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21 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube (2022 Guide)


If you’ve got your heart set on becoming a YouTube sensation, you’ll need to select a topic for your channel that’s unique enough to allow you to stand out but popular enough to get lots of views.

If you find the highest paying categories, you will make more money from your adverts.

It doesn’t mean you have to create a channel on that subject; you can just discuss it in specific videos and get paid more.

This section will cover everything you need to know. Below are the top YouTube niches that have high CPM and make more money per thousand viewers.

What are the most searched niches for 2021-22 based on search analytics?

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1. Gaming

gaming niche profitable youtubeGaming is a popular niche on YouTube. YouTube stars such as PewDiePie earn around $15.5million per year. They offer gaming walkthroughs, or simply video gameplay with interesting commentary. If you’re an avid gamer, this might be an easy way to make money Your hobby. Youtube is home to thousands of other YouTubers in the same field. The audience is large.
If you are a skilled gamer and don’t mind sharing your gaming experiences with others via voice or video, starting a YouTube gaming channel could be a great career.
It is even easier to be a game broadcaster when you have royal combat games such as Fortnite and PUBG, which can both be played on a smartphone.

2. Unboxing

unboxingUnboxing videos are a popular YouTube video. It’s gratifying to watch someone unpack a product, and then discuss what’s inside.

There are many other channels that do the same thing. They are getting thousands of views and subscribers. If you are a strong speaker and have video skills, this niche is a great one.

These aren’t just devices or cellphones. There are other channels that unbox toys and food as well as shoes and shoes.

Average monthly earnings of $150,000 for unboxing channels

3. Failure

fails profitable youtube nicheFails can be a great way of making easy money. Make funny videos using social media. You can also add your own themes.

Fail Army has been one of the most successful channels. Slipping on the ice is a great way to cheer up people. And, the best news? These usually don’t violate any copyright laws.

It is easy to create a fail compilation channel. All you need to do to get amusing fails videos on social media and add some original music.

4. Health & Fitness

A health and fitness channel offers a wide range of topics that may appeal to many people. You can talk about diet plans and healthy eating habits. You can sell your channel to people who have health aspirations.

You will be noticed if your story is compelling about fitness and health.

If you aren’t comfortable speaking in front of the camera, but are proficient at animating, you can create an animated character that will perform the tasks.

An average cooking channel that is successful can earn $14,000 per month.

5. Food Reviews

It’s a great way for you to watch your YouTube channel. People love to see others eating out just as much, it seems. It’s similar to looking at the menu before you go to a restaurant to decide what you want to order. If you love food and enjoy trying new places, you can start a food channel. You won’t have the pressure of competing with international YouTubers or major studio channels. It is easy to concentrate on the area and only the city where you live.

6. Travel Vlogging

travel vlogging is a profitable nicheFor those who are interested in what is on offer at their destination, travel videos can be huge hitters.

You can make a lot of money if you travel to the more popular tourist destinations. However, you will need enough money to get started traveling.

It’s a wonderful idea to start a YouTube channel for vacations. This allows you to record your adventures and create beautiful memories. You don’t have to be in a cubicle. You can work anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.

You will need to have a unique perspective and video skills to stand out from the rest. Your first videos will require you to spend money on travel gear, cameras, lodging, and other equipment. If you are able to attract enough people, you will soon be able cover your expenses.

Starting at $1500 per month, you can expect to be earning around that amount each month.

7. Pranks

If you are interested in merchandising, pranks with family and friends can be a great way of displaying your personality. But you need to be creative and have lots of ideas. You should keep your pranks light-hearted and non-violent. You could face legal consequences if someone complains. This would make it difficult for you to explain to police. It is possible for the pranks to go wrong and cause injury, so ensure that you have recorded everything correctly.

8. Cooking

A great idea is to create your own cooking channel. Although the baking market may be saturated, you could make a splash by sharing easy recipes and cooking tips.

Being a foodie and cooking are two different things. You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy cooking (I do not), or vice versa. This YouTube Channel concept works best if you love cooking and are interested in trying new recipes.

Grab a camera and get shooting when you cook something special. If your instructions are clear and the dish is original, it won’t take long to get a loyal audience.

A cooking channel that is successful can earn up to $20,000 per monthly.

9. Makeup

makeup nicheJeffree Star, a well-known YouTube makeup artist, currently earns around $17 Million per year simply by showing different makeup techniques.

