in the topic that your ad conveys. A good example would be that if you are providing tennis lessons in a certain area or region, it makes sense to advertise to that region or area and target customers who may already be interested in learning tennis.

  1. Embrace Video Remarketing

Video remarketing is another effective method of targeting the desired audience and having a wider outreach of your ad or YouTube video. It provides the security that the concerned audience has shown interest in your product or service by visiting your concerned website. Remarketing is definitely relatively easier to set up and once it is configured, one does not need to work on much other than tracking its effectiveness and targets.

  1. Personalize Your Ads

Having a compelling story or content that attracts the audience helps promote ads on your YouTube channel. Most people skip ads due to the fact that they are not appealing and may be repetitive or common in content. This is why one must focus on producing a high-quality video content which is appealing and encourages them to watch the full ad instead of skipping it. Personalization of ads helps in getting them noticed and captivates the audience greatly. There are many ads that have been viewed multiple times by people because of its storyline or jokes that appeals to the audience and helps them relate to it on a personal level.


  1. Use Interactive Call-to-actions

Interactive elements on ads can help increase viewership on your video as well as to your website which is the main feature of your product, service or business. Interactive links and actions that may encourage the audience to download an app, visit your website or register for offers helps promote the ad and reduces the chances of the viewer skipping the ad. This gives better results for your company or business.


  1. Utilize Frequency Capping

A good advertising trick is frequency capping that is provided by YouTube, which many people tend to forget about. Depending on audience size, frequency capping can prove to be an important part of ad campaigns as the feature permits you to set a particular limit to the number of times an individual person will be shown your ad. This feature ensures that viewers do not get annoyed by the reoccurrence of your ad and helps create a positive feeling towards your product or business.


  1. Segment Your Audience

Segmentation of ad campaigns is also very important. Sometimes ad campaigns may appear to be too generic to appeal to all kinds of audiences.   If the content is too vague, it makes it harder to capture the audience’s attention and inspiration. The best way is to target a particular area of the audience and run through a user flow for identifying it if it is possible to segment the audience for the ad making it more niche and relatable.

  1. Make Everything Visually Appealing

Another great tip for advertisements on your YouTube videos is to include visually appealing content for the ad that has a great impact on the audience. Choosing the right background, the right audio, the right choice of words within the time frame to deliver your message, etc. are all important creative aspects of the ad that will determine the reach you have on the audience and the interest it captures.



These tips for implementing and promoting ads on your YouTube videos surely go a long way to ensure that your video or ad has a wide viewer outreach and helps you take advantage of the various features YouTube has to offer to promote your product or service in an efficient manner.

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