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Your best creative asset will soon be the comments you leave on your videos. Engagement is the new rage this week. You may have noticed an increase in the number of companies and influencers using videos to reply to comments. Yes, that’s right! I am answering comments with video!

All users have access the feature that allows them to reply to comments in videos and has it show up in their TikTok feed.

TikTok is a game changer. No more like-and-response to comments via text.

Select a comment from one of your videos, and then click on it. The comment box will be visible on the right and the red recording button on the left. You can press the button to record a screen and a text box in which you can enter your message. It is amazing!

The main message of this week is to comment on videos by brands and influencers you love! If you’d like to continue the conversation, get TikTok views We might be able help you quickly.

Think about your favorite creator or business incorporating your comment in one of their videos. No other social sharing app has seen so many people participate.

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your video responses, you can start going through your comments. Try the video reply feature in your next TikTok.

Are you interested in learning more about TikTok? How can you use it to promote your company or brand? Our Ultimate Guide to TikTok marketing has everything you need!

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TikTok Trend of the Week

Do you find yourself reading TikTok for hours without realising it? TikTok’s new trend is #TikTokRestArea. Creators and companies recommend that you take a break.

Warning: These are some truly adorable pets.

It’s refreshing to see one of these films on your For You Page. These films make you take a step back, and consider whether or not you SHOULD take a break. “Oh yeah! It’s been two hour of me scrolling TikTok hasn’t?” Or, in my case: “Oh yeah, it has been two hours of scrolling TikTok,”

This hashtag has had 1.5 billion views, so it is well-known. It is important to experiment with new trends that are relevant for your brand. This one is easy!

Last week’s Brand of the Day, Manscaped has its own #TikTokRestArea. Starface, Adam Rose and other brands are part of the same boat.

These #TikTokRestArea videos received lots of positive feedback. With 2,459 comments, @riiiicola’s most popular video has been surpassed by another.

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Noah Schnapp, Stranger Things actor, and verified TikTok influencers @alanchikinchow, and @overtimemegan have all shared their thoughts in this video’s comments section.

Participation in hot hashtags may increase video engagement.

This week’s TikTok Brand-of-the Week is

TikTok’s Milk Makeup is the most loved makeup brand. I will explain.

They share makeup tips, show their audience how to use their products, make their own challenges and offer styling advice in their videos.

They create content that is unique, innovative, consistent, and relevant for their business. While I don’t feel they are trying to sell me anything, I do get the impression they are trying to help me while browsing Sephora.

Milk Makeup captions are very smart. Many include a call for action to increase viewer interaction. This video has been liked by 31K people, 117K viewers, and 831 commenters to date. It asks viewers to use the comments section to share their Milk Makeup reactions.

Apart from their giveaway articles and the video above, it is also one of their most viewed videos. Engaging their audience with different methods is another way they use. For example, they ask questions about their makeup tips in their product videos like “Would this be something you’d try?” Tag a friend who might need this.

Marketing is all about enchantment

Videos are available showing how to make a cactus house from discarded products.

TikTok is a platform that allows you to start your own brand.

Keep an eye on Brands and Creators

Perhaps it’s boredom, or perhaps it’s that I’m too busy to keep track of the days. It could be that I am starving. It could be a combination of several factors. However, I’ve been completely immersed in instructional cooking videos and recipe videos.

When it comes to cooking instruction content, there are always enough cooks. Here are some of our favorite recipes:

1: Slicing’s CEO, @ACookNamedMatt

This guy can slice through anything. Onions, chocolate and kiwis tomatoes. Mangos, lemons. You could go on. He offers some of the most entertaining cookery content. Let’s look at some examples.

Matt’s content is very popular because he constantly engages with his audience via comments. As you can see, his audience chooses his content, whether it is a suggestion for what dish to try next or a recipe that they would like to see.

For those who are like me and are terrible cooks, he offers invaluable cooking tips and delicious recipes.

And don’t forget to skim through your comments for any queries or suggestions — you never know what you’ll find there that will inspire your future instructional video! This is an example:

He also inspires me to get sharper knives!

2: @TwinCoast CEO Smoothies

TwinCoast’s videos have become so popular on social networking sites. Take a look at one of their videos. They create some of the most beautiful and visually stunning smoothie content.

This TikTok video is simple and has been viewed over 1,000,000 times with nearly 10,000 comments.

These authors are experts in their fields and have a lot of specialized content.

Consider how your brand can be positioned as an expert in your field by creating TikTok instructional material. You can also educate your audience by creating new content for TikTok.

Instructional content is a great way to attract new TikTok fans, since everyone wants to be educated these days.

This concludes the TikTok Thursday for this week. We hope you can apply the lessons learned to your next film.

Stay tuned for the latest TikTok trends, creators, and businesses to follow next Thursday – we did mention this app is all about speed!

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