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This article is for you if you are looking to get more people to share your videos or to grow your YouTube channel quickly by getting more subscribers and views.

Did you know that 60% of YouTube channels have less than 10 subscribers? Isn’t that crazy?

The majority of channels on YouTube are small YouTube channels. About 25% of all channels have less than 100 subscribers.

You’re not the only one with a YouTube channel.

This will make it difficult to expand your channel. Your journey to becoming a million subscribers will be the most challenging.

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Let me briefly explain how YouTube works.

YouTube records every video you view!

To classify and categorise each movie, the content, title and description as well as video transcript, are all used. (YouTube automatically transcribes every video via AI voice recognition technology.

Each video can be divided into two groups. There are two types, long-term or short-term. What are your general interests and why? What are your general interests?

What happens when I go to YouTube’s homepage? YouTube will display you a mix of videos based upon your short-term and long-term interests.

YouTube will display the most popular videos if you don’t have an YouTube account.

YouTube does not know what interests you currently have. If you have an account, but haven’t signed in for a while, YouTube will show videos based on your top 10 video subjects.

Once you start looking for and watching videos, everything changes. YouTube will now prioritize subjects based upon the videos you have just watched.

This is something that we all have experienced. YouTube suggests another video as you start to view one. Before you know it you have binge-watched them all.

This is not a coincidence!

YouTube exists to keep you on its platform as long and as possible. Your experience with YouTube will improve the longer you stay on it and the more likely that you will return tomorrow.

Ultimately, YouTube makes more money if you watch more ads.

Is that not correct?!

How can you get your friends on YouTube to like you?

YouTube’s games are easy to use if you already know what you want.

YouTube can help you make more money by teaching you how to push the correct buttons. YouTube can also help you build your channel.

Here’s what you should be aiming at:

As many people as possible should watch your videos from beginning to end.

YouTube will discontinue recommending your videos if someone watches one of your videos, then clicks on another video just a few seconds later.

This is not what we want!


Think of yourself as a promoter for nightclubs who bring in paying guests.

If you do an excellent job, your club owner will be proud of you. This is especially true if guests stay longer and order multiple rounds of shots.

YouTube does not allow you to market your videos. People visit your website and click your link. They see your video first. They soon become hooked and keep watching videos.



They will also view your video and continue to watch other videos.

This is how viral video works at its core!

Let’s look at the reasons people share content on social networks before I show you how to convince people to share your videos more.


You can purchase YouTube views, subscribers, comments, viewing time, and views. You can also purchase shares to your videos!

You should avoid it. You’re doing yourself no favors. Inflating your share statistics artificially does not help YouTube’s algorithm understand your channel better.

YouTube views these “false sharingrs” instead as potential viewers who are interested in your films.

YouTube, however, doesn’t know who to promote your work because those “false viewers” are random people from around the globe. YouTube’s AI will notice if you continue to get incongruent shares like these.

Your channel will not grow long-term and it will be difficult to monetize.

Instead, I encourage you to put in the work and grow your YouTube channel through genuine YouTube shares.



You may have seen that YouTube offers a number of ways to increase the likes of your videos.

Today, we’ll be discussing ways to make material that people can share with their coworkers and friends.

You can make your videos more popular by sharing them with others. This will reduce the amount of work required to get people to view them.

How can you accomplish this?


Some people believe that editing and having a good camera are the key to success.

You could not be more wrong!

DigitalRev’s Pro photographer, Cheap Camera challenge is a good place to start if you don’t trust me.

This is great news! You don’t need to get a new camera.

You only need to get to know your audience and their needs.

You must first understand why people share. This essay contains 21 reasons people share content on social media.


Before you begin filming or creating your video script, think of reasons why your audience might share your next video.

What caption would viewers write when they share a Facebook message or WhatsApp post with their friends?



It is important to understand why your audience may want to share your film with others.

The first aspect is about the viewer. Some people share to bookmark, while others use it to express themselves, particularly when they are expressing their feelings or wishes.


The second part of sharing involves building relationships with family, friends and coworkers. It is common for us to face obstacles in our lives. One of the easiest ways to show compassion to someone in that situation is to send them a short instructional film.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be educational. A film that is information-heavy can be very useful when it transforms fear into clarity and understanding.

Sometimes, sharing a funny cat video can make someone’s day.

The third group seeks to influence public opinions. This could be for a particular cause, a greater cause or even a political campaign.

The fourth group is about self-expression and personal branding. They post because they want people to see them differently as a result.


Write a one-sentence summary of why you should share your video.

Before you begin writing your script, think about why someone might share your next video. Instead of coming up with random ideas for movies, try to create movies people want to share with friends. Try to sum up the essence of your film in one sentence. Also, explain why people would like to see it.

It is important that your response only one sentence.

Why? Why?

Let’s face facts: How many people will spend the time to create a long video caption? How many people will bother to read it?

They aren’t all the same, but that’s just how many!

You can quickly convey the benefits of watching your movie by using simple, precise language. It will be easy for them to communicate it to others in a few sentences.

YouTube will love you more and recommend your videos to a lot of people.




Next, create your outline or a more detailed version of your script.

You want to focus on sowing the right seeds in your video that viewers will share it with their friends, family, and coworkers.

This recipe is the best for making how-to focus videos.

Your video should begin by stating who it is for and the difficulty that your video solves within the first 10-30 second.

It serves two purposes. This helps viewers to quickly decide if it is right for them. Is this worth my time? It must hit one or two targets. The value of the video must be to the individual or to a friend.

The second must address a problem the viewer, or one his or her friends, is having.

If they can identify with you, they will be more likely to watch your film until the end.

The big secret will be revealed at the end of your video if you structure it properly. They will have committed to most of the video by time they reach the conclusion, so they are more likely to listen to your call for action.


Included should be a strong call for action.

Include a call-to-action at the end of any video.

Remind viewers of the purpose of this video and what it can do for them. This will help the audience recall your message and encourage them to imagine a person who matches your description.

Next, invite visitors to interact and share your video. Be clear about your intentions. Let them know how you intend to share this information. Consider this scenario: “Please share the video link to my video to anyone you know who is currently coping with X.

To give them an additional reason to subscribe, remind them about similar videos.

Filming your video should be done according to your script. This will allow you to focus on your call-to-action.

This is an essential component to the success of your video and the growth of YouTube.

I suggest making a cheat sheet that has your call-to action and taking it to the shoot.



To reinforce your message, you should add a few overlays to the editing process.

Add an animated subscribe button at the top of your video when you are talking about why people should subscribe. Add social network icons to your video when you talk about how to share it.

You might include some broll showing representations of these groups if you are describing a character who may be facing the same problem. This will encourage your viewers to consider whether they may know someone who is experiencing the same problems.


To quickly grow your YouTube channel, it is important to understand how YouTube works and what their main motivations are.

If you understand their goals, you may be able to link your goals with theirs.

It is important to know who your target audience are and why they would share your films.

Before you begin writing your video script think about how you will share it. Plan different calls to actions throughout your video. Your audience should be reminded who the video is for and what problem it solves.

Last, ask them to share the video with a particular person.

You can also view my YouTube videos if you’re interested in learning how to succeed on YouTube.

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