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Dieser Service wurde entwickelt, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Video sofort von Tausenden von Menschen gesehen wird.

Dadurch wird Ihr Video in den Rankings weiter oben erscheinen und zusätzliche Aufmerksamkeit erregen. Denken Sie daran, dass dies eines der am schnellsten wachsenden Netzwerke ist, in dem jede Minute viele Videos hinzugefügt werden. Um herauszustechen, müssen Sie schnell Ergebnisse erzielen. Deshalb sind wir hier, um zu helfen.

Alles, was wir brauchen, um unsere Kampagne zu starten, ist ein Link zu Ihrem Profil. Beginnen Sie noch heute!

Sie erwerben eine maßgeschneiderte Marketing-Kampagne, die Ihnen die von Ihnen gewünschten Ergebnisse liefern soll.

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Add Likes (Thumbs Up)

We recommend keeping, at the very least, a ratio of 1 like per every 100 views (e.g. 100 likes per 10 000 views).

Prepare for the era of TikTok! This app is used by billions of people worldwide. Everyone can become a famous TikTok star with thousands of views on their videos. And we will take care of that.

Because the chances of gaining popularity of TikTok are lower each day, we can help you stand on the top of the crowd with the most viewed videos. When your TikTok video gets a high amount of views, TikTok will share that video on many other users’ feeds.

You can buy TikTok views and tiktok followers make your name appear everywhere on the network. This is quite an easy shortcut that will make you an outstanding TikToker of the 21st century by boosting TikTok views.

Why do you need to buy TikTok views?

If you are creative and talented and have the potential to be the best, you definitely need TikTok. Every beginning is hard, so you need to find an easier way. To build your name on TikTok, you need exciting and creative videos with a lot of views.

The more videos, the better chance to get a place on the explore feed. So, if you just started, you will have lower chances of getting on the explore feed. Do not get disappointed. We have your back! We will support you to boost engagement and prove you are worth being on the explore page.

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How to buy TikTok views? where to Buy Tiktik Likes?

Buying TikTok views from our site is entirely safe and fast. Make a video, spice it with the best filters, enter the number of views you want to receive, and Voila! You can get thousands of views, likes, and an instant start for a few dollars.

Choose the package that suits you the most and receive additional discounts that make the package even more affordable. The packages start from 1,000 views and go up to a few hundred thousand views.

Find the best booster package and press the buy button. The payment process takes a few minutes until the transaction finishes. That way you get your TikTok views successfully.

How much do the TikTok views cost?

You can purchase the TikTok views package for prices as low as one dollar. Have you ever thought that your career can be built by spending only a dollar? If you do not believe it, then start believing. Everything is possible when you have us.

Everyone has a different goal, so we created many different views packages to meet everyone’s expectations. The packages start from 1,000 views and go to a few hundred thousand views. Besides the views, you can choose additional features to boost your posts.

Buy Cheap TikTok Views

The prices for TikTok likes and views are as low as a few dollars. You can get 1,000 views for less than $3 or 100,000 for less than $50. We will not uncover the exact prices because we want to surprise you with the best deals and discounts.

What are the benefits of purchasing TikTok views? Does Buying tiktok views work?

TikTok is the most used application of 2021, so gaining a reputation by creating videos is the best opportunity to profit. Spending a few dollars on TikTok views will give you incredible benefits, including:

  • More TikTok views will help you boost your business status and gain a higher reputation
  • It will increase the visibility of your account and your profile traffic
  • More TikTok views may bring more earnings
  • The views will cost you only a few dollars
  • You can build a famous account and become a TikTok star quickly
  • It gives you a golden chance to get viral

Is it safe to purchase TikTok views? 

This is a common question with a good reason. No one wants to buy views and get banned. Because we understand your concerns, we made our views packages 100% safe and secure for buying.

We also use superior Safeguard technology that protects your data and your transactions. Since our existence, we have not seen an account get deleted or banned because it bought views and followers. So have peace of mind that your transactions will be safe with us. 

You can check our feedback from the TikTokers that purchased views, likes, and followers from our store. Happy clients are all we want to see.

Can I profit by making TikTok videos with a lot of views?

Because TikTok became the most popular app worldwide, it launched the TikTok fund that allows users to earn money from posting their videos. The users need to be older than 18 years, have a minimum of 10,000 followers (you can buy this in our store), and have at least 100K video views in the last month (you can also buy this in our store).

TikTokers can earn from $200 to $20K for a single video! We know this giggled your curiosity but take it easy. You should not be suspicious and gain thousands of views by sharing only one video. TikTok will ban your account, which is not what you aim for.

How soon will I get the views?

Once you place the purchase, the views will come within 24 hours. You can not get the views at the exact moment because you need to be careful of being banned on TikTok. You should take this as a safety precaution if you want your account to remain in good shape.

If your account has only 1,000 followers and you get 10,000 views, the TikTok algorithm will become suspicious and place your account under investigation. It is best to gain views slowly to get a guaranteed place on the explore feed.

Is it legal to buy views on TikTok?

We are not selling illegal things. Buying and selling TikTok views is not violated against the terms of use of the TikTok app.

How to pay for Views on tiktok

Buying views on TikTok is quite popular and legal among many TikTokers. You can buy a lot of TikTok views to enhance your profile. Our team is not auto-generated. Behind our name stands a team of active media users who work to promote your profile. We care about your safety and security. 


Are these views real?
Yes, all our views come from real people. We promote your videos using our own network of social media properties where we can reach millions of people.

How long does it take to start?
On business days you will start seeing first views within 12-24 from the moment we received your order.

How long does it take for my campaign to be delivered?
It depends on the amount of views you order. Small campaigns are usually delivered within 2-3 days but make take longer depending on your video and traffic availability. We will confirm delivery times for bigger orders (we can deliver them according to your preference).

Can I spread views across multiple videos?
No, you can’t split international views packages. It’s one package per video. You can however split our targeted views (min 1000 views per video).

What is the audience retention?
Due to the fact we use real traffic we don’t make any guarantees in terms of audience retention. In most cases your videos will be watched for over 60 seconds but it is dependant on content.

How We Do It

All our campaigns are custom built and developed to suit your individual requirements.

We deliver results by securing placements on popular websites and social media properties with a lot of traffic.

Think of it like buying banner and advertising space online for your video.

It’s through those placements that your videos get the attention they deserve. This attention and publicity then  translates into more views, likes, subs, etc.

We don’t stop our campaign until the results you requested are there.

You can track everything by checking the count of views, likes, subs etc. displayed under your video, or by checking your video analytics.


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