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11 Mar: Facebook fans, got enough?

If you are a serious about ‘making it’ on social media, you have to take Facebook fans very seriously. Facebook fans are an asset of your business and once you have enough of them you will know their real worth. So what would happen if you don’t have enough Facebook fans? Every business in this world needs recognition and your internet presence plays a vital role in getting that recognition. Can you imagine being recognized as a celebrity in your field? If there is something interesting it gets shared by millions of people within a few minutes on Facebook and…


30 Sep: How to Get more Facebook Likes in 2013

How to Get more Facebook Likes in 2013 With over 600 million users, 50% of which log on to their accounts on a daily basis, there is no doubt that Facebook is the most powerful and popular social media site to date. Facebook allows for individuals, businesses, and organizations to promote their ideas, products, and services.