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Tips That Will Rank Your YouTube Videos Higher

Do you include videos in your online marketing strategy for video?

Do you want to increase traffic to your website through your videos.

Are you interested in increasing your visibility on platforms such as Youtube and ranking higher?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to learn how to rank your videos higher in Youtube. Why? Youtube videos can not only help you convert visitors to cold-hard sale, but they can also drive more traffic to your website.

The bad news is: Youtube is seeing increased competition because publishers are uploading more than 300 hours of video content each hour.

That is right. 300 hours of video. Every. Single. Hour.

That’s how much competition you’re up against. Everybody, it seems, is waking up to Youtube’s amazing traffic generation capabilities.

To make sure you have more than a fighting chance in the face of such scary statistics, you need to wrap your mind around the following 10 tips that can boost your videos’ rankings on Youtube. You can find more tips in this article. the smart way to get more views 7 factors for ranking youtube videos We wrote.

YouTube Ranking Tips

Tip #1:   Keep you videos short and sweet

There’s a lot of bunk advice floating around the Web claiming that longer videos rank better. Wrong. Statistics show that shorter videos tend to rank higher than longer videos (in the 3 to 5 minute range).

What’s the answer? YouTube ranks videos partly based on engagement and viewsShorter videos are more popular than longer videos. People are more inclined to interact with social videos. Shorter videos are more popular. This combination boosts shorter videos’ ability to rank better than longer videos.

According to Wistia’s analysis, the average video marketing expert says that there is no way to get more than one. Youtube video’s views drop a lot  after 2:30 minute mark, this is way people often buy views Youtube These watch times can be increased.

What can you learn from this? Make your videos concise and short. Reduce it. Quickly get to the good stuff. Get rid of the unnecessary fluff.

Second, find a format that can help you convey a lot of information in a very short time span and is engaging. The importance of narrative formats is significant! Some formats are better suited for ‘densely packed’ content than others. The following formats are great for short videos. They can quickly present a lot of information in a brief time span.

* Explainer videos : cartoon or narrator videos explaining a concept

* Top 10 or list videos

* Highlight videos: highlights key concepts
* “Breakdown” videos : present different parts of concepts and summarize them

Tip #2:  Answer needs

Only when salespeople learn the secrets to success, can they make real money. What’s the secret? You must first give other people what they need (solutions to their problems) in order to get what you want (sales).

Because they are looking for solutions to their problems, your target audience is watching your video. These are their needs.

Don’t ignore them.

Make sure to let them know that you are listening and can help them find the right solution. Don’t waste their time trying to impress them about how awesome your product or service is because of your offers’ features.

Communicate directly with your clients and use plain language, not sales jargon.

You will gain credibility and be able to push your viewers to the next level of the sales funnel.

Tip #3  Your videos must have high enough quality

By “high enough” this doesn’t mean you have to produce the absolute best videos ever. Your production budget’s probably not big enough to pull that off. Your stuff just has to be better than your competitors’ materials. In other words, make your videos ‘better enough.’ Not necessarily the absolute best.

Instead, look at competitors’ videos in your niche. Are you able to create something more crisp? Can you produce crisper audio? Can you deliver sharper images?

People are easily turned off by unclear, fuzzy or unfocused videos. If your stuff is obviously inferior compared to your competitors’ content, your video views won’t improve. The fewer people view your stuff, the less likely Youtube will increase your video’s visibility on its search engine.

Odesk and Fiverr allow you to get professional-quality videos on a tight budget. Services such as also make it easy to create storytelling scripts.

Tip #4 Use SEO-friendly headlines and a call for action

You might think it’s hard to write a catchy SEO keyword-compliant headline. But wait! You’re trying to do three things at once:

– Get the attention and clicks of the searcher to your video, instead of those of your competitors

– Contain the keyword you’re targeting so your video gets targeted traffic

Ensure that your video is clear so searchers can identify the connection between what you are searching for and what it is.

If the above wasn’t hard enough, you have to do it all in 55 characters or less. You can’t exceed this limit or your title won’t show up in searches… which could lower the number searchers who click on your video.

Warning: Avoid using clickbait titles. Sure, you might get a lot more clicks but if people viewing your video discover you just tricked them, the downvotes (and possible flagging) you get might sink your video’s visibility on searches.

Tip #5:  Use attention-grabbing but accurate descriptions

Be sure to use your keywords in the description, but ensure it is accurate and flows naturally. Don’t ram your keyword into the description that it becomes very awkward. A lot of potential viewers can be turned off by poor grammar.

It should only be a few lines. You should still use longtail keywords to give context to your video. This filters your traffic, and your video will attract actual buyers rather than curiosity seekers.

Finally, place your site’s link with a call to action. This is vital. Just placing a link won’t generate as much traffic as a link that explains why people should click through. The best explanation answers the question “What’s in it for me?” for the viewer.

Add a transcription to increase your SEO power. This will allow you to include more target keywords.

Tip #6 Use an attention-grabbing thumbnail

Your video should have a crisp, high-contrast and high resolution screenshot thumbnail. If not, viewers might be disappointed and downvote your video. If Youtube notices a massive drop-off of viewers from the point of initial click, your video’s ranking might suffer.

mrbeast attention grabbing thumbnails

Tip #7:  Call your viewer to action

Your description should include a call-to-action for viewers to click through to your site. However, your video should call them to act in its own right.

Don’t just leave the call to action at the end of the video. This can be done several times throughout the video to cover all of the sub-points. For example, when you’re explaining a solution, it probably has a few features which solve specific problems or address key concerns. Once you have discussed how the product addresses each concern in detail, it is time to call the viewer. Refer them to the link in your description, or direct them directly to a site.

Tip #8:  Share your video like mad

Use other social media platforms to share the video as much as possible. This increases your chances of getting your content seen by more of your target audience. Your video should be seen by as many qualified people as possible.

Your video link can be shared on Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook pages and Reddit. You may even be able to extract some high-quality screenshots from your video, and then share them on Pinterest. Use niche-specific hashtags to promote your video.

You might also consider doing blogger outreach to improve the SEO of your YouTube video. Look for blogs that discuss the same problems as your video. Ask these bloggers to link to or embed your video. This is a great way to attract highly targeted traffic.

Keep the 8 tips above in mind if you’re serious about ranking your videos right. Don’t just upload and forget. Upload the best videos, write the right descriptions, place them well, and make sure to promote them. Jumpstart your video’s viral appeal and get rewarded with higher YouTube search visibility.

Tip #9: Use a hook at beginning of video to keep the user interested

If you are making longer videos, make sure that the user has a reason for continuing to watch the video. You need to make it easy for the user to “hook”. In other words, you must show or preview something before the video ends.

The user will see a payoff at end of video. To ensure the user continues to watch the video, it is important to make sure the best part of your video is at the end.

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