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If you believe that watching your own YouTube videos will help you obtain more views, you are correct; but, the issue remains, “What is the point of doing this?” YouTube is a place where you can advertise your business, earn money, and improve your skills.

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The problem isn’t with monetization; it’s with reaching an audience.

Let’s say your YouTube channel has been monetized. What now? YouTube only pays you if you gain views, and you get paid when people watch advertising on your channel. This is how You (Company) and YouTube (You) make money. If your channel isn’t generating views and isn’t monetized, it’s useless. To stay in the YouTube Partner programme, you must keep your total public watch hours above 4,000 hours. Even if you monetise your channel by watching your own videos, you will lose your YouTube relationship in a matter of months. The fundamental goal is to increase traffic and establish your YouTube channel as a brand, as well as to display advertisements and earn money in other ways.

Instead, use the proper YouTube monetization strategy:

Learn things that will help you obtain more views on your YouTube videos, such as YouTube SEO, creating a Facebook group for your specialty, and creating a Quora Space because Quora will market your Space to the correct type of audience. When you’re learning SEO, all you have to do is make one 20-minute video targeting a single term, and you’ll be able to meet your view hours and subscriber criteria with one video. Because search engine traffic has high CPM ads, one of my such videos made me over $100. I’m also highly active on sites like Quora, and I occasionally write articles about any of my videos on my blog and Medium, and I’ve made money doing so.

If I were you, here’s what I’d do to gain 4,000 YouTube view hours and 1,000 subscribers: I’d learn SEO first. It will be quite beneficial to you. You’ll receive more views and subscribers, establish a brand, and be more confident in the content you provide. Has it ever occurred to you that you could make a video that pays you for the rest of your life? This is something that happened to me. Several of my films provide income for me on a monthly basis. It’s not just about the money; you’ll gain subscriptions and views as well. YouTube is a great place to learn about video SEO for free.
Editing my videos and looking for new ones: The opening two minutes of your video should be gold. It should be the most interesting aspect of your videos. It is here that your viewer will connect and see the entire video. You will need to learn some aspects of editing in order to do so. On YouTube, you can learn how to edit for free.
Start a blog: You should have a blog if you are serious about YouTube. In a blog, you write about the subject of your most recent video and include a link to it. This will benefit you in two ways: first, it will help you gain more views, and second, it will help you with video SEO.
Can you obtain 4000 watch hours by watching your own YouTube videos?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

It’s not worth your time or effort. Let me make some calculations for you before I present you with some reasonable and rational facts. A 4000 watch hour equals 166 days, which implies you’ll have to keep your computer on for more than 5.5 months. This is ridiculous, and it isn’t going to work. Instead, if you make one movie per day, you’ll end up with 166 videos. Your channel may now have over 4,000 watch hours, but the good news is that “you have developed a library of films that could help you obtain more subscribers, views, and build a powerful and potentially passive income stream.”

On a Quora post, I also answer a similar question: Can I watch my own YouTube video for 4000 view hours? In this essay, I’ve covered a lot of ground to help you understand how to obtain more views and watch time as a YouTube creator while still adhering to YouTube’s monetization restrictions.

YouTube is a strong platform; you can market your films in a variety of ways, and if you make a spectacular video, YouTube will promote it across the internet, potentially earning you thousands of dollars. As a result, putting more effort into preparing a video will result in more views, subscribers, and viewing time.

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