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How can you get more likes for your posts?

Do not buy Instagram likes. (Believe us.)

True ‘gramme love comes at no cost. You only need to put in a bit of effort and time to create high-quality Instagram photos that will be liked by real people.

Instagram allows you to be your best self and share valuable information. While it can take time and effort, you can get the help you need to improve your Instagram game.

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Instagram users can now hide their Likes. Are they still significant?

16 Creative Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

Bonus: Receive a free checklist detailing the exact steps that a fitness influencer took to increase their followers from 0 to 600,000.

Instagram users can now hide their Likes. Are they still significant?

Yes, that’s the correct answer. If you are on Instagram, likes are still very important.

Instagram started experimenting with not showing how many likes a post has received in mid-2019. “Like counts”) in some feeds.

Adam Mosseri (CEO of Instagram) said that the company made this decision to protect the mental health of its community. The aim was to make users’ experiences more pleasant and less competitive. Instagram stated that it wanted its users to concentrate on the images and videos they upload, rather than how many likes.

It was not an easy decision to make. Some liked the fact that they didn’t have to worry about keeping up, while others felt like they were left in the dark about what was trending.

Instagram solved the problem by announcing in May 2021 users could hide public like counts on posts and on their own feeds so that other users couldn’t see them.

No matter whether or not you can see Instagram likes in real time, the Instagram algorithm still works as it has always done. According to the platform. These are the top ways to get people to click that heart button, regardless of whether or not they are visible to the rest.

16 Innovative Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

  1. Use the correct hashtags

Instagram hashtags are vital for increasing your following. Your post (or Story!) will be displayed on the hashtag’s website. The hashtag’s website will display your post (or story!)

You can also choose to follow hashtags. This means that you might end up in someone else’s news feed. Surprise!

Joe Taylor, an illustrator, tagged the post with hashtags such as #illustration or #characterdesign to make it appear in topic searches. This was a great idea, with almost 1,800 people liking it.

It’s a good idea to keep your hashtag count under 11. This is true regardless of whether you’re using seasonal hashtags (semi-annual hashtags), acronym hashtags, geographical hashtags, product or service tags, or other hashtags.

  1. Tag users that are relevant with tags

It doesn’t matter if you are tagging a friend, a stranger, or a childhood idol. The idea of tagging someone is to show how much they mean to you and to share your admiration with them.

But what if the audience is more likely to recognize your value because of it? I’m fine with that.

The makers of these stylish, Brazillian-made camping chairs were clearly tagged by Cool Ruggings – an account dedicated to photographing cool rugs from across the world, of course. It was a way to spread love with the additional benefit of getting a bit more attention from Instagram users and their respective followers.

  1. Make captivating captions

It all depends on the brand language and messaging. Should you write a novel to meet Instagram’s 2200 character limit or keep it short and sweet with a simple one-liner? A post’s success depends on its captions.

Captions that are great for Instagram give your photos personality and encourage followers to interact with them. This section is important! Take a look at these 264 Instagram caption examples for inspiration before you begin typing.

H. H. Hooks is a fiber artist who discusses her inspiration for her latest piece. It’s a completely different rug. We are in a bad mood and we apologize for this. It contextualises her cocktail image, while also creating dialogue and interaction.

  1. Add a location to a post.

Geotagging allows you to share your location with more people. This is more than a way to brag about your exceptional taste in beers and coworking spaces.

It’s much more beneficial if you’re a company with a physical location, as it allows you to cultivate a feeling of community among your regulars and… potential regulars. Make sure to verify your location in order to appear on the map.

In this post promoting its new entertaining outdoor mini-putt, The Keefer Bar made sure to include its location – who knows what lucky golfing boozer will come upon it?

  1. Explore the site.

Instagram created the Explore page to give you access to a wealth of beautiful, interesting content. There is a lot of attention paid to brands that are featured there.

How do brands get on Instagram’s Explore tab? You’ll need to have a high engagement rate, an active community, and be willing to adopt any new feature Instagram has in its algorithm. (Have your noticed how many Reels there is? This isn’t an accident!

Bonus: Get a complimentary checklist that shows you the steps a fitness blogger used to grow from 600,000+ followers to 600,000.

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This is where you’ll find out more about how to access the Explore tab. (Also note that while this list is free, Instagram started introducing Explore tab ads on July 2019.

  1. Your post should be ready at the correct moment.

Instagram displays posts in chronological order. However, the algorithm favours “recency”. This means that you must know when people are actually looking at your app if you want it to be visible.

