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Emojis like, and are undoubtedly in your “often used” keyboard folder if you routinely visit TikTok comment sections in case you need them for roasting, applauding, or riffing. Even the most accustomed to TikTok lingo surely didn’t anticipate the parking sign emoji () to make its way into their emoji repertoire.

“You’re not pushing if your top emoji isn’t,” one TikTok with over 66K likes said. It appears that “P” has gone the way of “IYKYK,” with regular comments like “is not Learned, it is understood.” (If you don’t know, that means “if you know, you know.”

TIktok lingo sure helps to get some more views on your tiktok video.


However, you don’t have to go through your entire FYP to figure out what the P emoji means. In reality, Gunna, the musician who popularised the word, has explained what it means to be “pushing P” to fans on multiple occasions.


“Pushin’ P” is a phrase that means “pushing P.” Gunna, Future, and Young Thug collaborated on this track.

For decades, “P” and “pushing P” have been used in places like the Bay Area and Texas to imply “keeping it real,” according to Blavity. However, given that practically all of the term’s Urban Dictionary entries date from 2022, it’s safe to assume that “pushing P” didn’t gain traction on the internet until Gunna’s current album, DS4Ever, was released (Drip Season Forever).


“pushin P,” the second track on DS4Ever, was released on January 7, 2022. The tune, which features Future and Young Thug, has the word “pushin’ P” in virtually every verse. However, the meaning of the phrase remained a mystery. That is, until Gunna started using it and debating its meaning on the internet. According to Complex, Gunna’s rivalry with rapper Freddie Gibbs was the catalyst for him to elaborate on what it means to be pushing P — and, presumably, the ways in which Gibbs was not P.


Gunna clarified to The Breakfast Club in January 2022 that the “P” in “pushing P” refers for “player.” (Which, for many, didn’t make things any clearer.) Gunna emphasised that P can also stand for “paper” in other livestreams, and mentioned a few situations in which P seemed to effectively imply any form of commendable behaviour. (For example, Gunna remarked in a recent Instagram livestream that holding the door for a woman is P, but arguing about money with your partner is not.) Some have speculated that the pushing P stands for “pushing positivity.”

On TikTok, “Pushing P”

Because of the enigmatic nature of “pushing P,” as well as Gunna’s hazy explanations of the term, has become ideal material for TikTok trends and memes.

Users provide instances of things that are P () and those that are not P () in one of the few unironic trends. Of course, “asking what it means” is.

However, it appears that the majority of the 300,000 videos employing the “pushin P” sound meme-ify the term because of its enigmatic meaning and TikTokers’ desperation to figure it out. Many people have joked that they have no idea what it means and made fun of Gunna fans’ attempts to explain the term.

More literal interpretations of the word have developed as the fad has grown, including videos of people pushing a whiteboard with the letter P scrawled on it and one user moving a sack of peas on a leash

Others have pointed out the burden that falls on a chosen few: the Sisyphean duty of being doomed to forever push P. Not to mention the video of Nicki Minaj pushing a wrecked car, which one user superimposed an onto.


How to Use the Letter “P” and “Pushing P”

Now that you know where the letter P came from and how to spell it, can you use it in a sentence? P and “pushing P” can be utilised in a variety of ways, just like their meaning. The most prevalent iteration is a literal paraphrase of Gunna’s song, which uses the verb “pushing P” as a noun. P, on the other hand, can be used as an adjective with a similar meaning. (Example: “That’s P,” or “That’s Not P.”)

Gunna also suggested kicking P on one of his livestreams, according to Complex. The term appears to refer to a futile attempt to persuade P, as Gunna uses the example of renting vs. owning a property. What about the latter? You guessed correctly. Is putting pressure on P.

You may now be on your Ps and Qs about everything pushing P, from its geographical origins to its meme-ified appeal.

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