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For many individuals, YouTube has taken the place of television. The quality of films submitted to YouTube has steadily improved, and it has evolved into a knowledge vault. The best aspect is that YouTubers deliver facts in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used YouTube to gain a better understanding of a subject or locate a quick response.

It’s no surprise that YouTube is the world’s second most popular website. You can easily Buy Youtube Views in the UK.

I’ll break down how YouTube usage has changed in the UK over time in this YouTube Statistics UK round-up.

Top 5 YouTube Usage Statistics in the United Kingdom

  • In 2021, YouTube had more than 50 million users in the United Kingdom alone.
  • As of the third quarter of 2020, approximately 97 percent of YouTube users in the United Kingdom logged in on a monthly basis.
  • In 2021, 46% of all women in the United Kingdom used YouTube.
  • In 2021, almost 24% of YouTube users in the UK were between the ages of 16 and 24.
  • Ed Sheeran has the most subscribers on YouTube in the United Kingdom.
  • Here are some more entertaining YouTube statistics without further ado.

YouTube Statistics in the United Kingdom

How many people in the United Kingdom use YouTube? The United Kingdom alone has almost 50 million YouTube users.

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users worldwide, which is an incredible YouTube figure. A major amount of that comes from the United Kingdom, which ranks sixth in terms of YouTubers. Given the small population of the United Kingdom, this is extremely astounding. India, the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Russia are the other countries with the most YouTube users.

Approximately 97 percent of YouTube users in the United Kingdom log in on a monthly basis.

YouTube has a large number of active users. I myself use it on a daily basis. A stunning majority of individuals in the UK used the app at least once a month in the third quarter of 2020. The others have most likely forgotten their password.

88 percent of UK YouTube viewers watched videos on a weekly basis, while 46% watched videos on a daily basis.

In October 2021, YouTube users in the United Kingdom spend 71 minutes a day using the platform.

YouTube had higher interaction than other prominent platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. People spend more time on YouTube than on Netflix, despite the fact that Netflix is a premium paid content provider and YouTube is a crowd-sourced one.

On average, people spend 43.5 minutes a day on Netflix, 22.7 minutes on Amazon Prime Video, and 17 minutes on BBC iPlayer.

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YouTube Statistics in the United Kingdom: Demographics

In 2021, 46% of all women in the UK utilized YouTube.

In comparison, in 2021, 54 percent of all men in the UK used YouTube. The gender split on YouTube in the United Kingdom is quite even. It also demonstrates the platform’s widespread popularity throughout the country.

Overall, YouTube users account for half of the population of the United Kingdom. This is not surprising, given that YouTube is the most viewed website in the UK after Google. Given the UK’s strong internet penetration, it’s hardly surprising that there are many YouTube viewers there. Active YouTube users make up about 35% of the UK population, while others use it just occasionally.

In 2021, almost 24% of YouTube users in the UK were between the ages of 16 and 24.

This indicates that a sizable proportion of YouTube users in the United Kingdom are under the age of thirty. People aged 25–44, who account for 44% of all YouTube users in the UK, are the most active demographic. This is hardly surprising given that there are far more persons aged 25–44 in the UK than there are people aged 16–24.

Engagement on YouTube in the United Kingdom

Ed Sheeran’s channel has the most subscribers in the UK.

Only in the United Kingdom, Ed Sheeran’s YouTube account has more than 51 million subscribers. His YouTube channel is one of the most popular in the United Kingdom. One Direction (over 36 million subscribers), NoCopyrightSounds (over 32 million subscribers), and Mr Bean are the other channels with the highest subscribers from the United Kingdom (more than 30 million subscribers).

The popularity of the top YouTube channels in the United Kingdom is astounding.

Woody and Klieny are the most popular YouTubers in terms of subscribers.

Woody and Klieny are YouTubers with a 6.8 million subscriber base. They have a single YouTube channel where they regularly post videos. TIME MACHINE, with 1.7 million subscribers, and Dr Karan, with roughly 400,000 subscribers, are two other popular UK YouTubers.

MrBeast is the highest-paid YouTuber.

In 2021, Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast on YouTube, made almost £40 million. Aside from being a YouTuber, the 23-year-old is also a businessman and a well-known philanthropist, which is often the focus of his YouTube videos, which also include entertaining and pricey pranks. Jake Paul and Markiplier are two other high-earning YouTubers.

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Wrap Up

YouTube statistics for the United Kingdom illustrate how popular the platform is. YouTube is the world’s second most popular website for a reason, and its appeal extends to the United Kingdom. The platform’s appeal in the United Kingdom is bolstered by the fact that the majority of its material is published in English.

I hope that this YouTube data for the United Kingdom motivates you to create your own YouTube channel. The opportunities are literally endless.

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