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Even if your Instagram material is excellent, think about how much better it could look if 10,000 people agree.
It’s tempting to try to get by with the bare minimum in order expand your audience.

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All your questions about buying Instagram followers will be answered right here. We also discussed the drawbacks and benefits of buying Instagram followers so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is a good idea for your business.

  • Is it possible for Instagram users to be bought?
  • How do you get Instagram followers?
  • It’s not the only option to buy Instagram followers
  • Is it possible for Instagram users to be bought?

Yes, Instagram followers can be bought. Many sites allow you to buy 1,000 followers starting at $10. However, you are only paying for a number. Many of your followers may be bots or dormant accounts that will never interact with you.

1000 followers seem like a great deal for the price of a small Starbucks coffee. If it were that easy and affordable, everyone would do this. But what’s the catch? Are you able to purchase Instagram followers for your company legally? Is it wise to invest money in it? How much are these fake followers really worth?

How much does it cost for Instagram followers to be bought?

The price of an Instagram follower can vary depending on the number you buy. However, you should keep in mind that purchasing Instagram followers is against the platform’s terms of service. The price you pay might be higher than the monetary. In the worst case scenario, buying Instagram followers can result in your account being deleted. However, you could experience a decrease in engagement and reach.

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How do you buy Instagram followers?

A large majority of followers you can buy are bots or defunct accounts. Here’s how it works:

Fake followers vendors
It is much more difficult to buy fake Instagram followers than it was just a few years back. Why? Instagram has put a lot pressure on accounts that break its rules. It is difficult to understand what was once very transparent. To purchase Instagram followers these days, you’ll need to know someone who can connect you with a vendor who can deliver the bots — um, followers — they promise (you’ll also want to find someone you can trust with your credit card information).

The next step is to pay for your following. Your followers will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to appear, depending on whether the merchant is legitimate (as it should be for this kind of business). In order to not alert Instagram about something unusual, merchants slowly remove your followers. Once you have your new automatic followers, don’t expect much. These followers won’t have any impact on your engagement numbers.

Instagram followers are only a number. Engagement is not a given.

When you purchase Instagram followers, you’re only buying a number. Engagement is not an inescapable fact.

If you buy Instagram followers, it’s only a number. Engagement is not an inescapable fact.

Instagram Bots

You’ve likely seen many Instagram bots today. Many businesses have perfected creating bots, to the point where they can sell them to their followers. The bots can use stolen photos and names to assume the identity a real person in certain situations.

These fake accounts may appear natural and share material on autopilot, depending on which service they are. You can even train them to create your own material. They won’t have an organic-looking following-to-follower ratio, though, because they aren’t genuine individuals. They will generate very little engagement.

If you don’t have any real followers, your posts will be hidden from the rest of the world. Your bot followers won’t share your brand with friends and family because they don’t actually exist (no offense bots).

Accounts that aren’t active

But not all fake followers can be trusted. Some businesses offer followers that are real people who have real accounts.

This is because accounts are either created by people whose sole purpose is to be re-followed or controlled by users whose sole purpose is to create them. Although these followers might indicate interaction early on, they may become dormant over time, which can affect your Instagram account’s performance metrics.

Even if the account was created solely to meet sponsorship requests, the person behind it does not have any motivation to browse the newsfeed, interact or purchase the products and/or services being offered.

This contact will make sure that your followers are artificially increased and that you get the same value as organic followers.

Demographics accounts

You can also pay for services to strategically follow other accounts. This depends on your preferences. The accounts you follow should return the favor.

While engagement is rare, your followers will be more likely to be real people when you choose this option. You can’t guarantee that these accounts will follow back, so it’s a risky investment. The majority of accounts will not follow you back. Even if they do, it’s unlikely that they will be active, loyal, long-term, or active.

Are you a good option to buy Instagram followers?

It is not a wise idea to purchase Instagram followers. These followers are probably bots or inactive accounts and will not interact with your posts. Your posts won’t appear in Explore Pages or the newsfeeds of your authentic audience. It will be very difficult to measure the impact of this.

Simply stated, engagement is a gradual decline over time.

The Instagram followers you buy are also of no longer-term benefit than the content on your page. Early on, the followers you buy may provide you views, likes, and comments, but the attention they give you now won’t be there later — when you start reporting on how your Instagram account is performing.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t interact or have 10,000 followers. Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes engagement when displaying posts for users. Your post will not appear in your audience’s newsfeeds unless it receives comments or likes. It won’t appear on Explore Pages unless it gets comments or likes.

Fake followers could jeopardize you reputation
While it is possible to convince people to follow you by having many followers, it’s not always a guarantee.

Be aware of the downsides. These followers won’t like or comment on your posts and it can jeopardise you reputation with your real followers.

You may find that users don’t like your posts as much, and this could discourage them from following. You may be noticed by people if you have 10,000 fans but only four likes for each post.

Consider this: Would you still follow an account if it was discovered that most of its loyal audience consisted of bots or dormant accounts? This is not the case. You might think it’s deceptive and believe that good content is the only way to gain real followers for a brand.

If you purchase Instagram followers, your performance metrics could be affected.
It’s almost impossible to gauge the effectiveness of your brand’s connection with your target audience if a large part of them isn’t real. How can you tell which posts resonate with your audience if it is distorted by bots and inactive accounts.

Without knowing how your posts perform or who your actual audience is, you won’t convert Instagram followers into real customers. Is that not the whole point?

In the end you won’t get real-life followers if you pay for followers on Instagram. You are paying for a number that does not exist. Because Instagram’s algorithm is based more on interaction than followers, buying followers is not a long-term solution. In reality, it’s not even a solution.

Instead of spending your time, energy and money buying followers, invest that time, money, and energy in building genuine relationships with people. If your content is authentic and interesting, your loyal followers will share the news with their friends and engage with you brand without having to pay bribes.

Instagram removes fake followers.
Instagram recently updated its terms of service to allow for the identification and removal of inauthentic accounts. Third-party apps are prohibited from boosting account audiences artificially by removing likes, following and comments. It is against Instagram’s community guidelines that you can buy followers. You may be subject to a response by the platform’s moderators.

Instagram works to ensure that genuine interactions are safe, and not just accounts or experiences. Fake activity can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it is better to increase your following naturally.

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