That is… When do you think you’ll be able to do it?

Each brand has its sweet spot based upon its clientele. Your own data can provide direction.

However, we did some calculations and ran some tests to determine the ideal time to post on Instagram. We found that 11 a.m. on Wednesday is a good starting point. You can start there, and then tweak to find the best time for your audience.

  1. Organise a contest for those who are interested in winning.

Planning for contests can be time-consuming or very laborious. An easier way to increase engagement in a short time is through a like-to win contest.

You want to make sure that your gift is attractive to your target demographic, while still being specific enough so you attract true fans, not opportunists.

This Design My Night contest could win daring diners a brunch experience suspended above London’s O2 stadium.

These are more ideas for Instagram contests, along with step-by-step instructions to help you run them efficiently and effectively.

  1. Use high-quality images

We all know that our tastes sometimes exceed our abilities, but we must not forget that photography used to be an art form before it became a business tool.

Instagram does not allow you to post a “good enough photo”. It’s high time to go further.

Sturgess Architecture published a group photo of a construction photograph from an ongoing project. Instead of simply publishing the photo, the photographer took meticulously posed photos in front of the striking facade. This takes advantage of natural light.

Find out what pros do differently to enthusiasts by taking a photography class to improve your eye, or spending money on upgrading your equipment.

Here are some methods and tools to edit images on Instagram like a pro.

  1. Interact with people outside your feed.

In its constant effort to provide consumers with what they want, the algorithm emphasizes Instagram posts from accounts it considers “near”. How does it determine proximity? Keep track of how each account interacts.

You can increase your reach, and your chances of being liked, by getting out and engaging. Do not be shy about sharing your comments and likes.

  1. User-generated content should be made available.

It’s a great way to encourage your followers to share content. It’s thrilling for the user that they are featured by a brand they like. However, it serves as social proof to show your followers that you are a big fan.

It shows your sincerity, and connections to the community. You can share this link, so go ahead!

Every Friday, “Fan Art Friday” is a segment on the TV program At Home with Amy Sedaris. This Friday, the public submits drawings or stop-motion animations (using Barbie) to the show.

  1. Contribute behind-the-scenes material

It’s a great way to be vulnerable and show the final product.

People love to see how something is made. They also enjoy getting behind-the-scenes access to photoshoots and learning about the real hardships behind the photos.

Ilana Kohn uploaded this funny accidental video showing an employee skating through the warehouse ahead of a sample sale. We aren’t sure what will convince you to click the heart button and then buy a luxurious linen jumpsuit.

  1. Ask about the opinions of others.

“Ask for a question in the caption” has become a very popular piece of engagement advice. It’s simple and asks followers to leave a comment.

You have a better chance of them being friendly if you are already in contact with them. TLDR: Never be afraid to ask!

Summer Fridays is laid back and casual. It combines beautiful clouds with a big question, which elicited both comments and likes.

  1. Organise a Takeover

If you’re willing to hand over your account control to a partner, Instagram takesovers are a great way of attracting new audiences to your page.

Naturally, the business or influencer who takes over for you should share your beliefs – you want any fans who relocate to your page to enjoy what they see and stay.

Panimation, a multiplatform artist community is an excellent example. It allows a rotating cast illustrators and animators join their account to share their work and connect with their 65,000+ followers.

  1. Keep an eye out on the success of your competitors.

It’s possible to analyze your competition’s Instagram accounts by setting them to view likes. Keep an eye on things… or better yet, conduct a competitive analysis.

Social listening can be used in social media marketing to assess moods and identify trends within the sector. It is important not to lose out on opportunities to catch up with your competitors or fall behind.

  1. Ask people to tag their friends.

It gets a little old doing this all the time… However, the act of “tagging a friend” combined with the proper post might result in a frenzy of activity.

It is important to give them a reason to tag a friend.

  1. Accept memes as part of your daily life.

People are unable to help but share hilarious gifs and poignant words, as well as ridiculous gags. That’s why Instagram is filled with memes and aggregation.

Brands can use memes in a tasteful and profitable manner. Just make sure you are appropriate for your audience, voice and content. Don’t go overboard. A little bit can go a long ways!

Vancouver Fur Bae is a dog rescue organization that uses text-based “realtalk” memes to mix in photos of foster dogs and puppies up for adoption. They’re almost as cute and adorable as the dogs.

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