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You should have Emojis in your “often used”, keyboard folder if a lot of people visit TikTok comment sections. They are there in case you need them to roast, applaud, or riff. Even people who know TikTok lingo well, couldn’t have predicted the parking sign Emoji. () It will be added to their emoji collection.

One TikTok user with more than 66K followers said, “You’re no pushing if you top emojis aren’t.” With regular comments such as “is it Learned, it’s understood,” “P” seems to have gone the way “IYKYK.” (If you don’t know, that is the equivalent of “if it is known, you are aware.”

TIktok lingo certainly helps you to get more views on your tiktok video.


You don’t need to look through your entire FYP just to understand what the P Emoji is. Gunna, who is the artist that popularized the term, has actually explained what it means for fans to “pushing P” on numerous occasions.


“Pushin’ P” refers to “pushing P”. Gunna, Future and Young Thug worked together on this track.

Blavity says that for decades “P” or “pushing P”, have been used to denote “keeping it real” in areas like Texas and the Bay Area. It is safe to say that “pushing P” was not popular on the internet before Gunna’s latest album, DS4Ever.


“pushin’ P,” the second track from DS4Ever, came out on January 7, 2022. Future and Young Thug are featured on the song, which has “pushin'” in nearly every verse. But the meaning of the phrase remained a mystery. The meaning of the phrase was a mystery until Gunna used it and debated its meaning on the internet. According to Complex, Gunna’s rivalry with rapper Freddie Gibbs was the catalyst for him to elaborate on what it means to be pushing P — and, presumably, the ways in which Gibbs was not P.


Gunna explained to The Breakfast Club that the “P” for “pushing P” is for “player.” Many people didn’t understand the meaning of this. Gunna stressed that P can also be used to mean “paper” on other livestreams and listed a few instances in which P could effectively denote any kind of commendable behavior. Gunna noted in a recent Instagram stream that P can also stand for “paper” and mentioned a few situations where P could be used to denote any kind of commendable behavior. Some speculate that pushing P could be a sign of “pushing positivity.”

TikTok: “Pushing P”

Due to the mysterious nature of “pushing P,” and Gunna’s hazy explanations, it has been a great material for TikTok trends.

Users give examples of items that are P () Those that are not P () One of the few unironic trends. It is, of course, about “asking what that means”.

The majority of 300,000 videos that use the “pushin P” sound in their titles are meme-ifying the term due to its enigmatic meaning, and TikTokers desperate attempt to understand it. Many joked about the meaning of the word and mocked Gunna fans who tried to explain it.

As the fad grows, more literal meanings of the word are being developed. There have been videos of people pushing whiteboards with the letter P written on them and one user walking a bag of peas on a leash.

Others have also pointed out the burden on a few: the Sisyphean obligation of being doomed forever to push P.


How to use the letter “P” and pushing P

You now know the origins of the letter P and how to spell it. Can you use it in your sentence? As with their meaning, P and “pushingP” can be used in many ways. One common variant is a literal paraphrase Gunna’s song which uses the verb “pushing” P as a noun. On the other hand, P can be used with an adjective that has a similar meaning. Example: “That’s not P.” or “That is P.”

Complex reported that Gunna also suggested that P be kicked during one of his livestreams. Gunna used the example of renting vs. buying a property to explain why this term might refer to a futile effort to persuade P. But what about the former? You are correct. Do you put pressure on P.

Now you may be looking for information about P from its geographic origins to its meme-ified appeal.

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