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Are you looking to gain an edge over your competition in China?

QQ accounts could be your most valuable asset.

QQ is a social media platform that is extremely popular with over 840 millions users. With a young user base and lucrative deals, QQ is one among the most popular social networks in the world.

On the other side, many West European enterprises are falling behind in establishing a presence at this potentially pivotal Chinese marketplace.

However, the question is more specific: How do you create/register a QQ account?

Let’s look at it step by step. Two options are available to create a QQ English Account. Let us now see how to use the app.

If you are interested in YouTube We offer a few services as an alternative to QQ Tube.

How to Register for a QQ Account in English Using the QQ App

These steps will be required to sign up for QQ through the app.

1. Install QQ.

This section is simple. This section is simple. Open the app store on your smartphone and search for QQ before clicking the “Download” button.

2. Launch the application

You’ll notice that the QQ app is only available in Chinese. It cannot be translated into other languages. This should not be taken as a detriment, however QQ is still a very valuable platform. It’s up to you to overcome the language barrier. That is where we come in.

You must accept the service contract by clicking on the option in right-hand corner.

3. Start the QQ registration

From the drop-down menu, click “Register” on the home screen. It’s located to the left of a white square on your left-hand side.

4. Fill in your cell phone number (QQ registration).

To authenticate your account, QQ will need you to confirm your mobile number.

You should enter it in the box below. After selecting your country code, click “OK”.

Google Translate is a great tool to translate your country’s name into simplified Chinese. This is especially useful if you have trouble choosing your country code in China’s UI. The translation should be copied and pasted into the country code search box on the right-hand side of the screen. Then, you will be presented with the choice of selecting the correct country code.

5. Finalize the authentication procedure

Simply slide the puzzle piece in its correct position using your touchscreen.

6. Verify your mobile phone number with the company

You must click the blue box to confirm your mobile phone number.

7.  Enter the verification code provided to you by your cell phone.

After you verify your mobile phone number with our system, you will receive a text message with a passcode. The following information should be filled in:

8. For yourself, create a username/password

Next, create your username/password by entering them in the appropriate fields. You should enter the username first. Next, you must enter the password in the box below.

Next, click the highlighted box and then “Register” to activate your QQ account.

Register for a qq username

Below is a detailed description of how to create a QQ account using the QQ website.
You can also join QQ from your computer if you prefer. The desktop interface is easy to use because it’s available in English. Hooray!

Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Visit the QQ Desktop Registration Page and fill in the required information.
If you click the link, you will be taken to a page where English QQ can be joined.

Step 2: Double check your account information.
Just fill out the fields and confirm that you have read and understood the following:

Your chosen moniker (which will become your display name on QQ).
Number of a mobile telephone (alongside the relevant country code).
Validation of your QQ account

Step 3: Register with QQ

After you have completed all the above information, click on “Sign up now.” Check that you have read and accepted the terms and condition, located below.

Step 4: After completing the signup process, verify your account.
You will need to complete a few verification steps, as you would when signing up for QQ from your mobile device. QQ is a Chinese instant message service. These are just a few examples.

Place the last piece of the puzzle using your computer cursor
Only one-time passcode verification is required for your mobile number (we have not tested QQ account verification with virtual number).

Once these steps are completed, your QQ account is registered and can be used on both the mobile- and desktop versions.

We want to reiterate that only the English-language version of QQ for PC is available. The mobile app cannot be downloaded in English. We recommend that you use Chinese QQ on your phone rather than on your PC.

For users from other nations, QQ International version account creation instructions are available.

You don’t have to abandon QQ app if it is not available in English.

QQ International is the international version of QQ’s messaging service. You can access it as both an app and a desktop version. QQ International Edition is more accessible in more languages than QQ International Edition, and is specifically made for users from different countries.

QQ International, therefore, is ideal for international companies because it is simple to use with no language barriers.

What is the best way for you to get started using the QQ International version of your computer?
These steps are easy to follow and you’ll soon be up and running.

Step 1: Navigate directly to QQ International’s website. To do so on your mobile device, first click here.

International visitors will find qq International on their website.
Clicking in the upper right corner of your screen (as seen above) will change the language settings for English.

Step 2: Choose “Download” from drop-down menu.
After the website has been translated into English, the following button will allow you to download the site:

International download of QQ
Simply click on it.

Next, you will need to choose which version of QQ international you wish to use.
Two versions are available: one for Android and one for iOS. You have two choices: The Google Play Store to Android phones and the Apple App Store to iOS devices.

iOS vs Android at the international QQ

To begin the downloading process, you can scan the QR Code.

Now you can complete the authentication and verification procedures. Step 4
You’ll need to go through the same security procedures that were described previously, including placing the piece in the right place and validating the number of your mobile phone.

You can sign up for an account or log in to an existing account to complete the fifth step.
The best thing about QQ International is the ability to log in using your QQ credentials. You can log in to QQ International if you have a QQ account. Follow the above steps.

You will need to create a username/password for your account if you have not done so already. After you have created a username and password, you can use it across all versions of QQ.


How to register for QQ VIP in English

You can also upgrade to VIP your QQ (and international) account. This will give you additional benefits. This will give you access to a variety of features and perks including removal of ads and access to VIP awards for frequent use.

VIP membership is 120 RMB/year, or approximately $19.00 USD.

Go to this link from your smartphone and select “Open Super Member”.

Register now for a QQ VIP profile
After scanning the QR code, you will be asked to confirm your upgrade.

QR code for QQ application
Once you have both a Chinese banking account and a Chinese credit card, then you can follow the in-app steps for upgrading your account. Failure to comply with these steps will result in your disqualification from VIP status.

Nonetheless, don’t be concerned – VIP membership is not required, and it will have no impact on your QQ marketing approach. It is not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

Do you need help opening a QQ bank account?
Everything is taken care of by us.

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For more information about our services, get in touch with us right away.

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