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Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time

YouTube is open to anyone who has a Google Account. Many people attempt to make YouTube more popular by using it. Only a few videos made it to YouTube’s top ten lists, despite the fact that there are millions upon millions of them. YouTube was founded in 2005, and the first video – Me at the Zoo – was posted on April 23, 2005. Since then, YouTube accounts have been created by over 1.3 billion users. In 2018, almost 5 billion videos were viewed daily. 300 hours of footage are uploaded every minute to the site. Pexeso’s 2016 analysis shows that music makes up only 4.3 percent YouTube content. It still receives 11% percent of all views. It’s clear that only a small percentage of people view music videos. Therefore, music videos are most popular on YouTube. Many of these videos were created by famous artists from your favorite television shows.

Gangnam Style by Psy

4,200,000,000+ Views This video was the first song from hip-hop to reach 2 Billion. views in 2016 on YouTube, secondary to Psy’s Gangnam Style. It holds the record for the most streamed song in one day on Spotify and is the longest rap song to reach number 1 in the UK Singles Chart. It was, it has been claimed, a prime example in buying. views on YouTube But nothing has been proven. American Rapper Wiz Khalifa recorded See You Again with Charlie Puth. This song was featured on the soundtrack to Furious 7, as a tribute for actor Paul Walker who died in a car accident.

Sorry (Purpose of The Movement) by Justin Bieber

3.400,000,000+ Views Justin Bieber recorded the song Sorry and it was produced by Blood & Skrillex. The song was made for Justin’s fourth studio album, Purpose. It is about Justin asking for a second chance at redemption. The video that has been viewed 2 billion times views on YouTube It was originally meant to be a video of lyrics, but was made into a video for dance. The video features ParrisGoebel, ReQuest Dance Crew as well as the Royal Family dance team. Parris Goebel choreographed the dance performance.

Uptown Funk feat. Bruno Mars by Mark Ronson

4.300,000,000+ Views Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson both recorded the video. The song Uptown Funk The fourth collaboration between Ronson and Bruno Mars was this video. Recording the video took several months due to them having to shoot in different locations. Because if the song’s upbeat and catchy music, it is not surprising that Ronson’s video is one of the most viewed on YouTube.

Masha and Bear: Recipe for Disaster

4.400,000,000+ Views Masha and the Bear is the only non English video to have reached 2 billion views on YouTube. Masha and the Bear is a Russian television show produced by Animaccord Animation Studio. Oleg Kuzovkov created the television series. The story centers around Marsha, a little girl who is best friends with the bear and protects her from harm. There are two seasons of the television series, each with 26 episodes. The premiere episode was released in 2009. YouTube has enjoyed most of its episodes. Unfortunately, the 17th episode was not viewed as much on YouTube. It is an English translation disaster.

Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Number of Views: 3.100,000,000 + Taylor Swift recorded Shake It off for her album 1989. The song was written and dedicated to Taylor Swift’s haters. Mark Romanek directed and shot the video in Van Nuys California, over three days. Blank Space was surpassed by this video as the sixth most viewed YouTube video. The video was released in 2014 along with the song.

Taylor Swift: Blank Space

2.800,000,000+ Views Blank Space, another Taylor Swift track, was one of the most viewed videos. Joseph Kahn directed it, with most scenes shot at Oheka Castle in New York. Filming took place in various locations on Long Island over three days. The song was written by Swift and Max Martin who made fun of Taylor Swift’s impression of having his ex-lovers included in almost all of her songs.

Bailando (Español) ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona by Enrique Iglesias

3100,000,000+ Views This video is available in two languages: the Spanish and Spanglish versions. The Spanish version was the most popular and viewed on YouTube. It’s also the first Spanish-language video to reach more than a million views. This video was premiered in April 2014 on Enrique Iglesia’s Vevo account. Alejandro Perez directed the video, with Yasha Malkzad as creative director and Kasra Piroshki serving as executive producer. The dancers in the video were from Havana’s Ballet Lizt Alfonso. Enrique Iglesias recorded this song for his album Sex and Love.

Major Lazer and DJ Snake present Lean On ft. Mo (Official Video Music Video).

3100,000,000+ Views Major Lazer and DJ Snake recorded the song Lean On with the help of Mo, a Danish singer. The song can be described as an electronic song or a house ballad. Most of the video scenes were shot in Maharashtra India at ND Studios in Karjat while some were shot in Stockholm’s town hall. Tim Erem directed the music video and Mikhail Mehra, Per Welen and Akshay Multani produced it. According to IFPI Lean On was the most-sold song of 2015. It was also labelled as the most streamed song in Spotify before being surpassed by Drake’s One Dance.

Hello Adele

2900,000,000 + Views The video’s concept was about a woman that had just been through a breakup and was looking for a younger version of her. Xavier Dolan directed the video. According to Dolan, the video’s inspiration was drawn from Dolan’s semi-autobiographical debut. Tristan Wilds, an actor, is also seen in the video. Hello is the first IMAX-filmed music video. It was written by Adele, Greg Kurstin and tells of nostalgia and regrets. The song can be described as a soulful ballad. Our post will help you understand why your video isn’t getting as many views than the ones we have already mentioned. how to deal with getting no views on youtube To ensure an immediate turnaround and to make millions, please use the following:

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