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To view your Instagram IGTV metrics, go to: and select the video you’d want to examine.

You can tap the three horizontal or vertical dots (iPhone/Android) at the bottom.

Select View Insights using the drop-down list.

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The app allows you to see the following:

  • Likes
  • Comment
  • Direct message sent
  • Savings
  • Visits to people of concern
  • Reach
  • Interactions
  • Discovery
  • Follow these steps
  • Impressions
  • Instagram’s IGTV Insights Instagram IGTV Insights

While in-app Insights provide a fast snapshot of a video’s performance, it’s difficult to compare it to the rest of your Instagram material — or even your IGTV videos. Hootsuite, a third-party platform for social media management, can give you a better view of your IGTV successes.

Your IGTV metrics are available to be viewed alongside your other Instagram posts. All of your IGTV performance metrics will be displayed in the app. You can also view a configurable ROI statistic which allows you to determine which IGTV videos deliver the highest return on investment based upon your business objectives.

You can modify the way your engagement rate is calculated if you prefer to use Instagram’s method (e.g., only comments and saves are considered “engagement”)

Hootsuite Impact provides a comprehensive overview of your Instagram performance. It compares with other social networks, and shows how it impacts your bottom line.

How to Make an IGTV-TV Show

No matter if you’re making an IGTV series in your IGTV app or on your Instagram account, the instructions will be the same.

How to create your own IGTV Show

1. Double-check to make sure you are in the window that allows you to enter your title, description, and other details. Select Add to Series in the drop-down menu.

The IGTV video upload screen has a button that says “Add to Series”.

2. Choose Create Your First Series from this drop-down menu.

You will find a button on the IGTV series screen that says “Create Your First Series.”

3. To add a title or description to your series, Next, tap the blue checkmark in the upper right.

A blue checkmark appears in the top right corner on the New Series screen.

4. Double-check that your video is in the right series. Next, click Done at the top right.

“My Series!” A selection of IGTV series is displayed on the screen.

This concludes our discussion. We’ve just launched a new IGTV channel.

Video specifications for IGTV

Here are the details about video specs for your IGTV Video:

MP4 is the preferred file format.

Video duration: At least 1 minute

Maximum video length for uploading to a smartphone is 15 minutes

The maximum video length allowed for uploading to the Internet is one hour.

Vertical aspect ratio 9:16

16:9 horizontal aspect ratio

The minimum frame rate is 30 frames per second (frames per second).

The minimum resolution is 720 pixels

Video files less than 10 mins in length are limited to 650MB.

Video files up to 60 minutes in length can be as large as 3.6GB.

Cover photo size: 420px x 654px (or 1:1.55).

Pro tip: Once your cover photo has been submitted, you won’t have the ability to change it. Make sure it looks great before you submit it.

Five business-related uses to IGTV

Here are five ideas you might use to create IGTV videos and series for your company.

Make instructional videos

You can increase engagement by using tutorial videos.

These how-to videos can be used to cover many topics within your field. Let’s say you were the owner of a fitness company. One example is a set of instructions for working out or healthy recipes.

You might make a how to video if your company sells a product. There are many options available for IGTV series to help your business.

Organize a Q&A session.

A question-and-answer (Q&A) session with your audience is an excellent opportunity to address any pressing concerns your audience may have.

It is also a great way to showcase your industry’s leadership in thinking.

Make a post on your Instagram feed and Instagram Story promoting your Q&A session ahead of time. Make sure you ask your followers any questions after that. They can even be used to record IGTV!

Have a look at the behind-the scenes.

This is a great way to increase transparency in your brand. By providing viewers a glimpse into how your firm operates—whether through interviews with staff or a tour of your workspace—you humanise your brand.

This builds trust between your audience and your company. Brand credibility is crucial in all aspects of marketing and sales.

Live streaming of an event

Are you planning to hold a conference or seminar? It’s a great idea to share it with your IGTV followers!

This is an amazing opportunity for those who cannot attend live to “attend” via virtual means. You’ll enjoy it and be able provide engaging content for your viewers.

Host a chat program.

Ever wished you could see your name on “Tonight Show?” You can, at least in part.

You can host a chat show on your IGTV that focuses on your brand. Invite thought leaders and influencers from your company to speak. A monologue will be about industry news. If you’re ambitious you might form an inhouse band with your coworkers.

(Alright. You can’t do the last one.

Tips and best practices for IGTV

Multiple ways to promote your video

It is best to inform your followers on other channels about what you are doing when you post to a channel. This will allow them to follow you.

This is particularly true for IGTV where users will need to download a new app to view your video.

There are a few cross-promotional opportunities on IGTV.

In your Instagram Stories, you can view and link directly to an IGTV video (only for verified or business users).

Post one-minute teasers on your Instagram profile and feed. Users will be prompted by IGTV to Keep Watching.

Connect your Facebook page to share IGTV videos.

Include links to your IGTV channel elsewhere than Instagram.


A newsletter sent via email

Your Facebook Business Page

You can create a silent viewing experience.

People are more likely to turn their sound on when they watch your video on the IGTV App. Even videos that are automatically played in the app have their sound turned down by default.

Many people won’t turn their sound on if you post your video to Instagram Stories or your feed.

As a result, make sure your video is sound-optimized—that is, it makes sense without sound or has easily visible subtitles. Clipomatic can help you with this.

Be sure to include the most important information first.

People scan their social media feeds quickly. You just have a few seconds to capture their attention—up to a minute if you’re lucky, but 15 seconds is a more realistic goal.

Ensure your IGTV video captures the attention of your audience quickly. Do not lose your audience’s interest, or give them an incentive to move on to other things.

This is especially true if your preview is uploaded to Instagram. In this case, viewers are invited to “keep looking” on IGTV after one second.

Think of the first minute of your video as a blog post’s introduction. The following questions will be asked regardless of how interesting or stunning your video is.

What is the purpose?

Why is it important to keep an eye on everything?

Optional: Who is this video for?

Optional: What is the duration?

Your opinions will be more detailed and better if you answer these questions quickly.

In your description, include pertinent hashtags.

Some have criticized the IGTV search function. As of April 2020, you can only search for profiles and not videos about a topic. This is how you search YouTube for videos.

Include relevant hashtags within your description so that non-followers can see your videos. Your films will be displayed on the Instagram account for the associated hashtag. Anyone who follows the hashtag will be able see them.

#bulletjournal hashtag page also includes photos, including the video in the previous screenshot

Only post content that requires a longer format.

IGTV can be more than a way to share your Instagram Stories. People will follow you on both IGTV and Instagram if you give them compelling reasons to do so.

This means that you create new information that can be used in a longer format. Instagram Stories can be broken down into short segments of 15 seconds. But what if you had longer segments? Think about what you want to say.

Long-form tutorials are very popular on IGTV. But, advertisers have created complete TV programs for the app.

While your brand and budget will determine what content you create, these are some long-form video content suggestions to get you started.

You can use the colours, fonts and themes of your company, among other things.

It doesn’t matter if you use a different app. You aren’t displaying a brand. It can be difficult to switch between apps in order to see content. Make the transition smooth for your fans. You can tell them that you are the same person they know, but on a different channel.

It means you will keep the same colors, tone and feel as before. It will also make it easier to incorporate your IGTV content into your feed.

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