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TikTok is able to make you want join the latest crazes, without actually proving that they work. I will do what Emily Mariko suggests, which is to put an ice cube in my rice prior to microwave cooking. If Millie Leer claims that bar soap is the best product to laminate my brows, I will apply it. If I see anyone wearing leggings with buttlifting legs that make their backs look bigger, firmer and rounder than ever, I will buy them.

There were some issues with the TikTok leggings.

1) I am a thrifty person and will not spend money on anything unless I do my research.

2) I kept seeing options that were slightly different, but nobody was mentioning brand names. I had to know which pair I liked best, and 3) if I could wear them while working out.

I broke my first rule to acquire the Amazon Seasum Butt Lift Tights as well as the Halara Butt Lifting Leggings to support journalism. (My research revealed that these were the two most-popular leggings on TikTok).

Before we start, let’s remember that I prefer to wear sweatpants when lounging and leggings when working out. Leggings are something I wear a lot if I’m not exercising. I don’t usually wear leggings unless I have to. An attractive appearance is important because many gyms and training studios offer mirrors. Seeing a positive reflection can help me keep going.

Both were ordered in black. Because I sweat when working out, leggings in black or similar dark colours are my preferred choice. Because sweat tends to seep around the crotch, I don’t like that showing through my jeans. However, high-quality leggings in coloured fabrics will conceal sweat.

At 5-foot-6, I am considerably taller than the average. My body type is athletic with slight curves. To put it another manner, my butt doesn’t look revolutionary or flat. I am usually a medium but after reading reviews and looking at the sizing charts, and knowing what I wanted from my leggings, I ordered both sets in a small.

Amazon has the Seasum High Waist Butt Lift Tights for $19

Halara offers the In My Feels High Waisted Textured Buttlifting Leggings at a price of $28

Are you convinced that TikTok leggings are beautiful on you?

After knowing that Lizzo had tried the Seasum butt-lifting shorts, I was excited to give them a try. I watched many videos that showed people feeling great and their partner’s reactions to them wearing the leggings. Because most of the leggings that I owned made my stomach look good, I was certain my life would change. I was wrong.

They are too flat for my body. They flattened my waist while highlighting my hips, lower belly fat, and my hips. These are two areas that I prefer my leggings to be flatter. A thicker waistline is better for compressing the centre section, and gives me a more hourglass figure. Seasum’s butt-lift leggings did not help me. They also didn’t lift my butt. They were also too long for my liking, reaching almost to the top of my ankle socks. That was surprising given my height.

Some reviews were positive: “A TikTok tricked me.” Do not be fooled by the TikTok. My butt looks like a pancake and I do have a bitt. “Hunny these ain’t it.” —Jord

Others also agreed that these trousers look great on certain body types: “So, uhh… yeah.” These trousers are best for those with a large waist and big butt. I am 5’9″, 230 lbs, and the XL was a perfect fit. These trousers are too great to pass up. I haven’t taken any thot pictures since my early twenties. Haley Havoc

I found the Halara leggings to be more flattering. They didn’t do much, but they gave me more shape in my hips and waist. They didn’t flatten my butt but they also didn’t alter it. I prefer these because they have a longer reach. The rough exterior hides any skin dimples. I would give them a medium score to low on the shorter metre.

How comfortable are TikTok leggings!

The Amazon leggings outperformed Halara in comfort. They had much more flexibility despite the thick, bubbled texture. While the waistband wasn’t as large as I preferred, it was close enough around my waist to keep excess fat from protruding.

One reviewer said that the material was extremely soft and had just the right amount of elastic. They are comfortable and have a beautiful colour. They also fit true to size which is a bonus. Although I must admit, the seam caused me some discomfort for the first few hours. But I soon got used to it. It can draw attention to your biceps. They’re very comfortable and flattering on me. —Robyn

I was told that Halara makes great, inexpensive workout apparel such as the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress. I thought they would make comfy leggings.

The leggings were difficult to wear and uncomfortable for clothing that is meant to be moved in. Although the upper band was thicker than the legs with the honeycomb texture but had less elastic, it did not hug me properly.

Do you think it is possible to wear TikTok leggings while exercising?

The Seasum leggings were the best when it came to exercise. However, the majority of critics, including a fitness expert agree that functionality isn’t their strongest suit.

“Do I think these leggings would work well for working out?” Laura Pachnos from Solidcore, New York City’s senior coach, said to BuzzFeed News: “Absolutely no.” Do I think they’ll make me look amazing? Absolutely.”

My Y7 Studio leggings were perfect for a hot yoga class. Although they weren’t my favorite leggings to work out in, they were comfortable and durable during the yoga flow. After 60 minutes of movement in a room that was 90 degrees, I couldn’t feel any sweat because I chose black.

According to Pachnos who is a certified instructor in group fitness classes and has a dance background, it’s better to buy leggings specifically designed for the activity you will be engaging in.

For some people, a firmer or tighter support texture may be required. If you plan to wear them while sitting, running, or doing other activities, they should have sweat-wicking technology. The Amazon Seasum leggings do not have this feature.

She explained that if you sweat in them it looks like you are wet and then you feel heavy. (In case it was not obvious, her favorite training clothes were from Sweaty Betty. They also sell leggings with bum-sculpting properties.

While the Seasum leggings for butt-lift aren’t made for hard workouts, they are far better for leisure than exercise.

After a session with my trainer, Halara buttlifting pants were on and I was able to take them off quickly. After only a few movements of my legs, I felt the seam in my crotch could break. This would make it difficult to do squats or bear crawls at gym. They wouldn’t allow me to exercise in them.

Final thoughts

Although the Halara leggings may be more expensive than those sold on Amazon, and they look a little more flattering (in my view), I would not recommend them unless you are a big fan of a good butt-lifting appearance.

Seasum leggings would be my recommendation. They were not flattering for me, but many others and TikTokers agreed. These are not the best for exercise, so I wouldn’t recommend them.

Pachnos stated, “They are meant for lounging.” I would pair those leggings up with a nice chunky sweater and Converse for my morning coffee.

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