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Top 10 myths about buying YouTube views

YouTube is the most trusted and sought-after platform to display and promote your digital content. YouTube faces the greatest hurdle when trying to increase views. In a world that has so many hidden talents, content curation isn’t a major problem. However, talent that is broadcasted worldwide would surely attract the attention and support of many. It’s not difficult to put it up on YouTube. All you have to do is record the video and upload it. The biggest hurdle, and possibly the most important in the YouTube world, is now. How can you get your video to appear in the trending and highest grossing segment of YouTube users? Think logically. People will naturally be drawn to videos with half-million views compared to videos with only a few thousand. YouTube’s content is becoming increasingly saturated with increasing use of the Internet. Even a single search returns at least a hundred results at the very least and let’s face it, we as people don’t care to see beyond even the first 3-4 results and are more predisposed to click on the very first result on the first attempt to find what we seek. Internet’s popularity has led to lots of unnecessary clutter. videos being posted on YouTube. But another problem here is that even these senseless videos are enough to garner almost a million videos making your ride uphill an even difficult one, for now, you don’t have to just compete with similar and comparatively successful videos but also sift your video through the clutter on the social platform. What is the most practical and pragmatic solution? Although the answer may be a little confusing, the solution lies in Shopping. Shop for views, not clothes. To give your video a boost and momentum, you just need to purchase views. Many content curators are hesitant about buying views due to many myths. the concept. Let’s get down to some of these myths and try and bust the enigma that surrounds them.

YouTube View Myths

1. Fake Bought Views

This is probably the biggest myth in the industry probably because people don’t really understand the concept behind YouTube views. A video’s view count can only rise if it is played at least once. If the video is being viewed, then the myth of fake views just disappears. Also, a single account can just contribute 1 to the view count to a video no matter how many times they play the same video and so garnering so many “fake” views is just not possible for anyone.

2. Your account will be banned

A myth that is at best utter nonsense. There is no way that your account gets banned unless and until your content violates the T&C’s of your country’s policies or contains graphic, illegal, or sensitive content as described by the policymakers over at YouTube.

3. Your Video will be deleted

Another myth similar to the one mentioned above. You can’t buy views and have your videos or content removed from YouTube. If your content contains sensitive or illegal visuals of things that are against YouTube’s terms and conditions, you will not see it being removed or blocked from YouTube. YouTube prohibits third-party tools and apps being used to increase view count.

4. It’s Illegal

It is not illegal to buy views for your videos or content. You are allowed to buy views from any trusted source. YouTube keeps recommending views that are genuine and trustworthy to your account.

5. Buying views leads to view count getting stuck at 300

300 is more than a magic number. YouTube uses this number to evaluate the flow of views. A good service provider can help you reach your goals by distributing your views in a way that doesn’t use any YouTube filters.

6. Only a few views are enough

Your video’s credibility can be enhanced by views. Your videos will gain credibility and legitimacy through feedback. You can get more proof of interaction between people and your content by getting comments and likes on your videos.

7. It is not worth it to buy views

This would have prevented this business from being as successful as it is. Even YouTube’s top YouTubers wouldn’t have used this strategy. YouTube has too many competitors. Therefore, buying views can give you a competitive advantage to get your content noticed on social media platforms.

8. You must give up your password

It is absurd that any provider would ask you to provide your password. If they mention it at all, you should take it as a red alert and walk away. Giving up your password gives them access not only to your content but also to your email content and cloud content.

9. All purchased views are the same

NO! Every view you pay for is unique. Your curator needs will determine how they differ in terms of location, click rates, and viewer retention.

10. Buying views is the key to video success

Although purchasing views can give your video some extra momentum, it is not the only way to make your video viral.


Your YouTube channel doesn’t have to look perfect to gain viewers. Do not worry about how big your thumbnail is or how many subscribers it has. YouTube views don’t have to be finished before you can buy subscribers.

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