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Top 10 myths about buying YouTube views

YouTube has undoubtedly become the most sought-after and proven way to promote and display your content (digital of course). The biggest hurdle, however, that a person faces with YouTube is to boost the number of views on the video. Content curation is not at all a big deal especially in a world where you can find some sort of hidden and unique talent in every nook and corner; talent that is broadcasted to the world would certainly garner the attention of quite a lot of people. Even putting it forth in front of the world is not a big deal; you just record it and upload it. But now comes the major and probably the only hurdle in the world of YouTube. How do you make your video appear in the trending and grossing part of a large segment of people because think logically; people are naturally bound to be attracted to a video with a half-million views as compared to a similar video with a few thousand views. Furthermore, with the increasing advent of the Internet and with more and more people using it, content on YouTube has become really saturated. Even a single search returns at least a hundred results at the very least and let’s face it, we as people don’t care to see beyond even the first 3-4 results and are more predisposed to click on the very first result on the first attempt to find what we seek. The same advent of the Internet has also led to a lot of clutter and absolutely unnecessary videos being posted on YouTube. But another problem here is that even these senseless videos are enough to garner almost a million videos making your ride uphill an even difficult one, for now, you don’t have to just compete with similar and comparatively successful videos but also sift your video through the clutter on the social platform. So what is the most viable and pragmatic solution to this problem? The answer would maybe confuse you a bit, but the solution to the same lies in Shopping. Shopping not for clothes, but instead of views. You just purchase some views to give a natural boost and momentum to the growth of your video. But a lot of content curators are really apprehensive of buying views owing to a lot of myths surrounding the concept. Let’s get down to some of these myths and try and bust the enigma that surrounds them.

YouTube View Myths

1. Bought Views Are Fake

This is probably the biggest myth in the industry probably because people don’t really understand the concept behind YouTube views. The view count on a video can only increase if the video is actually played once. And if the video is being played, the very myth of views being fake just goes down the drain. Also, a single account can just contribute 1 to the view count to a video no matter how many times they play the same video and so garnering so many “fake” views is just not possible for anyone.

2. Your Account Will Get Banned

A myth that is just utter nonsense at best. There is no way that your account gets banned unless and until your content violates the T&C’s of your country’s policies or contains graphic, illegal, or sensitive content as described by the policymakers over at YouTube.

3. Your Video Will Get Deleted

A similar myth to the aforementioned one. Buying views in no way can lead to your videos and content getting deleted from YouTube at any cost. The only scenario in which you witness your content getting blocked or removed from the platform is if it contains some sensitive or illegal visualization of things that violate the terms and conditions of YouTube. The only manner of raising view counts, which YouTube is strictly against is deploying some third-party tools or apps to achieve the same.

4. It’s Illegal

Buying views for your videos and content is in no way or shape illegal. As long as the views you buy are from a trusted and reputed source, you are completely off the park. In fact, even YouTube itself keeps coming up with ads for recommendations to buy genuine views for your account.

5. Buying Views Leads To View Count Getting Stuck At 300

300 is not just a magic number. In fact, it is the base at which YouTube just does an evaluation to ensure that the views are coming in at a natural flow. This is where paying off a good service provider comes in handy for they distribute your views in a manner that bypasses all YouTube filters to help your video reach your desired number of views.

6. Just Views Are Enough

Views are not the only way to give credibility to your video. Just like customer feedback, feedback on your videos gives your content more credibility and legitimacy. This feedback comes in the form of likes and comments on your videos that are more proof of the actual interaction of people with your content.

7. Buying Views Does Not Pay Off

If this was the scenario, then this business would not have been so successful as it is and even the top YouTubers would not have been making use of this tactic. As mentioned before, the competition on YouTube is just too much owing to the saturation of content on it and therefore buying views gives a competitive edge to your content to make it a hit over social platforms.

8. You Need To Give Up Your Password

Why on Earth would any provider ask you for your password? If they even mention it casually in the conversation, just take it as a red flag and walk away from them for giving up your password not just gives them access to your content but ultimately also to your email and cloud content.

9. All Purchased Views Are The Same

NO! Each and every view that you paid for is distinctively unique in its own way. They differ in their location, click rates and viewer retention all based on your needs as a curator.

10. Buying Views Is The Solution To Video Success

Purchasing views definitely gives a much-needed push and momentum to your content, but it is not the one stop solution to make your video a hit and a viral sensation over YouTube.


In the end, your YouTube channel doesn’t have to be perfect to get viewers. Don’t worry about whether your video has a big, beautiful thumbnail or how many subscribers you have. Your channel doesn’t need to be a finished product before you buy YouTube views.
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