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You can take your YouTube channel to new heights by joining the YouTube Partner Program. We can help you get to the next level with our excellent campaigns, which include traffic and real promotion.

YouTube will give you hours of YouTube view in the form high-quality views. This will allow you to quickly hit the 4000-hour mark, and then request monetization. YouTube has accepted 100% consumers who have used the service without any problems (and within a few weeks after applying to YouTube Partner Program).

We have different marketing tactics depending on the channel, the length of the videos and other factors. The delivery of all 4000 hours will take less than 14 days.

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High-quality views are key to delivering the desired hours. This means that you must deliver high-quality viewing (which means that there will be a lot of retention and a long watch time). We will provide the majority of views for longer films, especially if they are over an hour long. If your channel contains only short films, we will offer views to many shorter videos. The average length of the video determines the watch time, but it is still very good.

We remind you of the high retention views you can expect.

You’ll be able not only to surpass 4000 hours in a short time, but your channel will also have a higher authority and position because we use high-quality retention.

As evidenced by numerous case studies, views and watchtime are important elements in algorithm and ranking. Briggsby states that watch time is the most important criterion for ranking.

YouTube has highlighted YouTube’s importance by stating that videos that have a lot of cumulative Watch Time will be more likely to rank and get promoted.

Your content will be discovered more often if it is kept on YouTube for longer periods of time. (Google)

Keep calm, our watch hours campaigns offer so much more.

The following will be included in our watch hours campaign to make it more natural and increase channel authority.

Shares & Posts on Social Media

Submission of Articles

Direct advertising generates real views! (native advertisements)

Before placing an order, make sure your channel meets our requirements. Send us an email with the link to your channel so we can let you know if it goes live or what is missing. You can find more information about the service here.

Instead of entering the URL to your video’s URL, add the link to your channel (s). We’ll determine which videos will be most effective for delivering views when processing your order.

This service requires that you have at least six videos and original content on your channel. You should also have at least one video of 10 minutes or longer. The longer, the better. Videos that last longer than an hour are amazing! (All the requirements for this service can be found in the next paragraph.

Videos will retain high levels of viewers. Campaigns are risk-free.

Actual traffic from websites and social media.

International visitors are expected to attend.

Once the service is started, it can’t be stopped!

What specifications are there?

Important: To use this service, your channel must meet these requirements.

The strikes on copyright and community guidelines have not occurred in the last three month.

YouTube Partner Program guidelines must be followed by the channel’s content. A channel with any sexual content will fail the monetization review.

You should have at least six videos.

The service requires that you have at least one longer video on your channel. One of the following should be included on your channel:

One video of no less than 3 minutes (the longer, the better).

Or three 2-minute videos

Tutorials, vlogs, games with commentary and original movies, as well as doodles and doodles are all good options.

These details are critical. These specifications are essential. You cannot use this service without them.

It is also recommended that you have a profile photo and a banner for your channel. This will impact whether you are approved to the Program.

Send us an email with the link to your YouTube channel. We’ll check if it meets our criteria and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Just send us an email at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

You have the opportunity to reach 4000 hours now and make money on YouTube.

Although you are still making videos, there isn’t enough traffic to them. Video production is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. You don’t see any return on your investment in views or money. Let us help you stop wasting your time. This service can increase your channel’s view time and views. It also allows you to seek monetization activation in just a few weeks.

This email is a beautiful example of how YouTube staff can increase your hours.

You can increase the time spent watching videos and make more money.

Hours for Sale

Is it legal to make this kind of money?

YouTube does not allow the monetization videos with inappropriate content, like those that contain sexual scenes or copyright.

If your channel qualifies, we will simply increase the viewing hours so that you can quickly make money from your content. You are allowed to sell the content that you create. We should not forget that YouTube allowed all channels, even those without subscribers, to monetise their content from the beginning. YouTube prohibits users from using YouTube’s monetization policy to monetize material that exceeds 4000 hours. If your content is “monetizable”, there’s nothing wrong in using this service to make 4000 hours in a few weeks/days.

Is it a secure service

Our service utilizes safe marketing techniques that highlight genuine interactions. Although there’s no chance that your channel or videos might be less popular, they often do the opposite once they become more authoritative. Nearly all channels that use our service can be monetized. We have accepted all of these channels over the past few months due to stricter selection criteria. Your content will be monetized only if it is “monetizable”. It’s as simple as that.

What is it that sets this timepiece apart from other watches?

The quality of views [high retention and safe] Our campaigns are more natural and include side services that make it feel more human and give the channel an extra boost. These are the things we consider to be its unique selling point. Its authorithy is more important than the hours spent. In short, high-quality ads have high success rates and are low risk.

Are these views going to improve my channel’s rank?

Yes. We use the highest quality traffic for our 4000-hour campaigns. This includes article submissions, social sharing and direct advertising. Views are consistent and last for a prolonged period (up to 30 minutes per session). You can increase the number of people who watch your channel. Two services with two benefits

How it works, step-by-step instructions

You should ensure that your channel has at least six videos. Each one should be of reasonable length and have original content. Get in touch with us to have your channel evaluated or purchase the bundle that you desire.

We will gradually supply views (and watch hours) to your channel and disperse the views among other videos.

Depending on how long your films are and how many hours you have purchased, it can take between 4 and 15 days to deliver all the hours requested.

You have completed the required hours (4000) in order to request a review and be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

You can now turn on monetization, and wait for YouTube to respond. YouTube claims that it takes approximately a month, but our clients report that YouTube responds within days. If the content on your channel is in compliance with the requirements, then you will be granted permission without problems.

You can rest assured that all our clients with monetizable content have been approved. All you need to do is ensure your videos conform to YouTube’s monetization policy and place your orders. Then, wait for your channel reach 4000 hours.


You don’t have to do anything, except market your videos or keep generating high quality videos. You can just relax and your channel will be monetized in a matter of days!

Conditions for Use

Once the service has started, it cannot be stopped.

Customer can request a refund for any delivery delays, provided that the order has not been completed yet. If the channel fails meet our requirements, the site will refund the client.

A refund policy is in effect at the time you receive your order.

The sale contract is considered to be terminated once the service has been provided. Refunds are not permitted. If the site does not deliver the promised hours, exceptions are granted. In such a situation, the consumer would receive a refund proportional to the time that was not used.

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