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Major changes are taking place in the UK singles charts. The traditional method of calculating singles charts in the UK will now include streams from YouTube videos. youtube ranking UK singles. Artist streams will be counted for official videos that have been played on YouTube and Apple and Spotify, but not for unauthorised content.

YouTube views will be included in the UK singles rankings.

YouTube has seen a tremendous rise in popularity since 2005 when it was launched. YouTube has seen music videos grow to a staggering 5.2 billion views on Despacito. There is an audience there that cannot be ignored. The Official Charts Company concluded that YouTube’s enormous power cannot be ignored.

The chart’s ranking system will be updated with the new adjustments. This means that the UK chart will include views from official YouTube, Apple and Tidal videos starting July 6. Martin Talbot, chart’s chief executive had these words to say about the new rules.

Music lovers are changing the way they consume music every month. It is not a good idea to link music to video.

In the official chart, sales and streams for 15,000 digital outlets have already been calculated. The chart now accurately reflects genuine fan engagement on video platforms. Fans can listen to Friday’s Official Chart, which will include video feeds from BBC Radio 1, on Friday, July 6.


What does this mean for musicians?

Video engagements were not included in the UK chart’s ranking system. Everything is going to change. The following information will help you understand the changes and how they will affect artists:

Streaming music for a fee is more expensive. A “sell” in this system refers to 150 streams of a song. The ratio of premium customers to free users will be reduced to 100:1, and it will rise to 600:1. This will be applicable to both audio and video streams.

Long wait: It was four years ago that video streams were first mentioned. YouTube was the only video streaming platform at the time. However, concerns about data transparency and royalties stalled the transition.

Free music services like YouTube and Spotify do not contribute to charts in certain countries, such France and Italy. Talbot however dismissed the notion.

“We are aware that younger music fans might not have credit cards. Some low-income music listeners may also not be able purchase a subscription. However, they can still listen to legitimate, ad supported streaming services.

You can’t spam your favorite artists and get them to the top of charts. Once you’ve played a song 10 times within 24 hours, additional streams don’t count. Artists who make use of effective YouTube marketing strategies will be able to gain.

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The UK singles charts regulations are a big hit with musicians

Numerous musicians have already expressed their support for the initiative. Musicians like Dua Lipa and Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander have already praised the move, knowing that it will offer up new avenues for fame.

It’s all about timing. Many people only see the video and are unaware of the song. It’s good that they will be included in the charts today.

This was Olly Alexander’s sentiment.

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Good music videos will be equally valued as great music. Now that the results can be seen, musicians will likely spend more on creating videos and buying views to help them rise to the top.

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