Talking about other topics is the new trend in makeup tutorials. It’s the ideal pre-drinks chat to build the excitement before a night out. It’s important to look attractive. It’s easy to make interesting films with a large audience. This YouTube channel idea requires you to interact with your viewers and face the camera.

10. Dashcam Footage

Dashcam video has gained popularity in recent years as an extension to failed videos. These videos allow people to vent their road rage without fear. You’re usually safe from copyright laws, but the actual footage can take longer to find, so it’s likely to take more effort. You will get views and subscribers from interesting films such as car accidents and robberies. You can also collect footage from other sources to upload to your security camera and dash channels.

11. Animal Comedy

People love watching pets. It’s a huge hit to give pets names and exaggerated personalities. This will also help you develop their stories. If you want to grow your subscriber base, this is a great way to do it. 

If you are a proud pet owner, starting a YouTube channel about pets and animals will help you get noticed. Just record your pet doing cute and upload the video on YouTube. You could also create educational videos about nutrition, discipline, or other topics that would be of benefit to other pet owners.

On average, you could earn $150,000 per month.

12. Top-10’s

The world is open to Top-10 reviews. Review the top 10 horror movies, top 10 bars or top 10 diet plans. The scope is endless, and you’ll be able to make multiple channels to target different demographics based on their area of interest. It’s a great niche to get into, as you’ll never run out of possibilities.

You will need to collect videos and photos of the topic you are talking about. Next, either voice-over or captions (not recommended) will be added to each video.

13. Reactions

Reaction videos are becoming more popular since 2018. Reaction videos are becoming more popular than ever since 2018.

He has taken a new twist on the gamer channel, recording himself playing games in the horror and sporting genres.

Reactionary videos can also be used with reality TV programs or fail videos. This opens up a world of possibilities, depending on who you are targeting. This niche is very popular right now, so don’t wait to get involved. Start a video, take a picture, record your expressions, then add funny comments and share it. It’s easy!

Be aware that online, reaction channels are widely dissented and you will likely get haters. You can ignore them and focus on your topic.

14. Tutorials

If you are interested in the ‘How to’ market, you have a great chance of starting a YouTube channel. These videos are extremely useful and can be used to assist with complex tasks, especially for visual learners.

A tutorial channel that is successful averages $42,000 per month.

15. Review our products

Ryan’s Toysreview is an incredibly successful channel that features Ryan, a 7-year-old boy, opening and reviewing toys as he plays with them. Ryan’s current worth is $26 million.

All types of product reviews are needed – for cleaning products, technology and makeup comparisons. You just need to find the right product for your market. It is a good idea. buy UK views on YouTube You can rank your video higher so it attracts more viewers. 

An affiliate program can be used to link products to reviews. This will allow you to earn revenue both from product sales as well as your subscriber base simultaneously.

16. Life Coach

For subscribers who care about self-care, yoga and wellness videos are great. This area continues to gain popularity.

If you provide quality content, getting subscribers will not be a problem. Originality can be a problem though as there is so much competition.

17. Exercise Regimes

Although they may not feel joy at the thought of going to the gym, some people still want to keep fit. Instead, they will likely go online to exercise and watch YouTube.

They can exercise at their own pace and have the support of a coach.

18. Sports

sports replays profitable nicheSports replays receive a lot of attention, especially after the main event. As you don’t own the rights to the footage, you won’t be able stream an event live. If you’re a sports fan who has a *passion* for at least one of the sports, consider starting a YouTube channel dedicated to it. You can share your knowledge, offer tips, and highlight.

It is also possible to watch it again in clip form if you missed the event.

19. Motivational Videos

Motivational videos make a great workplace tool. Managers often use them as training tools. If you aren’t feeling inspired and well, it’s harder to create such videos. If you have positive energy and a strong desire for things to work, this can be a great speciality.

This means your video is more likely to be used again and again when new staff are being trained. Take into consideration public speaking, excellent customer service, and handling complaints. 

20. Website Building

Building a website is one of the most searched topics on YouTube. If you’ve created your own on Squarespace or Shopify, then create a tutorial to show others how to bring in the viewers and create sponsorship opportunities.

21. Life Hacks

A “life hack” is a small change in your daily life that will improve your productivity. You might need to know how to fold away furniture, how quickly to iron a shirt, or how to peel potatoes quicker. People want to know what it is.










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